Detailed Training on using the ARV Calculator and Comparable Sales Tool to Determine After Repair Value and Calculate Your Offers for Any Real Estate Deal!

Everything you do in real estate hinges on you being able to make an accurate offer. But how do you know what to offer? It starts with After Repair Value. Accurately determining that is CRUCIAL! But how do you get an accurate ARV? It's by getting accurate comparable sales and filtering them to make sure you're only looking at the most relevant properties! This video will show you how to do that to make sure your house flipping, wholesaling, or any other real estate investment business is built on a solid foundation.

Step 1: Get Accurate, Valid, Recent Comparable Sales with Rehab Valuator Premium

Step 2: Use the Rehab Valuator ARV Calculator to Determine After-Repair-Value

Step 3: Use the Rehab Valuator Max Offer Calculator To Determine the Right Offer!


Detailed Training Video on Using Comparable Sales and ARV Calculator:

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Getting Reliable Comps and ARV - Yours at a Snap of a Finger!

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Rehab Valuator now sources Comparable Sales from 2 sources:

  1. Public Records
  2. Zillow Sold Data

Unfortunately there is a handful of states where disclosure of sales price is not required and is not a matter of public record. In these "non-disclosure" states, he only truly reliable source for comparable sales will be the local MLS service.  Data you can obtain inside Rehab Valuator will be spotty at best.

The following states are non-disclosure states:

Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming

So if you're doing business in one of these states, there are a few things to try:

  1. You may still see sales data in Rehab Valuator coming from Zillow.  More and more, real estate agents that have agreements with Zillow will upload sales data, even in non-disclosure states
  2. Your best bet will be to use a local real estate agent and get comps data from them.  You can then manually upload your comps into the Rehab Valuator presentations and use them along with the rest of your marketing



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53 responses to “[NEW] How to Determine Accurate After Repair Value (ARV) and Calculate Your Offers”

  1. Tom says:

    Thank you for who you are,you are one of a kind,you just keep helpinf. I am sso glade for the payments I make to you. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR’S

  2. Ray Bahng says:

    Hi Dirk! We find that our comps tool (using actual sold data courtesy of Zillow) will work for many properties in Texas. Ideally, the best data option is MLS data, so if you find a resource that provides this data for Texas (and other non-disclosure states) that would be an excellent tool for your comps research. If you continue to have issues finding comparables, the next step would be to utilize your local real estate services company to assist you with comps so you can better estimate your ARV value(s).

  3. Hi Daniil, great presentation. I have one question on your ARV calculation. How exactly did you arrive at an adjusted 275k ARV? I understand ARV minus minus but I don’t see how you arrived at a 275K ARV. Can you explain.

    Otherwise I completely like the software. We are a nonprofit looking into lite development and added value or new construction opportunities, is it possible to JV with you on some of the deals we uncover?

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Joseph – I made the adjustment down to $275k as an example. It was my judgement of what my property was worth vs. comps. As for joint ventures, I do not JV with anyone outside my market and don’t even JV much in my market. I have a full deal pipeline of my own. But thank you!

  4. Horace says:

    Great info. I have been able to place solid offers on a couple properties.

  5. I am looking to jv with someone on deals that I find. How do I locate these people who are looking for deals with money

  6. Michael says:

    You do an excellent job! Your premium program is very inexpensive with everything you offer and help. The Quick Offer Calculator doesn’t include finance costs. My suggestion is to add finance costs in the Quick Offer Calculator. Many investors use hard money lenders and this can be a significant cost.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Thanks, Michael! Financing costs can be lumped into “holding costs” in the quick offer calculator. We excluded a specific field for this because these are typically cash deals and offers are being made either by wholesalers or cash buyers. Financing inputs in detail can be found in the main software analysis tab

  7. Aaron Armes says:

    Cant wait to test it out!

  8. Thank you for this. Accurate comps are so important to make sure you don’t overpay for a property. I will definitely be using this and adding it into my presentations!

  9. Paul Krimmer says:

    Thanks for the upgrade. My only question is how do you determine if the comps are 2 story or ranch etc. If im only looking for ranch homes is there a way that i can modify my the search just to pull what what im comparing too?

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      There’s no way to automatically filter for only ranch homes. What I would suggest is once you pull your list of comps, you do some research on each one. If the comp is from Zillow, you can click on that link and pull up the list. Also, usually sq ft will tell you whether something is a rancher. In my market, ranchers are usually 800-1300 sq ft. So if the comps that come up are larger, I know they’re not ranchers.

  10. As always good job, thanks

  11. Cheryl Nelson says:

    This was so informative and unique. So much better than I can get on my MLS Matrix software.
    I signed up to be an affiliate and I’m definitely going to market this new and improved version.

  12. As always great info;however, like you I am interested in renovating apartment buildings.How and where can I secure comps for them?? Can Jim possibly shed a little light being familiar with the Buffalo/Niagara MSA.kEEP BRINGING THE FUNK!!!

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Youlos – we already covered this a million times 🙂 Apartment comps aren’t easily found online. Local commercial agents are the best source of that data unless you want to pay for a service like CoStar

  13. JAMIE KENNEDY says:

    Hi Daniil,
    Love it. Comp find needs a button for distance. One mile is only standard in urban markets. Suburban search should allow a distance of 3 miles so comps are more relevant. I only had a few relevant comps in my first pull with a rental because the 1 mile distance was too tight. They were aged and 37% smaller than my house (ie not comparable).

    Suburban mkt only 10 miles outside ATL, but 1 acre lots.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Jamie, thanks again for commenting and for the feedback. Your feedback is very important to us as we work to continually improve our software. Thanks again!

  14. Mary Stead says:

    Excellent thank you very much

  15. Members/users of your software should understand the relevance of your list of Non-disclosure states and lack of public sales data in those states. I was licensed in 5 states as a real estate appraiser. North Dakota, Mississippi and Utah were 3 of those states. Appraising real estate in those states without access to the local MLS data was almost impossible. If you called buyers and sellers to get information, they would not provide any info and rudely hung up. I am now located in a public records disclosure state, so your improved software is greatly appreciated. PS. I am semi-retired, so currently am not a member of the local MLS. Therefore, I do not have access to MLS data; however, your use of Zillow and Public Record comps results in fairly accurate data. One should note that MLS data is not always accurate either.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for commenting and providing valuable insight from an appraiser’s perspective.

      We really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

  16. Marconi Salazar says:

    How can I get the software?
    Thank you!

  17. Viggo O says:

    BEST software for the price by far , easy to navigate , easy to learn and improve , great systems . I live in London so not all of the tools apply and even then it is still better than the UK property development software here. 5star

  18. James says:

    I watched the video presentation put together by Daniil on how to compute ARV. It was very comprehensive and i learned a lot of information. Nice presentation.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s great to hear that you were able to learn some valuable skills through the tutorial.

  19. Lakasha Williams says:

    I love your valuator software and this offer system is exactly what I need. I wish I could afford it.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Lakasha,

      Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to use the Lite version of the software until you can upgrade to premium!

  20. Mike Mc Coy says:

    Damn Danill,

    You really mean it when you say ” you prefer to over deliver”. You and your team are a God send!!!

  21. CELSO PADILLA says:

    very interesting tools for my futures investments.

  22. Bob Krulish says:

    Fantastic video and software! Many thanks!

  23. Wanda Doyle says:

    I have a off market property for Wholesale and its not under contract can I still put the address in the system.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Wanda,

      Thank you for reaching out to Rehab Valuator Support.

      Yes, you can still put the address in the system and complete your deal analysis, but you do not want to market the deal or create any marketing flyers to sell the deal until the property is under contract.


  24. Mark Thomas says:

    Could you please send me the url to access Rehab Valuator Comparable sale page. I am a premium member and I see advertising but no links.

  25. james jackson says:

    Excellent features for analyzing comparables. A wish list feature would be to add a highlight color flag and or popup when number of beds and bathrooms to square footage seems problematic.
    Thanks for the continual education and support.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for commenting and providing your suggestion.

      I have added your suggestion to our list of User submitted updates.

      The next time we meet to discuss possible updates to the software we will review your suggestion and possibly implement it into our software.

      Thanks again!

  26. Calvin says:

    How much does this Rehab Valuator+Comps cost per month!?

  27. Dan Ripley says:

    Are the the ARV Calculator and Comparable Sales Tool included in the Premium subscription?

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes, the Arv calculator and the Comps tool are both included in a premium subscription to Rehab Valuator.

  28. Larry Willette says:

    I’m very new to all this and want to understand everything you talk about and in ur tutorial on the ARV…could u let me know what some examples of seller consessions might be? U made an adjustment somewhere along the line saying the ARV had a small adjustment due to consessions.
    Thanks…awesome guidance as always!

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for commenting.

      A seller concession is a gift that a seller can offer a potential buyer to reduce the cost of buying a home. The money from the seller can then be put towards closing costs or homeowners association fees.

      I hope this helps.


  29. Sherri McCandless says:

    Is there a way to add your own comps? Texas is a non disclose state so zillow may or may not have the actual sales price. I’m a Realtor I can get from MLS but if I want to use the presentation feature I would need to be able to add them. I’m new to investing and have found all your tutorials very helpful!!

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Sherri,

      Thank you for commenting.

      Yes, you can manually enter comps using the presentation tab.

      I just sent you an email as well with instructions on how to use the presentation tab to manually add comps (pictures won’t upload in the comments, unfortunately).

      Look out for my email and have a great day!

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