Anatomy of a Ground Up 16-Unit Mixed Use Development:  See the Exact Deal Structure!

Take a look inside the new project I am about to build.  I break down how the deal is structured and how I got 95%+ construction funding for it!


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10 responses to “[REDP] Anatomy of a 16-Unit Mixed Use Ground Up Development Project”

  1. Kam Liu says:

    Daniel: Very good information thanks; please call me 312-225-0200

  2. Damn that was great. The software is amazing.

  3. Merrill T. says:

    Excellent example on how to give the Lender the “facts, Ma'am, just the facts”. And without a lot of fluff, ponmp or ceremony, you let the numbers speak for themselves. I've used this K.I.S.S. method several times, and is “foundational” to developing a good & solid relationship with your Lender. You make his/her work easy, and he will continue to fund your projects.

  4. Greg Bainer says:

    Great information and an awesome, well designed project! thank you for sharing.

  5. Francisco Martinez Jr says:

    Great stuff!
    That was Powerful! Enjoy the presentation on the software.

    Thank you D.

    Francisco Martinez.

  6. Clark Bowman says:

    I know this is an off subject question but towards the end of the video you mentioned you didn’t have a great deal of CAM. No hallways end exterior stair unit access. Richmond doesn’t require an elevator for ADA? Just curious. Great content, always informative!

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Good question, Clark. It's a longer answer but basically no. If we have apartments on the 1st floor which are “Type B” – ada accessible, then we don't need an elevator to 2nd or 3rd floor

  7. Cesley Nixon says:

    Great presentation! I learned a lot. I own a piece of land that can accommodate 8-10 apt units. Based on your presentation wondering if I should do 4 duplexes or 8 apt units? Thoughts? Do you provide mentoring?

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Cesley – do whatever works best in terms of numbers. Usually if you're paying money for the land, you want to maximize density and build the most number of units allowed by zoning. But again – all we can do is teach you how to run the analysis and then let you make the decisions. I don't do one on one mentoring but we do have a group mentoring program called Rehab Valuator Inner Circle:

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