Training Replay:  Rehab and New Construction Project Management DEEP DIVE!

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6 responses to “[REDP] Replay: Project Management Deep Dive Training”

  1. Claudette says:

    Looking for more information

  2. Michael Hunter says:

    I missed the program . When will it be offered again?

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Unfortunately, any time we offer a discount it’s very rare and only for a few days and it may come back later or not. Stay stunned to your emails as we do send email notifications if we running any type of promotional offer.


  3. Thanks for the Rehab Valuator

    • Hi Henry, We are always so happy to hear from long-term Rehab Valuator users like yourself. Glad you enjoyed the recent Project Management Deep Dive training and THANK YOU for the positive feedback. Have a great weekend and thanks again for reaching out!

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