STOP Reading the News (Or How to Change the World by Having No Idea What's Going On In It!)

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Want to be more productive today?

Next week?  Next month?  Next year? Forever?

Want to make a BIG difference in this world?

Then, one thing you need to do is stop reading the news from CNN, Fox News or even your Facebook feed.

There’s so much messed up stuff happening in the world, it’s mind-boggling.

Genocide, racial discrimination, middle-east instability, crime, natural disasters, etc.

Learning and reading about it is enough to make anyone crazy.

For years, I’ve seen some of the most successful people in business all say in interviews:

“I ignore the news”.  Or: “I never read the news and have no idea what’s going on in the world”

And I’ve always thought that was so close-minded and ignorant.

“How limited and silly”, I said to myself, cockily.

But over time, I realized these people were all onto something.

Because here’s the truth:

The world is a seriously f*cked up place.  But there’s very little you can do about most it.

You can’t go and defeat ISIS in Syria.  You can’t solve the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Hell, you can’t even prevent crime 3 blocks away from you from happening!

Here’s the ugly truth:  you can’t change most of the world.

But you know what you CAN do?

Change your own world.  Do that first.

You start with yourself. 

You make yourself better, smarter, more educated and more successful.

And as you focus on yourself and making your world better, you can start expanding your small universe and making those around you better off:

–        Your family will have a better, safer, more fulfilling life

–        You will employ people and create opportunities for those in your city, and beyond

–        You will start mentoring others around you

–        You will make an impact on local causes and charities

Slowly, over time, the tiny little universe that is based around you grows in influence and your world and your reality improves.

Before you know it, your universe of “awesome” has expanded and impacted hundreds and thousands of people.

You’ve built your own economy and then grew it and everyone inside that economy is better off, happier, more productive.  And then THOSE people can go out and do the same.

If hundreds or thousands of us all stop reading the news and focus on ourselves, then the overall impact is HUGE.

That’s the path that I am on, at least.

6 years ago I was laid off from my corporate job, dead broke, having moved back in with my parents in VA.

I could have sat around worried about world hunger or global poverty or some other crap I couldn’t do anything about.

But instead I focused on me.  I got educated. And I started my own companies, which I then built through blood, sweat and tears.

Yes, I looked out for myself first.  I had to change my own world.

Focusing on self-improvement had to happen before I could do anything else.

But over time my sphere of influence and impact grew and continues to grow:

–        Now my real estate biz  employs hundreds of contractors each year.

–        I get to massively improve neighborhoods I work in.

–        I have multiple employees and contractors in my software business, all who make a very good living because of me.

–        I contribute to many local charities.

–        I am mentoring other investors

–        My software company is helping literally tens of thousands of investors do deals and make money in real estate (my email list is over 101,000 at last count).

–        I even started funding other software start-ups last year

My journey is ongoing and evolving, and I am not saying any of this to brag, but rather to drive the point home:

–        Stop focusing on sh*t you can’t change even for a minute.

–        Spend all your time and energy focusing on yourself and making your own world better

–        As you do that, you will be able to help others and pull them up along with you

–        And over time your world will become bigger and bigger and it will conform to YOUR reality.

Daniil Kleyman

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