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You will need to create a new account on the cloud platform below.  Rehab Valuator Lite is still totally FREE!!

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  1. Great presentation!! I am looking forward to trying the “Lite” version. And, if the trial turns out to even half as good as the way you’ve presented it, I will definitely upgrade.

    Thanks, much!

    Will Smith, Owner & Managing Principal
    Keystone Capital Associates, LLC
    972/224/1861 / 800-960-6705

  2. Love the Presentation. Looking forward to trying “Lite Version. I will upgrade down the line once I go through it to see how it work out.

    Thank you.




  4. Like the tool! Looking forward to working with the “Lite” version at this time.


    Rodney Cobbler
    JRAC Real Estate Investments. Inc.
    (314) 653-2200

  5. JOE

    Sounds great can wait to use it

  6. Hi Daniil,

    Looks like a lot of work went into this project, and I’ve only spent about twenty minutes with it so far. If you are interested, I’ll send you some links that would let you create an exe file out of this…

    Thank you for sharing this Lite Version with us. I look forward to entering all the data for an actual transaction into it. At that time I will submit a complete user review that you are welcome to use.

    All the best,

    Wayne Wymore

    • Daniil

      Hey Wayne – thanks for your comments and feedback!

      We actually use “LockXLS” to convert the file to .exe but only for the Premium version. Were you going to suggest something different? I’d love to see it!


      Daniil Kleyman

  7. I’m just beginning to start Wholesaleing and having been a real estate agent, your program looks wonderful – very simple and clear cut.

    I’m looking forward to getting started.



    I expect to upgrade soon also. LB

  8. Thank you for the information. It will make it easier to do our work! I’m anxious to try it out!
    Thanks again,
    Camille Gray

  9. Lauens Perry

    Thank you, Danill. I use a MacBook. I have downloaded the lite version and will take it to my techo. He will explain what must happen to use the valulator in the Apple Orchard. Then I may upgrade. Thank you.

  10. Daniil:

    Nice material and great easy presentation to understand, very professional and I am sure will we upgrade.

    Thank you

    Bart S Corrie Sr
    President Note One Investment Inc

  11. Daniil,

    Thank you soooo… much for Rehab Valuator Lite! It troubles me no end that am presently unable to budget the Premium edition, and will lose out on all the awesome bonuses. I’m a “newbie” in the game of real estate investing, and, presently, have only a limited income. (This is gonna change soon!!)

    As soon as I have the “First Deal” under my belt,it will be a priority to get the Premium edition. But for now, I’ll just work with “Lite”, which is in itself, well, “Awesome”!

    Kind regards,


  12. Sissy

    When ever I click on the tabs like Calculate Max Offer or any of the other tabs….I always get this error message:
    “A scripting Framework error occured while running the basic script Standard. Show Reports?language=Basic&location=document
    Message: Basic Provider Impl::get scripr:noscript!”

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Daniil

      Hi Sissy,

      Make sure that:

      1) Your Macros are enabled in Excel – there’s a tutorial on doing this at
      2) That you’re running MS Excel 2002 or later. This won’t work with Open Office


  13. ROMMEL

    GREAT INFORMATION! Looking forward in using your Lite Version on my next Property…

  14. Thanks! I think this would help save lots of time and is very presentable. Is there any addition features to add or do comparables? If you can combine the two it would a great addition. Let me know if anyone out there is working on this.

  15. Milt

    Hi Daniil,
    This looks like it may be a good tool to present to my buyers. I am not signing up for the Premium package at this time because I would like to become familiar with the lite version but I think I will upgrade very soon to take advantage of the additional reports.


  16. sounds good would like the lite version for now thanks

  17. Steve Green

    Hey Danill,

    This is Steve Green from Suffolk, VA I called you today asking the types of properties you are purchasing in Richmond. It was a pleasure speaking to you and I will stay in touch from time to time………Steve

  18. The presentation was great! can’t wait to get started!

  19. Bernard

    Very well presented. I will try the Lite Version first, but I already know I will be upgrading.
    I am a new investor, I have completed a few assignment deals when the market was red hot.
    Now to further my pursuit of continuing in the Real Estate Investor world, I know I have to
    be better educated, and professional prepared. And your program seems to be that added extra
    tool to help myself go from a hobbyist to a Business !
    I would like to know if you offer a Affiliate program offer.

    Bernard Manier
    Creative Edge

  20. MikeM


    I was looking forward to buying & using your premium version.

    I tried out your Lite version.

    Too bad it doesn’t work on my Mac using Office2008 for the Mac.

    I really don’t want to have to buy & install VMWare or Parallels and also have to buy & install another version of Office.

    How about making a version that will work on Macs without having to add all kinds of additional software to get it to work?



    • Daniil

      Hey Mike,

      Yep – Macs are an issue these days. The only software that will run Excel properly on Macs is Office for Mac 2011 with Excel. If you have that, you should be fine.

      We are starting to work on a web-based version of the software with a lot of cool features. It’s probably at least 6-12 months out but once it’s released anyone will be able to log on and use it. PC and Mac users will finally unite! 🙂


  21. Martin Reyna

    I am excited to try and hopefully will use for my projects

  22. This is going to be a great tool for us. We plan to obtaining the Premium version as soon as we can. Thank you,.

  23. MrsMarissa237

    thank you for this offer. I will use it starting out, and hope it helps the theories i learn and act upon. I have acted only on my own life experiences, took this course, and realize there are opportunities far beyond my own dreams. Thank you and i will update you on successes.

  24. Astrid

    Since its a spreadsheet with macros, the programming doesn’t work with OpenOffice (Mac)

  25. Valerie

    Gosh,finally software that does what is needed and is great! As an entrepreneur, the trial is superb..Upgrading Now! Oh! Thank you for the presentaion and videos.

    Valerie Robinson & Brenda Conner

  26. Stephan

    hope this works

  27. sandra

    This is great just what I needed and I will share with alot of people

  28. Patrick

    I look forward to putting this to use. Exactly the technology I’ve looked all over the web to find!

  29. Daniil,

    As investors we are bombarded with a lot of “stuff” that’s touted as “must have” to help our business and get deals done. In evaluating the Lite version I can say this is indeed a valuable tool and upgrading to the full version would be a wise investment.
    Great Job!



    wE loVe sHoRt sALes

  31. Phoebe

    I really appreciate the rehab evaluate, just listening to the video made a big difference in my attitude when it presenting the information and please continue to show before/after pictures.

    Thanks Phoebe

  32. VAC

    Great presentation!! I am looking forward to trying the “Lite” version, as well. And, if the trial turns out to be half as good as the presentation, I will definitely upgrade. I too, would like to be an affiliate and sell your upgrade software to my network of investors. You can contact me at 206-339-6605. Thank you.

  33. Natalie

    Your program appears to be very impressive. It is something I would like to purchase in the near future, I just do not have the wherewithal at this point. I have just purchased all these programs which I have to work, as soon as I generate some additional income I will purchase, or if it was available for me to make payments on I will do so as well.

  34. Peggy Vargas

    Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for creating an amazing tool for our business. We have been using an outdated system to determine our budget for our flips. We are excited to learn all aspects of the lite system first. If it works as described we will definitley upgrade.

    Peggy Vargas

  35. willard

    great site

  36. J David Silva

    Thanks Daniil,
    am looking forward to trying the Lite version for now

  37. phyllis

    I have been rehabbing for years and this is a product that will save me many hours.
    I feel after I try the lite version I will upgrade. Looks like a great time saving product.

    Spring Hill, Fl.

  38. Michael

    I sure see the value of this software looking forward to upgrade for premium version.

  39. Moses


  40. This looks gerat thanks

  41. Julio

    Thank you Mr. Daniil V. Kleyman,
    I downloaded the lite version and when I finish the boot camp I’ll buy the premium version.
    I understand , to do great , I need great tools like this software. Talk to you soon. Best regards.

  42. nikki

    thanks so much, can’t wait to try it!!

  43. Raoul Marchando

    I have view your evaluator program and it appears to make things much easier to do than trying to remember where you left off in making the presentations complete to present to lenders and buyers

  44. This is an absolutely essential tool that every investor must have to be in the business.

  45. Angela Harn

    Great, I like to try the “lite” version first, and I like to know if I can buy with chek and get a copy of the disk too?

    • Daniil

      Hi Angela,

      You can certainly pay with a check. Email us at support [at] and we’ll provide the address.

      As far as mailing you a disk, we do not provide you with a physical copy of the software. This is for 2 reasons:

      1) Having our software as a download-only product allows us to keep our costs down and thus the price down for our clients as well!

      2) We frequently provide free updates to the software to our existing clients. We just email out a download link and you can update your software instantly. If we sent out disks, we’d have to charge.

      Hope that answers your questions!


  46. Anthony

    I can not open the lite file. I use quattro pro and not excel. Tells me the file is encrypted and does not give me an option to open it.
    Can you send it to me as a *.qpw file?

    • Daniil

      Hi Anthony,

      Unfortunately, you need actual MS Excel to run our software. All the cool parts of the software are built with “macros” specifically for Excel.

      We are beginning work on a web-based version of both of our software programs – this way people will be able to just log into a website. Hoping to roll that out towards the end of the year – it will be very cool. In the meantime, you do need Excel 2002 or later. Even Open Office can’t run all the functionality we created.


  47. Hello,
    Actually I’m sold, but I hate buying something that I don’t understand. I want to see the lite version and make a decision in a couple of days. I just want to get familiar with your program. I’ve bought other programs and you never really get the help that you actually deserve. You know what I mean. Anyway, you had me at rehab, lol. Ok, I will be checking out the full version in a couple of days, like I said. I, really think when you give your costumeres the chance and opportunity to check out the product first, they always want to buy the complete version; so I praise you for that. Again, thank you and will be getting back to you shortly.



  48. Scott

    You’re good to go so far,if it continues(whitch I have no dought) I will upgrad in a heartbeat.
    Thanks Again

  49. larry

    Sounds good !

  50. donald carter

    hi Daniil:
    thanks for the phone call this morning. the program is installed and ready to go. this is what i would expect from a sucessful businessman building his business. i look forward to teaming up with you on some projects in the future. the best to you Don Carter

  51. greg s

    Very nice, this will help out a lot..
    P.S. Any body looking for wholesale deals in Charlotte nc please hit me up…I have some very good deals that are ready for you to wholesale…Just send email to me at

  52. Awesome information! I look forward to submitting my deals to be analyzed.

  53. Scott Medema

    This looks like a great tool

  54. Tim D.


    The software is excellent I installed it, works perfectly; even the protected sheet, I got locked out

    I tried to use rehab valuator on something other than excel but it didn’t work, EXCEL only

    Thank you

    Best regards

    Tim Daniels

  55. Rehabvaluator,
    So far so great. this will make my buyers happy for sure.

  56. Troy

    Thanks for the videos and rehab lite software. When I can afford it, I want to upgrade to premium.

    Thanks, Troy

  57. Natalie Diaz

    Great finally found what im looking for ‘light version . I will try it out really excited thanks

  58. Natalie Diaz

    i am so happy to find this software thanks much really need something likethis software.

  59. Adolph

    Sounds like a great tool. We be evaluation your lite version and look forward to getting your paid version. Would like to be able to use this product on my iPad.

  60. Momiala

    Thank you Daniil K.
    Your presentation was great thank you for offering this to me for free
    it came in the right time also, I need this to learn first before I up grade,
    you will hear from me again no worries!


  61. ozzie Renwick

    I am checking u GERU’s strategies to see which one WORKS then apply it.

  62. James Browne

    I believe that I was able to download rehabvaluator lite ok. My question is if I later up grade to Premium is it possible to get it in a hard copy that I can later put on an upgraded computer ? I do want to get it but finances, since I’m just starting out in this wholesaling thing are slim.
    Thanks James

    • Daniil


      We provide you with a download link where you can get the software at any time. So if you later upgrade your computer, you can just go to our website and download the software onto the new PC.

  63. Dee Ewing

    I guess I will need Excel program 1st before even downloading your Lite version? I sent separate email on this question. Where to get Excel? I do not have on Win OS Home Edition Vista ( I don’t think?).

    PS ~ I wish more software companies would give a video presentation like YOU ! Makes one feel more comfortable about buying, and from who, plus see how it works. Thanks so much!


  64. Margaret

    Looks like a valuabe tool. We are looking forward to trying the free version and will upgrade if happy with.

  65. Paul Conger

    Does your software work with IPad2

    • Daniil

      No, it doesn’t currently. You need MS Excel. We are coming out with a version next year that will though so stay tuned!

  66. patfestino

    I wish you would make it for the MAC I can’t even open this one and it looks like something I would like to have.

    • Daniil

      Pat – if you have MS Excel for MAC 2011 you can use our software.

  67. Fantstic tutorial, I am about to test drive the software now.

  68. Shelly Williamson

    Great presentation! I am looking foward trying the Lite version. Once i go throught it, i will upgrade later.
    thank you

  69. del


  70. I enjoyed the presentation. Thank you for sharing it along with rehabvaluator lite. I will update you on my review of the product.

  71. I like the presentation, but I’m not sure if I can find the capital I need. I will look at the
    “lite version” and if it is feasable, and I will know, then I will upgrade withing 3-4 weeks
    health issue now! visit my website at: Thanks, Glen Burrough, Real Estate Broker PS…I know Property Values…In my Central Calif Area.

  72. This makes life a lot easier.

  73. THANKS, I will use the LITE first and see how it runs.

  74. This is a very nice software, well constructed, a very unselfish price, and I will buy the premium version. I don’t have the MS Excel 2002, but I will get it,Thank again.


  75. Dick McKinley


    Looks interesting. Looking forward to trying it. If I like it I will buy the upgrade.


  76. I love this Lite so far. The price is the BEST part of it. If the lite helps like you say it will, then I for sure will upgrade. Even if the price goes up a little.

  77. The presentation was terrific. I am new to the real estate wholesale business. I look forward to trying out your lite version and will definitely upgrade as I become more knowledgable.

    Yvonne Cousar

  78. Nancy


    Can’t run on a MAC platform apparently. Excel for Mac doesn’t accept smart macros. Are you going to develop a version for Mac?


    • Daniil

      Hi Nancy,

      Actually, the lite version will work on a Mac if you have MS Excel for Mac 2011 installed.

      We are also currently developing a web-based version of our software to be released summer/fall of 2012. All you’ll need is an internet connection. So stay tuned to our emails!

  79. Shar

    Great software and I think it willb e useful

  80. I downloaded the lite version. We need to get a deal done before we can purchase the full version. We have been trying for a couple of years to do something to make money as others have successfully done. Phill and I are both REALTORS. We come across deals all the time.
    One day soon we will have our first deal done.

    Thank you for this free version.


  81. Excellent software and education…..thanx.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Toni!

  82. Wonderful explanation of the software! Should make the numbers flow more smoothly.


  83. I listened to the presentation, it was great, but I did not learn how to download the free version.
    I will not upgrade until I have tested it. I have bought so many things that I never am able to use,
    that I need to make sure that what I buy is good.

    • Daniil

      Mariel – the video above shows you EXACTLY how to download the software and get it going. But if you still have questions, feel free to email us at support [@]

  84. Hi, I think this tool is the missing link that is needed to get the ball rolling, and a valuable piece of software that you’re giving away for free , this is what I call excellent marketing and great salesmanship.

    Looking forward to upgrading soon. Thank you.

  85. leslie

    Amazing will be using the system

  86. Looking forward to using this software. Thanks !

  87. I will love the lite version for now, will consider upgrade later

  88. Newton

    Great tool!

  89. I love the software, love to become an affiliate, will upgrade soon.
    Thank you very much.

  90. Nice software and was excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, I found out it is not compatible with my Mac and Excel 2008, and I see from below that others discovered the same problem. When I upgrade to Excel 2011 I’ll give it another look. In the meantime, to save us time and frustration in trying to download and figure out your program, you might add a note in your presentation that your program is only Mac compatible with Excel 2011 or later. Thanks.

  91. Jim Burch

    Thanks so much. This looks like it will be a helpful tool.

  92. Donnie Williams

    I really enjoyed the presentation but unfortunately I have not yet done a Real Esate deal since I am currently working full- time and I work lots of overtime. I really do look forward to Real Esate Investing as an alternative avenue to gain revenue and to reduce my work hours. I am positive that using your software will expedite my venture into Real Estate Investing and it is a no-brainer that I will upgrade to the premium version as soon as I get my first deal completed. In the meantime I will experiment with the lite version and learn what I can about the profession.

  93. Gloria

    This is another “Great Tool” to have for an Investor

    Thank You.

  94. Thanks for the powerful tool for evaluating real estate deals. Its easy to use and the information it provides is outstanding. We love the fact that click a few buttons, add a little info and our deal is instantly evaluated.
    Thanks again,
    Julie & the staff at

  95. Lillian

    I’ve downloaded it but am short on time right this minute, can’t watch right now. Will get back to it ASAP. Look forward to seeing what it does and I do want to thank you for this awesome gift.

  96. thank you

  97. Michael

    Thanks for the software, just getting started and will need all the help I can get to do it the right way.

  98. Linda Robinson

    Thanks for the useful information

  99. Cheri Smith

    this is a cool program. I know how to do all these things, but it is time consuming and makes me use lots of paper that gets lost inthe shufle.
    Thankyou for this ‘gift’.
    Owner of busybucketRESoulutions. Seattle

  100. C J

    Can not wait to get software

  101. Rick

    looking forward to using it. Thanks

  102. c

    Thank you for the information. For sure I’ll update if the lite version proves equitable. Thank you for the information!

  103. Hugo Chavez-Rey

    This is a great product offering, especially for those of us new to the business of real estate investing.. Thanks for the opportunity to use the Lite version. I am just getting started so I can’t afford the full version yet but I will definitely be buying the full version as soon as feasible.

    I will definitely be recommending your software to people I know.

    To Our Mutual Success;

    Hugo Chavez-Rey
    HCR Investment Group LLC
    Denver, CO

  104. Herb Violette

    Sounds good

  105. Van Wheeler

    Put several of my properties I currently have under contract to the test. A couple were right on with the “Lite”, and it looks like I may need to reevaluate several of the properties I have under contract right now. Will get comfortable with how it works and then will look to go with a more powerful version. Thanks for letting me take this one for a test drive….

    Thanks again,

    Van Wheeler
    Luvit Properties

    • Daniil

      Glad to hear it, Van and you’re welcome! Hopefully we can help you avoid some mistakes if any of the deals you have under contract are too expensive currently!

  106. Looking forward to use this software.

  107. I think I’m going to enjoy your program I’ve been in the realestate business, Sarasota, Florida nine years we have never purchased property for our use with the exception of the house we live.
    in. But I think that’s going to change the real estate business is so upside down. I definitely will upgrade if it works for me.

    Richard Conti on
    339 avenida de mayo
    941 349 6900

  108. Orlando

    Thank you for this free tool..I am just starting in REI. I have no money so money is very tight. Week to week. I will practice with this version until I can afford the BEST version.Thanks again

  109. sherril

    Thanks so much now i just have to learn to enable macros

  110. Neil

    Awesome presentation! Thanks!

    Neil K. Beginning Investor

  111. Mati

    Looking forward to checking out the lite verson and then I will graduate to premium verson.

  112. stephanie

    looks great. I will probably end up buying the sofware after trying the lite.

  113. The Tall Red Head

    What about us Canadians… Is this software good for Canadian Real Estate Investors

    Thank you,

    • Daniil

      Absolutely – works the same way for Canadians as it does Americans!

  114. Ben Ward

    Good grasp of real estate investing-looking forward to using the Lite version

  115. Mark

    Looks like a lot of thought went into this application.
    Does it work for: IOS, Android, Web OS Tablets?
    Looking to use this on mobile so wont need laptop

    • Daniil

      Mark – Thanks! The software currently requires MS Excel and a PC but we are working on a web-based version and one for the mobile platform!

  116. Michael D. Gianneschi

    Very interesting tools!

  117. Awesome software! Wish it was available for Open Office though. Very kind of you to give it out for free!

  118. deneice byfield

    I love your presentation. I am looking forward to using the lite version. if i find that to work will upgrade.

  119. deneice byfield

    love your presentation will try the lite version if it work then I will purchase upgrade

    thanks so much

  120. Mary Stead

    Thank you very much, this will be a great help in analyzing deals.

  121. Daniil,
    What a great, useful product! Appreciate you making it available. Should help newbies like
    myself to move forward with confidence.

    • Daniil

      You’re welcome, Phyllis!

  122. Keith White

    This was an awesome presentation and Rehab Valuator is an awesome product. I am downloading the lite version for now because I’m brand new to investing and can’t afford the Premium version yet but as soon as I’m able, I will be updating to premium.

    Thanks for what you do!

    Keith White

  123. Nice job – thanks! I too will start with Lite and would love to get this on our website for our visitors. I may test this against the one property we rehabbed so far, just to have a real property to play with for this neat tool. BTW, I love the way you speak!

  124. This is a great tool to use to flip homes. Yes watch the video. It worth upgrading to the advance spread sheet.
    My company has a 75% LTV rehab loan, EZ doc with 100% financing of the improvements as a 2nd TD. Check it out on our website or call me 310-737-8420. This loan is for California 1-4 units investment only. Hope this help all.

  125. Sara Jennings

    As a new investor I look forward to using this software.

    Sara Jennings owner/operator
    Home Properties Floors & More LLC

    Licensed GC Class A Contractor Va

  126. Paula Soderman

    Thank you so fare I like what I see. I am just starting educating myself I will stat with the light and upgrade after a lean all I can here.

    Awesome introduction!

    Paula Soderman

  127. Paula Soderman

    Thank you! I like what I see. I am just starting to educate myself. I will start with the light and upgrade after a learn all I can here.

    Awesome introduction!

    Paula Soderman

  128. A fantistic piece of software! I have been in this business for a year. But I have not come across anything like it. Thank you! I can only imagine the deals or $$$ I’ve lost by not having this.

  129. This system is GREAT…. this has been one of my missing links, proper evaluation of sfr, will be buying the premium package soon, question does this work on commercial deals?

    • Daniil

      Valerie- yep, this would work on commercial deals as well!

  130. I like the program, it is very helpful and easy to use, keep up the good work..

  131. Excellent presentation with great material! Appreciated the detailed explanation of a few ways to make private money work. Are there plans for a web/ mobile device app?

  132. Russ Blandin

    Excellent program and good presentation, it’s just whats needed for us new or experienced investors. Look forward to putting the Lite version to use and will definately upgrade to Premium in the near future.


  133. Oscar

    It truly is a great investment tool.!

    Great project!!.Great Value!

    Thank you.!
    Oscar P.S

  134. Sounds Excellent/seems like I will be upgrading after a little use, thanks, Don

  135. Debbra Wolfe

    Hello, I downloaded your software on the 97.00 purchase. What happens if I change computers?

    • Daniil

      Hi Debbra – that’s not a problem! You can simply activate the software on your new computer by downloading it from our site again.

  136. Steve

    this program i just downloaded is going to see some work.Thanks

  137. Vincent James

    I had your free verson and lost it . I hope to get it again. I am very interested in your program. After I see your free program I will most liky buy it. I have hered you speek what you are giving me will be a great help.

  138. Vincent James

    thanks for shairing this with me and my wife.

  139. Vincent James

    I am looking forward to trying the “Lite” version. If it works as I hope I will definitely upgrade.

  140. Vincent James

    thank you this is what I need.

  141. William

    I have and am selling bulk property pools.
    Example he has orders coming in weekly. This attached pool has 49 properties for sale
    1Kay pool: Value of 1.6m . Sale price to investor $292k

    We have more property pools available and one investor obviously cannot take everything.
    They would have a lot of work and capital involved before another purchase.

    I have 100’s of properties for sale, ROE, Foreclosures, etc. All on east coast, but no brainer
    gold mine, for any smart investor
    AND now I can’t find anyone to walk the talk!!!!

    email me or call 213 375 8421

  142. Marta Escobar

    Video looks great! About to download and test the lite version.

  143. Vanetta Robinson

    Daniil, Thank you sooo much. This program is great. Im definitely looking forward to upgrading very soon being able to leave Nursing full-time.

    Thank you, God Bless your generosity!!!!
    Sharing the wisdom, Shares the weath……


  145. excellent program
    leighton jackson

  146. beth creekmore

    What a great product! I will work with the Lite version for a week or 2 and then order the Premium.
    I think this will give me the confidence and knowledge to take my new business to the max.



  147. Simmie SIms

    thanks I new to the investment side And I will watch and hopefully learn how to, from you

  148. carl cutinello

    sounds interesting

  149. Cesar

    This is great guys thanks.

  150. Brad Rothrock

    is there a rehab budget guide with sq ft estimating ?

    • Daniil

      Brad – we don’t provide you with a guide of what things should cost, because quiet frankly it’s hard to predict most labor and material costs across time and regions.

      But in the Premium version, we give you a detailed budget template where you can populate your own itemized costs and even formulas, which makes budgeting for future projects much quicker and easier.

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      So sorry to hear about your daughter! That is truly terrible! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do help you in your real estate biz!


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      Hi Dharius,

      Make sure you check out the tutorials: (especially the marketing tutorial)

      and case studies: (especially the wholesaling case study) for ideas on how to market using our software. Wholesalers LOVE this software for it’s ability to generate marketing flyers and presentations for your deals!

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    Of course, I don’t mean this to sound like a sale pitch – this will be free; a token of gratitude for the awesome free version of your software.

    Great presentation btw!!

    • Daniil

      Hi Vince,

      Thanks for your compliments! We are actually already in the process of making a web-based version of this software. I am hoping to release in in the spring some time! But I definitely appreciate your offer – thank you!


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      Hi GVD,

      Glad that you like the program! I don’t expect that we will be releasing a compatible version for Open Office but we are working on a web based version so definitely stay on the lookout for that.

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      Carlos. As long as you’re using the software properly, you should never be required for a password. Please watch our tutorials to make sure that you’re not doing something wrong. For example, you may be asked for a password if you try to enter a value into a “protected cell”. That cell is protected because there’s a formula there and that cell is NOT meant to be altered by the user.


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      Hi Jan – thanks for your compliments!

      There should be no reason why this software can not be adapted to the Canadian market. But I think there are a few things are computed a bit differently in Canada namely mortgage compounding. That being said, there is really nothing in Rehab Valuator that should be affected by those differences.

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      The Lite version let’s you do the analysis. The Premium version lets you do the analysis and also put together marketing flyers and presentations for buyers, banks, private lenders, partners, etc. Here are some helpful links that give you more details about capabilities of the Premium version: (lists Premium features) (demonstrates that the software can do) (actual examples of marketing flyers that Premium software can create)

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    • Daniil

      Thanks for your feedback, Ken! Congrats on starting your own construction company! You’ll find it much more stressful BUT much more rewarding than working for someone else. Let us know how we can help with your investing career!

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    • Daniil

      All of the cool functionality in our program that makes it really easy for you to crunch numbers, view reports, print reports, insert pictures, and generally just breeze through valuing and marketing deals is all built with special VBA code that can only run in Excel. Open Office, Numbers, or other free excel imitators can’t run that code.

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      You have to email us the 16-digit computer code that is shown in the activation window when you open Rehab Valuator. It does show you how to do this in the video on the download page so I recommend watching that.

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      Sounds great, Beau. We are always happy to answer questions or help you use/learn the software so reach out anytime!

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      Glad you guys liked it, Kathleen! Let us know if you need any help using the free software or have any questions!

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      Pete – you should have the property under contract with the seller before you try to wholesale it. Otherwise you’re just a bird-dog and risk your buyers going around you.

      If you want to understand the basics of wholesaling, watch this free content webinar:

      As far as the discount question, I am rather offended. At $97 I am basically giving this software away. I should be charging $500-$1000…and may soon!

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      Of course Charles! You can upgrade whenever works for you. Just let us know if you have any questions.

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    • Daniil

      Hi Richard. If you are using the software correctly, you should at no point be prompted for a password to unlock or unprotect anything. If you’re getting that messages, chances are you’re trying to change a cell that has a formula it it – that’s why that cell is locked – so that you can’t override the formula accidentally. Please watch our tutorials in detail:

      If you still get stuck, please email our support and let us know EXACTLY what sheet/report and what cell you’re in when you get that “unprotect” message. We’ll be happy to help you get to the bottom of it. Thanks!

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    • Daniil

      Hi Titus. The best way is to go to the jobsite, yourself put together a scope of work, and then get multiple local contractors to bid the job for you. That’s how you learn. If you’re just trying to do a quick estimate of repairs before making an offer, then either your own experience will come in handy or I suggest you bring a local contractor to quickly look at the property with you. You can also make general rules of thumb about projects like “cosmetic rehabs require $10-$15 per sq foot” and gut rehabs require $40-60 per sq ft, but those numbers will differ vastly between areas, supplier and contractor relationships and the type of finishes you plan to use.

      Also, when you buy Rehab Valuator Premium, one of the bonuses you get is a 45-min video that specifically teaches you how to estimate repairs on any property in under 15min!

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    • Daniil

      That is correct. You must have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for our software to work properly. Alternate programs like Microsoft Works, Open Office, Apache Office, etc. will not work. Also keep in mind that your version of Excel 2002 or newer needs to be a paid/activated version. Trials, starter editions, or versions that are not activated properly will not work.

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      Hi Charles. If you look at the tutorials there is a tutorial on saving that shows you how to fix that Read-Only issue. If you still have trouble after that email us at

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      Hi B. If you’re using the correct version of Excel (2002 or newer on PC OR 2011 or newer on Mac) you should never need a password if your system is working correctly and you’re using it correctly. There are several fields that are password protected that can’t be changed and will prompt for a password. These fields are protected because they contain formulas and must be changed by entering information elsewhere. Also, if you’re trying to use another spreadsheet program other than Microsoft Excel you might be getting a password prompt as well. If you continue to have trouble email us at and let us know what specifically you’re trying to change, what version of Excel you have, and any errors you might be getting.

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      No problem Lynn. Just let us know if you need assistance or if you have any questions about getting the premium version.

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      Hi Matt. We don’t currently have a single package that includes everything we offer. However, every product we make does include extensive tutorials and case studies as well as full support. If you want to know more about our specific products please email me

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    • Daniil

      Chris – we are working on web based version currently actually (pretty far along) and it will work on Ipads and iphones. Will be emailing our current Premium members to beta-test the web app when it’s ready!

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      Hi Mike. Glad you enjoyed it! We don’t do any financing or lending but we do invest in the Richmond, VA area just an FYI.

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      Hi Tsepiso. We have another program specifically for multi-family/commercial properties that you intend to use as rentals. It’s doesn’t cover the Rehab portion but it does do a more in depth analysis of long term rentals. You can check that out here:

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      We don’t have any software that does that. ARV is dependent on so many different factors. The view from the house, the neighborhood, the sq. ft., the comps, the quality of the house, etc. We just take all those factors into consideration and come up with an estimate. It would be difficult to have a program that could take all of that into account.

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      Hi Pete,

      Our programs will work on a Mac if you have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer on your Mac. The lite/free version should work just fine from the download page with Excel 2011. For the premium version you’ll need to shoot us an email to request it at

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    • Jacob

      Hi Barbara. While the financial analysis of the program could apply to different models/businesses the reports are geared towards residential rehab & flip OR rehab & hold. For instance you could use the program for just straight flips with no Rehab. However, you can’t actually remove the Rehab line item from the reports (Only give it a zero dollar amount). Hopefully that makes sense. If you have further questions feel free to email us at

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      Glad we could light that spark, Abel! Good luck with your first sale and let us know if we can help!

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    • Jacob

      Hi Kerry. Sorry that you’re having trouble. Those ads are definitely not from us. We do not have any popups, malware, spyware, drive by downloads, or any of that other garbage on our sites or with our program. If you’re seeing stuff like that more than likely your computer is infected with malware/spyware/viruses. I would recommend downloading and using a program like malwarebytes to try and clean up your machine. Then come back and try and download again. If you have further questions you can email us at

  465. curtis fletchet

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    • Jacob

      It will not. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer on a PC OR Excel 2011 or newer on a Mac. No mobile devices or mobile version of Microsoft Excel are support at this time.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Steve, We usually see errors like this when a program other than Microsoft Excel tries to open the file (Ex. Open Office, Libre Office, etc.). To use our programs you must have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. If you do have Excel and still need further assistance please email us at

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    • Jacob

      Hi Laura,

      If you’re looking to evaluate long-term multi-family or commercial rentals you should check out our other program called Rental Valuator:

      Just so you know, for Premium buyers of Rental Valuator, we also have a version with an expanded income section which supports many more units. If you have questions email us at

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    • Jacob

      We have another program specifically for multi-family/commercial properties. You can check that out here:

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    • Jacob

      Hi Pam,

      You do need Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer to use our program on a PC OR Excel 2011 or newer on a Mac. You can pickup Excel online for pretty cheap. If you have to purchase it we recommend sticking with Excel 2010 for PC. It’s a little more stable and has a few less bugs than the newer Excel 2013. You can sill get 2010 at online stores like this one: . If you have questions email us at

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    • Jacob


      It is download only, however, all you would need to do when you got the new computer is request a new activation code. You can even deactivate the old computer if you’re not going to use it anymore. No problem at all so feel free to go ahead and purchase 🙂

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    • Jacob

      Hi RJ,

      Our programs will work on a Mac! The lite version will work right from this download page. You just need to have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. For the premium version, if you purchase it, you just need to shoot us an email requesting the mac version. If you have further questions please email us at

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  497. I will try your demo and probably take more inclusive version– Best Ben Donlon

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    • Jacob

      Hi Mike,

      The program will not work on tablets (unless it’s a tablet running a full version of Windows and Microsoft Office). Aside from that, we do allow you to activate up to 3 computers on 1 license as long as you’re the only user. To do that just download the program and follow the instructions on the download page video to request a new activation code.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Walter,

      Unfortunately not. The special code that we have written to make everything function only work in Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer on PC or Excel 2011 or newer on Mac. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Our software can be a critical part of that business. However, there is more to it as well. A lot of that info is covered in our tutorials and in the bonuses we provide when you purchase the program. However, if you have any specific questions just email us at We’re happy to help.

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    • Jacob

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      What our program does is analyze and then help you market a deal. It doesn’t necessarily help you sell a property. This program helps you either generate reports to either secure an investor (if you’re wholesaling/bird dogging) or secure a lender if you’re doing the deal yourself. If you’re doing the deal yourself it helps you with the front end which is the analysis and securing funding. It doesn’t help you sell the property once it is done. Hopefully that makes sense. If you have further questions feel free to email us at

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    • Jacob

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      Actually the program works great on Mac. The only requirement is that you have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. All you have to do is download the file to your desktop, open it up, and when it prompts you click on “enable macros”. That’s it. From this point it works almost identically to the PC version and the tutorials. If you have trouble please feel free to email us at

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    • Jacob

      The lite version will work on a Mac as long as you have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer. If you purchase the premium version, it also requires Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer and you have to send us an email so we can get you the Mac version.

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    • Jacob

      Hi William,

      Yes unfortunately Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Excel 2011 or newer for Mac is required. Alternate spreadsheet programs like OpenOffice just don’t have the capability of Excel at this point. If we can be of any assistance to you don’t hesitate to let us know.

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      The download process is explained in the video on the download page. Basically you just download the file and open it up. The only requirement is a PC with Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer OR a Mac with Excel 2011 or newer. In regards to printing you can go to file and hit print on each of the pages that is not a regular report. For the reports your use the Print Reports button and select the reports you want.

      However, depending on the page formatting it may not print everything. In that case you may have select what you want by left clicking and dragging and the go to File, Print, & Print Selection (An example being the Instructions on the Rehab & Flip or Hold Analysis Tab). If you run into trouble just email us at

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    • Jacob

      Hi Gary,

      The best setup is a PC (A regular Windows PC. Not a tablet or mobile device) with Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010. We support Microsoft Excel 2002 and newer but 2007 and 2010 work best. If you have further questions email us at

  555. leon,

    hey saved file, but when i click on it,it wont open, im running windows 8.1 wat program sould i use to open it?

    • Jacob

      Hi Leon,

      With Windows 8.1 you need to have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for our program to run properly (A full/paid version not a starter edition or trial). If you have trouble email us at

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    • Jacob


      A non-profit can take advantage of real estate investing just like any other person/company. You just have t make sure you’re reinvesting the profits back into the business to keep your non-profit status.

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    You’ve ot the real thing and I will do business with you.I have followed your previous emails. I just need time to recoup some of the funds I have lost. Send me what you can and open your tutorials to me along with any smaller program you may have, even on a monthly program.

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      Hi Gene,

      The way the software licensing works is the first license is $97 and each additional license if $59. As long as they’re all on different computers they would need to have their own license. If you have any questions just let me know. We’re here to help 🙂

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    • Jacob

      Hi Samuel,

      The only requirement for downloading/opening the lite version is Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. If you have that it should work fine. If you can’t get it send me an email to and please include where you’re getting stuck, what web browser you’re using, and what version of Excel you have. Thanks!

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    thank you sir,


    • Daniil

      You’re welcome, Mike! Hope you put the software to good use!

  612. Love the presentation and will be downloading with upgrade when I get back to office.

    Of course I must suggest you go onto Shark Tank and present this software, if you present your spot on that show the same way you did here I’m sure you would get funding to develop it further.
    Just the exposure on that show would increase sales.

    For myself I would like to know when you are going public so I can purchases stock. Very cool look forward to using it.

    William Caprio

    • Daniil

      Thanks, William! Going on Shark Tank would be a very cool experience! But I’m not looking to raise funding – we have many cool updates and upgrades being worked on right now already! 🙂

  613. I purchased the software, but lost it in a crash of my old computer. I do not have MS Excel on the my new computer. Can I open your software with Open Office?

    • Jacob

      Hi Jack,

      Unfortunately not. You must have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Excel 2011 or newer for Mac for our programs to function properly.

  614. Janice Kay

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    I haven’t worked any deals yet still anxious to plug the information into the Lite program and get great evaluation information on the rehab cost and profit margins. Thanks for sharing your tool with Us.

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    Thank You,


    • Jacob

      Hi Ernan,

      It will not. Our programs require Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer on a Mac to function properly.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Roger,

      When we refer to an exit strategy we mean any strategy that you’re going to use as your end game. That can be either Fix & Flip, or Fix, Refi, and Hold. Those are the two exit strategies the program covers.

  625. Thanks

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    • Daniil

      Sounds good, Marilou! Let us know if we can help with anything!

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      Haha- I love that analogy, Warren! You’re welcome! Hope you put the software to good use!

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    • Jacob

      Hi Norman,

      No problem. There is definitely a learning curve. Know that we’re here to help if you have any questions. Please email us at if you need anything.

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      Absolutely. You only need a real estate license if you’re going to be buying/selling real estate on behalf of other people. If you’re wholesaling or buying/selling the property for yourself no license is needed. In regards to coaching/mentoring that isn’t something we provide at this time. We provide you software, education, and tools to get the deal done.


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      1) The first thing I would try and do is close everything else and try and watch the video with nothing else open.

      2) If that doesn’t work reboot your computer and try again.

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      Please let me know if you continue to have problems by emailing us at

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      Hi William,

      At this time Microsoft Office is the only option to run our software. It must be a paid/activated version 2002 or newer. We’re working on alternate options and we’ll be emailing users about that over the next couple of months so watch out for those 🙂

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      Hi Sabina,

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