BRRRR:  Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat.  One of THE Most Powerful Wealth-Building Real Estate Investment Strategies!

BRRRR is one of THE most effective real estate investing methods that I have ever encountered.  It's a great way to build a large portfolio of rental properties without needing to come up with downpayments yourself or bringing in a new joint venture partner or private lender into each deal.

There are 3 Levels of thinking about leverage in real estate, ranked from most primitive to most efficient.  The BRRR strategy uses Level 3 Leverage and a concept called "Velocity of Money" to take the same small sum of cash or private money and rotate that in and out of deal after deal. Net result:  you build a big portfolio of rental properties with no money tied up in the deal, high cashflow and a significant equity position on your balance sheet. For more information on this real estate investment strategy, watch our video on BRRR investing.


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16 responses to “[REDP] BRRRR: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat Training!”

  1. Rev. Lester Shelley says:

    As a new real estate investor this looks like good training and software. Do you work with individuals that want to learn more and assist with investing?

  2. I’m truely interested in the training but I’m also frustrated with videos that break up. I might suggest you back them up with hard copy.

  3. Dale Iurillo says:

    Thanks Daniil, I have been a premium member for about 7 months and I am guilty of not utilizing the software regularly. I also have trouble chasing shiny objects in the real estate investing realm. Your content is always very detailed and thorough, and I vow to use all the training videos and engage the benefits of the software daily to increase my deal flow. Best Regards ! Dale

  4. Christina Tolbert says:

    I am Christina Tolbert I am interesting sent me more information..

  5. Marie Anne says:

    Hi Daniil, thank you so much for this free information. You just opened my eyes to investing. I want to have a few houses to rent, but I always thought that i have to flip a few houses before i can start to hold to rent. I have two houses bought free and clear. And i have $50,000.00 to start repairs on the first house. i see now i can rehab the first property, rent it out, then refinance it and take out $50.000.00 rehab the second house, and do the same thing again and still own both houses. And then repeat the process, thanks so much for this invaluable information. Be bless.

  6. Anand Dahya says:

    i live in the dfw texas very competitive and the deals are very hard to find as wells as property taxes are increasing so much so the margins have shrunk but learn a lot from u as well has building a duplex thank u for the wealth of info

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Finding the deals where #s will work well for BRRRR is definitely harder these days. But they’re still out there!

  7. chuck says:

    Daniil i think u are super I love this and i know i can i have not fealt this good you are the best and thank you

  8. Ken Romanick says:

    Daniil your the best !

  9. Rodulfo says:

    How to find equity investors. I been leveraging my credit cards and personal money and I have hit a plato with my investments.
    Any input will help. Thank you and great content

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