The Big Networking Mistake You're Probably Making

Why People Aren’t Responding to Your Networking Attempts

This is an important article and I’ve been meaning to write it for a long time.

It’s important to YOU because chances are you’re making this big mistake when you’re trying to connect with people.

It’s the same mistake I see people make in marketing all the time.

I see both new businesspeople AND already experienced ones alike make this mistake all the time.

Stay with me and read this carefully:

You’re in business and you need to make new connections.

Maybe it’s with cash buyers.  Maybe it’s with private money lenders.

Maybe it’s with potential mentors or more experienced investors.

Doesn’t matter who – you get the point.

Bottom line is you want to connect with successful people.   People that can help you grow, accomplish your goals faster, and succeed.

After all, your network = your net worth.   That’s a proven fact.

So you hop onto LinkedIn or Facebook,  find someone you really want to bring into your network and do business with…

And you say:  “Hi, I’d like to connect with you”.

Or “We are in the same business – let’s chat sometime”.

Or something else similarly uninteresting and totally uncompelling.

And then you wait…and wait…and nobody gets back to you.

Now, maybe a few people do get back to you.  But…..

They’re not the ones you really want to know – trust me!

And this, by the way, applies to real life networking situations too.

Here’s Why This Approach is Terrible

Truly successful people are busy.  They guard both their time and network very carefully.

They, frankly, don’t care that you want to “connect”.

They, frankly, don’t care to “chat sometime” with you.

Basically, they just plain do not care about what YOU want.

I know this sounds harsh, but it’s true, and the sooner you will realize that generally, nobody except for your mom really cares about what YOU want, the sooner you’ll accelerate your success.

The harsh reality is that most people only care about themselves.

Now that doesn’t mean these are bad people or they don’t help others.

Don’t get me wrong.   That’s not what I am saying.

But when you approach strangers and tell them what YOU want or need, it’s a really crappy way to start a relationship. 

Especially with super busy people who would just rather ignore you.

So what’s a better approach?

Approach people with the mindset of what you can do for THEM. 

Approach people with the mindset of helping them first.

Approach people first by offering them value.

Bring something to the table – or at least offer to do so!

This effective networking strategy will open a lot more doors to you AND return your efforts and energy multiple times back to you in the long run.

Why You Should Believe Me

Please believe me that this is true.  I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve built a 7-figure software and education business by mostly giving software and education away.

Most of you reading this first got on my list by getting our free software along with a TON of free resources, tutorials, case-studies, and advice.

I didn’t come to you first asking for money.

And this network marketing tip doesn’t just work for real estate, it works in every industry, in every marketing environment and in every networking setting.

Examples on How You Can Apply This

So here’s how you would apply this networking approach to your business:

If you’re connecting with people on LinkedIn, instead of the general “I’d like to connect” crap, say something like “I am a wholesaler in [Location] and have access to cheap, off-market deals.  Let me know if you’d like to see them”.

Or “I noticed you’re active in the [location] real estate market.  I am also active and come across opportunities from time to time that I can’t act on.  Would you be interested in seeing them?”

Or just something vague like “I’d like to see if there’s some way I can help you and enhance your business” 

Or “I know a lot of people – is there anyone I can help you connect with to grow your biz?”

Doesn’t matter what your business or goals are – offer something of value:

“I can help you reduce the cost of funds on your projects” 

Or “I can help you find more secure long-term projects to invest your money into” 

I’m just spit-balling here at this point but you get the idea.

Same goes for Facebook, other social media, and real life too!

Start off with what you can offer to the other party and how you can make their life better, more efficient, more profitable, etc.

Or at least show a genuine willingness first to help them.

This tailored approach will drastically change your relationship building.

And by the way, the absolutely same concept applies to marketing! 

Any marketing!  Instead of talking about yourself and your services, talk about how you can solve people’s problems.

Because, again – nobody cares about your fancy company or your amazing product.

What people care about is filling their needs and whether you can or can not add value to their lives, solve their issues, help grow their business, etc etc.

Try this real estate network marketing tip if you haven’t already and see for yourself how much better your results will be!

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