Anatomy of a Ground Up 16-Unit Mixed Use Development:  See the Exact Deal Structure!

Take a look inside the new project I am about to build.  I break down how the deal is structured and how I got 95%+ construction funding for it!


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8 responses to “[REDP] Anatomy of a 16-Unit Mixed Use Ground Up Development Project”

  1. Kam Liu says:

    Daniel: Very good information thanks; please call me 312-225-0200

  2. Damn that was great. The software is amazing.

  3. Merrill T. says:

    Excellent example on how to give the Lender the “facts, Ma’am, just the facts”. And without a lot of fluff, ponmp or ceremony, you let the numbers speak for themselves. I’ve used this K.I.S.S. method several times, and is “foundational” to developing a good & solid relationship with your Lender. You make his/her work easy, and he will continue to fund your projects.

  4. Greg Bainer says:

    Great information and an awesome, well designed project! thank you for sharing.

  5. Francisco Martinez Jr says:

    Great stuff!
    That was Powerful! Enjoy the presentation on the software.

    Thank you D.

    Francisco Martinez.

  6. Clark Bowman says:

    I know this is an off subject question but towards the end of the video you mentioned you didn’t have a great deal of CAM. No hallways end exterior stair unit access. Richmond doesn’t require an elevator for ADA? Just curious. Great content, always informative!

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Good question, Clark. It’s a longer answer but basically no. If we have apartments on the 1st floor which are “Type B” – ada accessible, then we don’t need an elevator to 2nd or 3rd floor

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