My motivation -

My reasons for getting rich:

I wanted to share something personal with you today, my real estate investing motivation.

So here goes:

Making money and wanting to get rich is great, but

you need to have a bigger reason behind it than just

accumulating wealth.

For example:

I recently sat down for lunch with one of our software

clients who is an ex-minister.

He is getting into real estate after leading a congregation

for 20 years.

And he is going after it hard.

He’s raising private money, looking at rehabs, making

offers and taking massive action.

Learning everything he can.

Building relationships

And closing deals.

His personal motivation for earning big bucks in real estate

is so that he can afford to go on missions all over the world

and help others.

Having that motivation – something greater as a purpose

than just becoming wealthy – is going to make him that

much more focused and driven to succeed in his efforts.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting to get

rich just for the sake of being rich.

Hell, this is America – land of opportunity.  If all you

want to do is just make gobbs of money and swim in it,

like Scooge McDuck in those cartoons, then more power to you!

It’s just that having some kind of a bigger purpose behind

wanting to make money will ensure you stay on the path!

My motivation is my parents.

You see, I owe them a lot.

They were both doing quite well in Russia in the late 80’s and

early 90’s, both socially and financially.

But they could tell that it was going to be a pretty bad place

to raise their kids.

A corrupt, dangerous place.

A society where merit and hard work are not nearly enough

to succeed.

So they gave up everything and brought me and my brother

to America.

My parents with my brother at his college graduation

My parents with my brother at his college graduation

My dad was pretty high up in the Soviet government at the time.

But when we came to America, he had to resort to take the very lowest

manual labor jobs as he had no language or marketable skills.

My mom was a doctor  with a PhD in Russia but none of her

licenses or accreditations were valid in America.

So she had to start from scratch, studying for the board

exams in a language foreign to her, going through residency


She struggled for over 6 years day and night just to become

recognized as a doctor that she already was in Russia.

I can’t even imagine becoming a doctor once.

She had to do it twice!

So my goal (at least the major one) behind building a massive

real estate portfolio is to fund their retirement.

Retirement (some of my portfolio)

Retirement (some of my portfolio)

To really appreciate how much they’ve sacrificed, you have

to have been an immigrant yourself.

Then you’d know what it’s like to leave a place behind

you’ve called home your entire life.

To leave your language behind.  Your culture.

To enter a world you know little about – a society where

you have very little standing and have to start all over.

I didn’t really appreciate any of this until I got older.

Only then did I realize exactly the magnitude of what I owe them

for bringing me here.

So in 1 year, I will start cutting 5-figure checks every

single month to my parents so that they can finally stop

working and start enjoying their “golden years”.

Yes, 5 figures every month.  Out of the cashflow from

my portfolio.

Being able to do that excites the hell out of me and

keeps me motivated day in and day out.

I remind myself of this goal every time I feel like stopping

or slowing down.  Every time I feel discouraged and

every time I suffer a setback.

And reminding myself that I am working so hard, in large

part, for the benefit of someone I really care about keeps

me laser-focused day in and day out on my mission.

So what’s your motivation?

What’s your bigger purpose?

What drives you every day?

Come share it with me here by leaving a comment on this page.

I want to hear from you.

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  1. james

    I want to be able to give four houses a way a year to deserving needy families and at the same time, make a substantial living for myself .

    • Daniil

      Nice James!

  2. Victor Morris

    I have 5 kids, 4 boys and one girl who is handicapped, just want to provide, protect and be there spiritual leader as God commands. Good job Dan.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Victor! 5 kids has got to be a handful -you’re a braver man than me 🙂 But seriously, they are obviously great motivators to stay the course – I’m sure you’re a great father!

  3. You have no idea what this blog has done to inspire me man. I bought your software and everybody I showed my presentation to thought it was really slick and it made me look like a real experienced investor even though I only have one rehab done and three small rentals in my portfolio. I also talked to you personally by phone and you gave me some awesome tips as well. I was born and raised here in the land of opportunity so I really have no excuse!! Thank you for your awesome software and your inspiration.

    • Daniil

      Trent – I enjoyed our conversation when we spoke last. You’re welcome and don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything!

  4. bob smith

    my why is to help my mother in her golden years for you see at the age of 3 and a half my father passaway leaveing my mother with 4 kids no job no help from family members on her own and to this day I can not figure out how she kept it together we never went with out food clean closes clean bedding and most of all with out LOVE you know every kid grows up telling the world that there mother is the best mother in the world this no disrespect to any child ever born but I have the all time BEST OF THE BEST MOTHER HANDS DOWN

  5. Robin

    I’m a father of 3 and don’t forget the grandkids 4. I too am starting over! I was a successful business owner for 29 years, in 2007 I sold my business at a discount I wanted out! Four months after the sale of my buisness I had 2 heart attachs, the second attach within 5 days of the first. I was life flighted to Borgess Hospital where they saved my life, I now have 4 stents. My right coranary arterie was 100% blocked and my left had a small blockage. It took me quite some time to recover fully, I lost my mojo nothing matter to me. The reason I’ve decided to share this with you is when a person loses his or her mindset life becomes impossible to keep moving forward. I’ve not only lost my financial future, my kids have given up on their father “ME”! I now can relate and appreciate what ” HARD TIMES” are all about. Now to the reason of all this… I will continue moving forward in my RE career. I not only want to prove to myself, I want to prove to my EX of 29 years and my children that their DAD is back on his way to success and freedom! The motivation is here, the purpose is here, and the desire to keep moving on!!! Thank you for reading my post. JUST DO IT!!!

    • Daniil

      Thanks for sharing, Robin. 2 heart attacks is no joke – you’re lucky to be here at all! Sounds like you’re not wasting any time getting back on your feet!

  6. Cynthia Wiggins

    My mom raised five kids as a single parent and we wanted for nothing. I can remember here wearing a trench coat in zero degree weather so that we all could have winter coats, clothes and boots. I want to give her a life of financial freedom so that she could do anything that she wants. I would love to see all the sisters able to travel and enjoy their lives. This is my motivation.

    • Daniil

      Very cool, Cynthia! thank you for sharing

  7. Jerry DeCouto

    I am a christian and an ordained minister but not functioning in a church or para church per se. I come from a family of hard working people …some of them love money more than family others the other way round. I’m from Bermuda and although it’s a wealthy place, it’s almost impossible to live as it’s 4x the cost of living from what it is here in USA.

    I never really had to struggle until the last 10 years or so ….didn’t have a silver platter either…just managed. My motivation is multi fold…1st there’s alot of needy folks I know of that need help and don’t have any idea how to get out of the hole in their life…I want to make a difference for them.

    My wife comes from a family with nothing…struggle,struggle,struggle…she’s in her 50’s and I’m 62. I did not plan for these years, I was not motivated or hungry to do anything substantial.

    So it’s amazing how determined and persistent you can be when you’re back is against the wall. I have a nice part time job and collect social security, but I don’t trust the govt and I know I cannot continue with the job I’m in forever…it’ll be hand to mouth…so I working real estate for my retirement also and to move out into the country where it’s peaceful and when all hell breaks loose in the cities when the dollar goes belly up, I don’t want to be anywhere near the city.

    Maybe I said too much, but I’m driven for the 1st time in my life & I will not stop…maybe slowed down here and there, but I will achieve my dreams. Thank you Daniil for being part of my dream.

    • Daniil

      Hey Jerry – I’ve never been to Bermuda but I did hear it’s real expensive. We may be looking at some serious inflation here in the States also soon but I’m not an economist 🙂 And rental real estate should be fairly inflation-proof anyway. Anyways, thank you for sharing your story!

  8. That is truely a great motivation and I think you are right having more than just the desire to get rich really does help. My motivation is our late in life blessing of a third son born when I was already 53. My oldest is 25 and grown and out on his own doing well and our middle son is 18 and off to college next year. We make a very good income but spend so much time and energy working that for Anthony’s sake I knew I did not want to miss spending as much time with him as I possible could and did not want to have to be working so hard into my 70s. I had been thinking, reading, and studying about REI for decades. Read all the guru books but but never got off the bench and into the game. I never took that final step of action. But when I held Anthony in my arms, just after he was born, I knew without a doubt it was time to take action. I’m in the game now for him and I’m not looking back. Thanks for all you do to help us out!!

    • Daniil

      Nice, Tony! I don’t have any kids of my own yet but I’m sure that’s a HUGE motivator – both to be able to provide for them and to have time to spend with them and be a good father.

  9. Awesome Blog! I agree with you 100% and ironically JUST HAD the same type of conversation in my living room with my son. The fact that I “get it” causes me to be both humble and accountable. My passion for wealth has never been about the money it is about what money can do for you, it is a tool, nothing more. Relationships, family, friends, reaching out to the poor and needy…..this is my heart. Be Blessed 🙂

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Cathleen! I actually have your house bugged so I overheard your conversation with your son 🙂

  10. What is motivating me is simple. I was in a horrible accident two years ago, i fell 28 feet building a house that barely paid me enough to keep food on the table for my child even though i recovered about 80% from extremely serious injuries insurance no such thing and i had to live on about $500 a month for several years now that i am 50yrs old still been broke and tired of it. who can retire broke and enjoy any kind of lifestyle what less life and i want to help others that have been seriously injured my help ended when i left the hospital but my needs grew greater while there wasn’t any real help i want to change that!

    • Daniil

      Jeff – the fact that you are saying that you want to help others that have been seriously injured despite your own financial situation is incredible admirable! I’m sure you’ll do great but you know we are always happy to help if we are able – so don’t hesitate to reach out!

  11. Thanks for sharing. It’s funny but yesterday morning there was a Christian realestate breakfast meeting in Atlanta. Georgia Tech coach Curry spoke but also a man who lost his son at age 16 in an auto accident. Heart wrenching , but the message was to focus on all of us as Americans to be independent, stirve for excellence , but help those who cannot help themselves.

    Our mission is to build affordable indepenent renatl apartments for those over age 55. We think our mission to make sure for those older Amercians they have a choice of one level affordable rental apartments that they can rely a predictbale monthly payment with out nonsense. Called quiet enjoyment.

    Your story about your relationship about your parents is well taken, and it is a gift for them that they have someone who has the means and the committment to make their later years enjoyable.

    God Bless
    John Munson

  12. Simon Samaniego III

    This is the greatest country in the world that has allowed your mother to be an M.D. again! Can you think of any other country that would have afforded her that opportunity?

    I came here fifty-five years ago at age six. I still have not made my fortune yet! For me, apartment buildings and buying them at an eleven percent capitalization rate and above is my focus! (It cost me six hundred dollars to learn that.) I am motivated by my current family in which I want to retire my wife and do more vacationing with our eleven year old twin daughters. And I want to bring my mother who is retired to live with me from California. I reside in North Chesterfield, Virginia.

    I am suspicious of most real estate offerings on the Internet. And was almost “burned” in 2006 when I put my last apartment building purchase together with a partner that was going to make it hard for me to buy him out. I need some legitimate private money sources that can help me buy apartment buildings.

  13. Jimmy Hemminger

    I read your story Danill and now I understand what drives you, I hope you can relate to my story. Anyone who has lived a life of sacrifice must respect what dries you to become a successful investor. I am driving as an owner operater cross country 15 years, over 1 million miles. Due to rising fuel prices I know I cannot make a million dollars as a trucker. My job has been like therapy for me, taking my mind off 3mistake marriages, 2 were abusive, I got out but my son and daughter suffered the abuse I did as their mother did not have the courage to leave a drunk she married. As I was driving unaware of the bruises left on them, I was told as my daughter was smart enough to find my cell phone with an online search, facebook help. A reunuin was arranged with my daughter and I, took my truck to meet her in florida with my parents for an emotional dinner date. As the truth came out of the abuse, foster homes, I was outraged, wanted jail for the drunk, my daughter said no dad, I rather you walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was a joyful wedding, and I knew I had to make a change soon for a calling i feel since that reunion. I want to find investors to help me buy large multi unit properties FSBO from burnt out landlords, get rehabbers to reposition the properties for homes for abused children who need a peaceful place to call home. I want to put my son in charge of rehabbers, he a master carpente 15years. I hope I can interest you in being part of a team of investors for JV deals, and I am interested in your software programs when I get ready to make my move from trucker to investor for saving abused children. Thank you for you help in advance, Jimmy Hemminger, your facebook friend.

    • Daniil

      Sounds like you’ve made some big changes and making even more, Jimmy. I also saw on facebook something about you helping other truckers become healthy and lose weight, which I thought was an interesting way to combine your job and another business. Very nice going and thanks for sharing your story!

  14. Patty

    Motivation: Educational and economic security for my loved ones.

    Bigger Purpose: To provide beautiful homes for hard working families in excellent neighborhoods through the auspices of the federal housing HUD Section 8 Program; which will help uplift these families to encourage themselves to improve their lives, maintain a long term relationship with me in their rental housing and ultimately turn these tenants into homeowners of the house in the future, when they no longer have to be renters.

    Goal is to teach the tenants that want to learn from me, what I learn from you and other investors so, they can “Pay it forward!”

    What drives me is the exciting learning curve that I am on which is revealing to me that we can all do this in a variety of examples of acquiring real property for the greater good of all participants! Very cool!!!

    Thank you for your commitment to excellence!

    Best, Patty

  15. Karolynn Traynham

    Thanks Daniil for that inspiring story. I too, am motivated by the fact that I want my 64 year old mom to not have to work. I’m just starting out in this biz so it may take me a few years to accomplish that. Secondly, I want to leave a legacy for my children, 19 & 4 years old. Thirdly, I want to own my own time, not waking up on someone else’s time and pay scale. I’m motivated by the thought of spending my day freely however I choose, vacationing whenever I want, spending time with my kids and taking my mom on vacation, and not worrying about my bills!! Financial Freedom!!
    I’d like to be able to give something valuable back to my community and to the world, like you do. Your so inspiring and an awesome example. Keep up the great work!

  16. Rick

    I want to buy my wife and twins a house thats paid for. As we have been forced to
    All live in an RV for several years now, we are able to set aside
    Little cash to maybe flip 1 property to get started. Plan to maintain RV residence
    Until have cash flow to keep buying and keep one for home.

  17. This is truly what our country needs, Trust back into our economy, by “People Helping People”. Taking stock back into our true economic basis our Citizens. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . Our core true Value what The American Way was built upon, Unity,liberty, TRUTH and Justice for all. I too have a similar story as well as conviction with a cause and purpose For we are Victorious in his light. Amen

  18. Silvino Camacho

    Hi Daniil,
    Silvino here, Thank you for sharing you re story with all of us, I new you were an immigrant just like my self. I have to tell you dough, that, I am trying to overcome poverty trough education and hard work just like all the millions of others from all over the world. Thank you for being a great son, I am proud of you. Your friend Silvino Camacho.

    • Daniil

      Thanks for your kind words, Silvino! Stay on your path in real estate – you and I have been corresponding for quiet some time and I know you’ll do great!

  19. Donna

    Beautiful story about your family’s life. I am doing this also for my family because
    times are changing around us whether you want to see it or not at what is happening
    with the United States of America.

  20. joseph

    keep up the good work and aiways take care mom and dad you only have one mom and dad plus when there gone your on your owen and this is what we call ALOHA HAWWIAN STYLE FOR THE FAMILY WHICH WE SAY IN HAWWIAN IS CALLED OHANA MEANS ALOHA JOSEPH .K


    My children, grandchildren and elderly parents are my motivation they are what keeps me going forward, my 14 year old child and 3 year old grandchild have special needs, They are always on my mind and when the going gets tough they are what keeps me from throwing in the towel and quitting. I will never quit. I will succeed!! Thank you for your software it’s AWESOME

  22. Jack Sklare

    Your response appears personal. It deserves an answer.

    Your Family history is impressive and has reflected into

    your integrity.I”m not questioing YOUR intent

    Having recived your promtional email….I observed, but had no intent of ordering
    ….and I repeat that I truly cannot affordthe expenditure or keep up with youir program physically.

    If you can’t accept that order was in error and confusion, then so be it.

    Remove me from program


  23. jean9

    When I was 19 I was told I had lymphatic cancer. While watching other family members going through chemotherapy and being so sick, I decided that I wanted to live. I mean REALLY live. So I lived every day like it was my last. Well it turned out the docs were wrong. Due to my live it like it was your last attitude, I ended up pregnant at 19. So I married the father and 14 months later I had left his abusive butt with twins on the way. Three kids under 18 months and dear old dad made sure that I received absolutely no help from him. I had to live with my parents, thank god they had a huge house and the love and support we needed! Every day I was thinking about how to take care of these kids, knowing that I would never get any help from their dad. He was gracious enough to leave me in 40k in debt, how sweet of him! So I worked hard and paid most of the dept off, but it wasn’t enough. My dad wanted to retire and move into a smaller house with no stairs so my mom could get around easier. I decided to go back to college. I had to work full-time and go to school full-time, but I was determined that if I finished school, I would be able to take care of the kids myself. I vot through a 4 year program in three years. I worked so hard and never got any sleep, but I did it! Then I landed a job at a fortune 500 company. Everything seemed to be going great; at least professionally. Personally, everything was falling apart. I had burnt the candle at both ends for three years straight and my mind was unraveling. All I wanted to do was to make a good life for my kids, but when I bought a house it was in a really bad area almost an hour drive away from my parents. I was hospitalized for, well let’s just call it emotional instability. I ended up losing my job, losing my house, and having to move back in with my parents. Then 2 years later I was diagnosed with MS. The depression got worse and I lost my optimism for making my kids lives any better. I was approved for disability and moved out again. Meanwhile, my parents were trying to sell their house, but the market had tanked and even though it was worth almost a half a million 7 years ago they couldn’t get enough out of it to pay their bills and find a smaller place with no stairs. They finally took the loss this year, gettting less than 200k for it. They basically lost everything because I couldn’t take care of myself. Now I have stumbled onto the real estate business and I finally found hope for the first time in 8 years. I want to be able to pay for college for the kids and help my parents have the lifestyle they deserve. They gave up everything for me and the kids and life just gave them a huge smack across the face for it. I can only push myself to regain that fight I used to have to enable myself to master this business and give something back to my parents and my kids. ONCE I have that accomplished, I want to flip houses and get struggling single parents that might not have jad the support that I did into their house, in a good neighborhood. Not give it away, but give financial coaching, priority assessment and life skills training. Help the kids that might not have a good life with out the helping hand. The only thing I really want out of it, is to see the smiles on the faces of my parents, kids, and the families I might be able to help. If I can accomplish that, then I will consider myself successful.

  24. Paulette

    I was a nurse for 25 years, loved my job but in 2002 my 19 year old son died in a accident. My ligr and world s been 11 years but still geels like a week ago.I need changes in my life, after 2 heart attacks I feel a need for change or continue life as it is and die y
    oung something my son would have never wanted!

  25. Gail

    HI Daniil
    I’m at the beginning stages of this business, as a younger person I started off in the dental field, then went back to school for architecture interior design, my husband was a contractor by trade,but had went to school for architecture and engineering. But made a living as a general contractor. Sometimes up and down. Early on in our life we had big dreams but life happen, and dream faded, but thank God our three girls were able to go to college and one still in college. Thank God for track scholarship.Early in our marriage, my husband desire was to go to Africa with world vision to help build housing and schools for the needing, but life happen and we became the needing ,our mind set change. I thank God today that my mind set as been renewed and it not to late, to reach out to others right where we are, my goal is transform lives, prosper and be in good health. By using the tool of real estate investment, investing in our life so we can invest in the lives of others. Thank you for being one of those tools Daniil. Blessings to you.

  26. Amelia Cirilo, Ph.

    Hello, Daniil, Thank you for your interest. Forty-nine and one half year I taught, from Nuclear Engineering in college, all sciences & math in high school, and elementary, All the way to kindergarten..m.y students rarely missed classes. I loved it and so did they. But at 80, I decided to leave the job to younger ones. I retired debt-free. no debts, no mortgage. However that did not last long. I helped one of my sons retrain himself from a Tracking Engineer for NASA to a registered nurse until he graduated, by taking over his house payments. I helped the other son while he worked on his doctorate. As a consequence, I now have a mortgage and with the training I have taken to become a real estate investor, I am now heavily in debt. I also have helped one of my daughters, My goal is to, again, be debt free and to be able to help others succeed in life by motivating them that it can be done.. I do stand up senior comedy , motivational speaking and traveling to expand my horizon. I am listed in Marquez’es Who’s who in the world, and others. I am also on Facebook +others., To be able to continue standing on my own two feet is also one of my goals.. In that, I need your help since as yet ,I have not gotten started. Thank you again..Amelia

  27. Harry Gonzalez

    Thank you for the email and the wonderful message about yourself and your parents
    You see I have been a broker for 15 years now and with the economy has been hard for me
    What I’m looking for is to have help me on my real state in the state of New Mexico.

    Thank you so much for your time and I wait for your answer on the above matter.

    Harry Gonzalez

  28. Jo'el

    I want to be debt free and help people in need of homes, an young females with health challenges.

    I’m a single parent I have a daughter that has a heart condition and just last year needed a surgery on her intestines. While also having another young lady in need of help do to her just turning 21 and three months later being in an accident after her vehicle and purse was car jacked stolen, her truck turned over on her arm and leg she died three times an was revived, her life has been changed after having 12 surgeries.

    I will use your information to incorporate a plan to help make this dream happen.

    Thank you!

  29. Donna Hennessey

    The story you tell of your parents is real and hits the heart. God bless you for caring and sharing about them! I need to pay some bills along with trying to learn the business. It is very interesting and love the real estate field, especially rehabbing. Would be better with my family, but don’t know if that will happen. Love to all.

  30. I too want my dad to truly retire.(his 82) For that I have to buy him out of his 20 units of houses&dueplexes.But not before I set up funds for financeing my 4 children for college.(14,16,18, 20) Then last I want the freedom to do a little philanthropist by way of helping others.(paying it forward )

  31. Maria

    I’m from Mexico English is my second language.I have 2 wonderful kids. My little girl is 9 and my boy is 8. My husband got into a terrible accident at work and now is permanently disabled. I’m that main income in my family. I’m trying to give our kids a better life. When you’re always flat broke it’s not easy. My family is my motivation.

  32. Paul Wechsler

    I have a very special woman that I live with and she has helped me through out the years that we have been togther and now i would like to give her a source of funds that she can tap into so that she can buy herself what ever she wants and that I can see the look of happiness on her face.

  33. Jacob

    Hi Andres,

    Of course! I believe you already signed up for the lite version of the program. Check it out. When you’re ready to proceed and get the premium or if you need any assistance with the lite email us at

  34. Sandy H...

    I read your motivational message with very high regard, you sound like the dream son every parent would wish they had! They, (your parents) clearly had both you, and your brothers’ interests, and success at heart, their sacrifice and commitment, has now become your sacrifice and commitment! This is one of the most positive ways to retain wealth and keep it in the family! After that more power to you while going gung-ho reaching your other charitable goals!

    Thank you for sharing one of the most persuasive, powerful tools ever created for the real estate business market! These tools guarantee a “yes” from the “lender”(which shows them that you did your homework).

    Best regards,


  35. donna bluitt

    Thank you so very much for sharing. Also I want to thank you for the software . My number one motivation is one day stop living paycheck to paycheck. over the yrs its bothered me but I had no idea on how to improve. Giving to others has always brought joy to me and would love too continue but pockets are empty. I want to start wholesaling residents im all over the place any advice would be appreciated thank you

    • Jacob

      Hi Donna,

      First off you can start building a list of investors in the areas you’re looking to work in. That way when you do start wholesaling you have a list of people to send your properties too. Next, you need to learn how to find properties and evaluate them. Rehab Valuator and the bonuses we offer will definitely get you off to a good start. Take the time to learn the material, educate yourself on the process, and then start looking for properties and investors.

  36. Rick K.

    My motivation is to have a special needs trust for my two kids. So when I am gone they have passive income for life.

    Currently, I’d like to have a nice passive cash flow and I desire to help other special needs families and others who have extra issues based on no fault of their own with rental or homes.

    I simply want financial Independence while helping others. If I had a choice of 20M and alone at the top or 2M and helping others helping themselves. I’d take the 2M.

  37. I think that everyone in America should live well and should do so in a nice home. Scoundly I would like to visit my mother more often like your parents me too come from overseas.

  38. Jessica

    My biggest motivation is my husband and kids…and my church.
    The big picture on why im going into real estate wholesaling is my husband works everyday six or seven days a week
    He come home everyday tired and overstressed
    I know what he’s going through because i work for the same company that how we met
    I just want him to work if only he want to not because he have to….i want us to be able to travel go on mission trips go on vacation fund a couple mission trips..

  39. Marie Williams

    Thanks for the information . I’m trying to get started in this business. I have an LLC and have access to money but unable to find buyers in order to start doing some wholesale deals.

  40. Cardealius Strand

    My wife and I have a non profit organization The Strand Housing Agency our goal is to feed the homeless and provide affordable housing we dont want to depend on government grants we want to use rental property to keep our doors open for the needy we also want to leave a legacy for our children for us its not just about getting rich its about creating wealth and helping others and that is what we need now HELP we need to know how to get started and what are some good steps to take to allow our dream to come to a reality

  41. fatima N Dean

    DANIILI have been hoping that I could be able to talk with you sir.I want tothank you for this opportunity that you gave me,Your story was a great INSPIRATION.My name is Fatima DEAN.I am a solo parent, divorced with 8 beautiful and smart kids.I am a retired General and Obsteriic
    Nurse.My 2 older boys they become the Juvenile Counselors..They are Business Owners beside their regular jobs,one is a Specialized Tatoo Artist in Australia,Two of my daughters are both Doctors…PAEDIATRICIAN ND A CARDIOLOGIST ,mY OTHER DAUGHTER IS A BUSINESS OWNER,


    • Eddie Chalkley

      Hi Fatima,

      You actually already have access to Rehab Valuator Online until the summer, I will email you the details.

  42. Brandon m

    Woke up one day and realized I was using Gods talents to make money for someone else who I was just a number too. That was in oct 2015 and then dec 2 2015 was laid off from a company I had been with for 7 years wow for what I said he said being to loyal they were firing my boss and his whole team because of my boss do meanwhile my wife and kids have to suffer well when I walked out of that place I told myself ever again will I pad or work for someone else’s bank account. So here I am

  43. sandra c

    Well im a truck driver and im always away from home on major holiday and special events . I want to be able to take trips with my 4 children and 15 gkids . I love the time i do spend with them .I want to be financially independent

  44. Daniil, I’m 63 yrs young, i have worked in an industry in the mid-west as a stationary engineer. I have
    worked in it for 39yrs. I have a pension, will have I believe a decent SS check, & a decent 401K payout BUT my three children who all have college degrees that cost US dearly will be left with heavy debt. No matter what type of job they get, they believe their won’t be pensions or SS for them it will be a while until loans are payed off. My motivation is to continue my real estate education, via many different avenues & your software to gain the monies needed to payoff all my kids loans, sooner than latter ,so they can enjoy their time being an American & enjoy the dreams they have to be successful. The value I get out of your software is AMAZING. Thank you, and keep up the GREAT WORK. Mark T


    Hello, I am not a person to tell to much on the net but in summary. I have been diagnosed with a very serious disease and I woke up one morning and realize that I had strayed off course so badly that I didn’t have anything to leave for my kids and wife as a legacy.Even though at one point in my life I had acquired quite a large portfolio of real estate.(Before 2008) After suffering through a bout of deep depression I have decided to come out fighting to climb backup. I am around sixty years old with failing health and Medical bills.So time wise ,I am limeted. This is my motivation. To leave my family something the would be proud of.

    • Daniil

      Wow, Mark. That’s definitely a reason to get up each morning and make the most out of every single day! I salute you for being so strong and brave, sir.

  46. Jeffrey Spencer

    I have been remodeling houses since I graduated from High School, small jobs semi-big job and I am still working it. in 2010 I started a Company Spencer’s Remodeling and it was doing ok but the people stopped calling and the company slowed down a lot, so I found a part-time job and been doing that for the last few years. I have always wanted to have my own property to rehab but the people I talked to couldn’t see it it sounds good they say. So I have been getting emails from different people such as yourself and they always send me things to buy, I don’t have extra money to buy something work it and wait, I need someone to work with me to help me along the way. What bothers me the most is I went to my old neighborhood again and I seen all the house that have been abandoned and falling apart house after house block after block in different parts of the city I live in. Well I would like to do something about that but don’t know were to turn,ask or start. What do you think.

    • JacobC

      Hi Spencer,

      There are two methods to getting into this business. You can either pay someone to walk you through step-by-step (sometimes this is VERY expensive) or you can learn the info yourself and jump in. We provide a TON of education on our site on finding properties, finding lenders, analyzing deals using Rehab Valuator, etc. The information is here and what you don’t find here you can find on the web. You just have to study and come up with a plan. Execute it step-by-step and treat it like a job.

  47. My desire to get involved with real estate would be to purchase multifamily apartments to target baby boomers and their children the echo boomers who are migrating from a home to an apartment setting.

    My 30 years in mental and medical health is now being put to thy physical and mental challenges by building capital to necessary for purchasing income property to rehab and sell at wholesale as residential healthcare facilities. I work with patients in their homes but the homes are retrofitted for the needs of the patient.

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity concerning the what Zig Ziglar said: Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want — not exactly his words but the premise which doe make sense.

  48. Jose Armstrong

    Raised by a single mother who worked as a teacher taught me to be grateful for what I am and have today. I have a soft spot for working single mothers and having an elementary teacher wife has surrounded me with a lot of hard working single moms that work day in and day out teaching our children in a very difficult environment for no fair compensation. My motivation is to create a business that could provide free housing for those phenomenal single mom teachers who deserve so much more. Eventually start a fund that would provide them the so desperately needed cash to help with their housing and transportation expenses on a monthly basis. This is my mission.

    • JacobC

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a very admirable goal. Making money is great but it’s critical that we remember what is truly important. Teachers are one of the critical resources for our future as a nation and the future of humanity in general. They absolutely need to be paid more, respected, and cherished. Especially the good ones! I wouldn’t be where I am today without having great teachers growing up. I was very fortunate in that regard.

  49. Davs Lee


    • JacobC

      Hi Davs,

      Probably the most important thing is persistence. Don’t give up! Keep trying and keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals.

  50. my goals are to do what I said a year ago now with more passion and drive

  51. Mary Goodner

    Thanks for sharing. We adopted our daughter
    From an orphanage in Miakop Russia.when she was
    4 years old. I need to be successful in order to get
    Her college paid for.

  52. Thanks for sharing Daniil,
    My motivation is to have more time to help bring my family together and community by retiring from my job getting involved in local government and community action programs and along the way providing quality housing in our working class but low income community.

  53. Ednah

    My vision has always been to help people no matter what the need may be. I am launching a Home
    Improvement biz and want the network with Realestate Investors and Contractors, I should be able
    get work from them and refer job to the Contractors. I also have info on Rent2OwnHomes. My associate has the program she is helping buyers who had hard times trying to buy a home the old
    traditional way. Anyone interested talking to me email me your contact info and I get back to you. My second email is

  54. Shirley

    After reading your story and the numerous others, I had to really come to grips with the reasons I am motivated to learn and pursue real estate investing. My husband comes from a family of home builders and other diverse construction work; their father who passed last year at 90+ years started the business. He taught, trained, and employed his five sons and some grand sons in this business. Well, my husband and his brothers are getting much older and need to begin transition and plans for their senior years. They are well known and highly respected here and in surrounding areas for their building and renovating expertise. A few months ago my husband asked me to attend a three day real estate investment workshop in Savannah, GA. I went and I have been amazed at the potential and possibilities for working as real estate investors. We recently returned from a month long foreign missions trip to East Africa and were humbled by the living, worship, and work conditions of new friends and brother and sisters there. We have never before experienced anything like their hospitality and generosity in the context of such dire needs. My husband worked with a young pastor and others that are building a worship place, school, and orphanage. They are hard workers but are in need of much support. My husband and I have been contemplating how we can help support their efforts… While my husband worked with the young pastor and others, I worked in a home for deaf women that are being taught culinary skills, and basic education skills with which to support themselves. The establisher and director is renting the home facility; this limits what she can do to maintain the facility in the future and what she can do to sustain the women until they complete their studies and training, and acquire personal employment or start their own business(es)… I believe that my husband and I will be able to produce income that will help us support these and other humanitarian projects, as well as provide a nest egg for my husband’s retirement years…

  55. Gee

    Danil Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks to many others who have opened up and shared some fascinating stories and motivations here also. To sum up my motivations are… to live my Life to the fullest Living & Giving to myself and others Good gifts of Hope Wealth and Health thereby leaving a gratifying legacy on earth and Gratitude to God for his Gifts to me.

  56. I want to get some properties and live in one and to be able to find properties to fix and flip with your analyzer software and make good return to buy and replace my old car.

  57. Jesse

    Financial freedom, leave a legacy & show my kids what I know so they wont struggle as much like my wife & I did in this thing called the AMERICAN DREAM.. After that I want to set up a travel stop on I-55 or Hy. 51 for migrant workers from S Texas that migrate for summer jobs . There is already a camp in Hope AR . that we used to stop when I was growing up .

  58. Claudia Howard

    My motivation is my dedication to get where I need to be in life. My purpose in life is to do what I love best and that’s real estate. I want to build my own company from the bottom and give back to the homeless people that are struggling. I want to feed the hungry kids in Africa. I want to help the disabled kids and just give back. I want to retire at a decent age and provide for my family. What drives me everyday is having to work harder and not smarter at the full time job that I do have now. I always dreamed to own my own company and teach others the ins and out about real estate.

  59. Jay Jones

    For 20 years I had a monster on my back who wanted me dead. Drugs and Alcohol was that monster today I choose to live and complete my goals to my success and leave a legacy behind for my loving son who his 3years old.
    Today I am clean and sober And I truly believe I can do this with much success….

    • JacobC

      Hi Mr. Jones,

      That’s incredible! Congratulations on your sobriety. I know what a burden that can be and have seen the effect on families and peoples lives. Stay committed to your future and if you need help or have questions about the rehab business let us know.

  60. Jerry

    Hi! Daniil, I rarely make comments on Blogs, Facebook or the Internet in general. But after reading your motivation and the experience of your Mom and Dad that you have shared with us. I must say it’s a great and touching thing to read your story. What it says is that if a person really wants to be successful and do good. There is always an opportunity to do so in this country. I just stumbled across your website a couple of days ago and want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your group and your generosity to share your knowledge, talent and resources, because it’s a rare and commendable thing. My goal I Pray is to get back into the Real Estate Industry and be successful to put together educational funding accounts for my 3 children. That is my most pressing motivation. I’ve been Blessed in so many other ways. It’s my children and wife and other members of my family that is the most important thing for me. If I can help them and others that I know who are in need that would be the most rewarding thing for me. Thanks for thinking of others and having a giving heart & nature and thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself. Best Regards, Jerry.

  61. At age 82 while having a modest personal retirement, having sold all my real estate after my wife of 53 years death and paying off student loans. I now find myself homeless, want to help my as yet unmarried granddaughter sell a 5 bedroom home she is over her head in, in a city where she does not live and buy myself another home in a good climate. Then find myself another wife and start another family and provide them enough income to live their lives on. So I want to get this business going because I only have about 18 years or less left.

  62. Gary Heath Terrio

    To take care of my kids and my mom….to make sure my retirement is good and that my kids will be set.My mom deserves so much more than the cards she has been dealt.This is my motivation.

    • StefanieK

      A worthy motivation Gary.

  63. David Wilkinson

    My ultimate motivation is my children and my grandchildren in 2013 I crushed my neck and damaged my spinal cord they gave me 1% chance to ever walk again I’m disabled but I’m functional I get around on a cane and I have faith determination and I want to provide the same as most a very comfortable living for my children and my grandchildren I just started my own business Wilkinson investment properties I’ve helped other people start their businesses flipping homes and now I want to do something for myself I have watched over 100 hours of video I have three different programs from three different motivated speakers as of now I used to do the rehab work myself but with my difficulties and challenges from my accident I now let other people do the my goal is to learn how to wholesale and have a steady income so that I can one day fund my own flip without using funding from other sources I look forward to talking to you and seeing what you have to offer

    Dave Wilkinson

  64. I really I’m impressed with the work u do. my motivation is my family

  65. Ruth M Davenport

    Hello Daniil…you have written a very caring story and thanks for making it real. I am not an immigrant, but my close friends are, in that respect I can relate.

    I do enjoy the wonder of real estate buying, fixing, and selling am still old school in many ways. The main reason of course is to be able to help people along the way with a need they have. It is delighful to see their expressions of gratefulness, And for me, it is not a loan, but sheer gratitude on my part knowing they don’t have to pay anything back…that i have the available funds. Just pay it forward when you can.

    And i love the beauty of restored homes, bringing back the granduer of a dwelling. Thanks for all you do and your generous spirit.

    Much blessings to you.



    • StefanieK

      Ruth, It is wonderful to be able to help people in the way that they need. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good karma:)

  66. Jeanne

    My motivation is to be a blessing to others first ,bringing hope back into their lives by helping them obtain a decent home,and to be able to leave an inheritance for my kids and grand kids. To prove that even after coming out of an abusive marriage and a number of physical set backs All things are possible with God ! I also hope to buy a house in NC near my first Grand child so I don’t have to drive 12 hrs to see her. Fear and funding have been my biggest obsticals. I have invested nearly all my savings into getting my LLC set up and online classes so I could become better at this business. I just know this business will burst forth for me with the right people directing me and not just some one trying to sell me another product. Thank you Danill for taking an interest in my success and so many others. God Bless you and your Family.

    • StefanieK

      Good luck to you Jeanne! We look forward to hearing about your success.

  67. Martha J

    Thank you for sharing this. Martha J.

  68. You are Such an Inspiration Daniil. You have know idea how Your Personal Story, Your why factor resonates with my very own. My story developes within the States. However, we share the same motivation for enduring the challenges ahead. My Father born and raised in Arkansas, population of 2200 families TOTAL. He is the second oldest of 13 brothers and sister. Being one of the elder of he siblings, he was without choice, pulled in and out of school, to help support the families survival. Picking cotton from dust to dawn, just to be rewarded a nickel from his family to buy a coke or something. Long story short, when he left home,gave up his familiar’s at the age of 16, for a life he believe for. He choose Florida because he was told as a kid, Money grows on tree’s in Florida. So it was his mind, that was his Disney World Dream place to escape too. What he would soon learn once he got acquainted there is that, the money growing on trees, would be The Fruit Florida produces throughout it’s seasons Ironically!!Lol So he became the Fruitman a.k.a fruit picker for a while. Then Things would change dramatically in life as he went on. His next job would be Union Work, making big money. Which would spark his appetite for the rest of his work life. He would take those developed skills to construction company. Learned the fullness of that trade and invest in himself. God blessed him to go on 35 yrs in business and rise to a 35 million dollar company, 40 employees and 50 operational work truck and equipment. He would go on to buy all his dream cars as a kid, 20 from 1941 Fred Sanford trucks to 1957 Twin Cam Chevy Trucks . It was cool to see them back to back in the Martin Luther King Parade!! He Gave back to our community, feed the poor, clothed the needy and ministered to them. Cancer. Stage 4 to be exact, would be his ultimate challenge as a retired soldier. Doctor gave my Dad at the age of 62 a month to live. He would rebuke that thought of speculation, keep fishing, ministering and praising his God for life. Some awesome would happen after doses and doses of Chemo, test labs and prayer. The Doctor would come back to us with a different report. His inflamed Lymphnocytes had gone down. Which was an indication, we were not alone in this fight. Fast forward after two yrs after treatment. It’s a blessing to say, his diagnosis made a positive turn. He would go on to Conquer Cancer. It cost him his lifestyle ,but he made it. He’s my Champion!! He’s my motivation to why I want success, even before my own. When someone else smile is connected to your very own happiness, theirs a different in your push forward.

    All The Best,

    • Daniil

      Your father sounds like an incredible, strong, resilient person. You have an excellent role model!

  69. What motivates me is watching my girls struggle to raise their children (My oldest grandchild is a special needs child) and not be able to give them the best life they deserve (They are well taken care of) and me just sitting back and not be able to really help financially I have been on disability for 12 years and not be able to help other than spending as much time with them as I can now my oldest grandson has been bed riden for the last 4 years and my daughter has nurses come in to care for him 24/7 she can barely work he needs so much care her 3 children I have been helping her take care of all their lives they are now 20, 17 and 8 my other daughter has 2 children 17 and 11 I want to be able now that they are older show them things they have never experienced before they are my life and I want better things for them I myself struggled to raise my children as a single parent (I have 3) and my children struggled with their children and I want better things for my grandchildren and thats what motivates me

    • Daniil

      Thank you for sharing your story, Josephine!

  70. I read your story and I know you have really worked hard and I really admire that.

  71. Debra K.

    I want to be financially independent : 1) to be debt free 2) to not be dependent on any one for support as I age. 3) to be able to help family and others in need. 4) to travel and do some of the things I was not able to do working 9-5.

  72. Karl M Brown

    Hi, great purpose, or ‘Why’! I have a purpose as well, and that’s to prepare!a future for not only my kids, but my younger relatives in my family. To teach them the value of having money work for you early as possible, so that they dont have to work as long in their golden days. That should bring wealth to the family for generations to come!

    • StefanieK

      Thanks for sharing that Karl.

  73. My motivation is my family as well. I do not want to see my family…husband included to struggle. That is my motivation, purpose and drive. However, second to my family, I also want to build an organization that mentors young people to live their dreams. After all…we only have one life to live and none of us get out of here alive…so rather than having about adventure!

    • JacobC

      Hi Melanie,

      Great goals! The next step is to start building a plan on how to achieve them. One step at a time. What’s the first step?

  74. I am a semi-retired Registered Architect in Georgia. I listed and sold real estate in Atlanta back in the 80’s.

    My retirement is severly under-funded. I’m scared to death and thats my incentive to do this while in great health. Our 38 year old daughter who is battling MS lives with us and not knowing what could happen is incentive no.2.

    With my background I know I can do this very well, should have done it sooner.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Really sorry to hear about your daughter, Wilford! Hope your real estate career takes off so you can take care of your family!

  75. I have a 7 to 3 job 8 more year to retire.2 grand kids so far I quit High School got a job at a young age been working my whole life drove tractor trailer for 15 years been heavy equipment operator for the last 22 would just like to retire early travel take care of my kids and my grandkids and to be able to give back to those who helped me over the years to get where I am. thanks for the opportunity

    • JacobC

      Hi Daniel,

      What a great motivator! We’re glad you found us. Please let us know how we can help no matter what stage your at in your business.


  76. Ron Klein

    I just turned 60 a few days ago. I really don’t believe in luck but I do believe in timing. Over the past few years timing has been my greatest enemy. 4 years ago I partnered with an online real estate investing group that I was very excited about. But timing was too late for me to really give the business the attention it deserved. I had some deals in the works but bad timing forced me to abandon the business just to make ends meet before I could make any real money.
    I know that Real Estate and the many facets of this industry are here to stay and that new opportunities are being explored every day.
    I really don’t have any retirement saved up, so I’m ready to get this opportunity rolling full steam ahead. I’m partnering with other investors in the Houston area and will work diligently to conduct my business honestly and fairly. I believe that this industry is one that I can continue in for a long time to come.

    • JacobC

      Hi Ron,

      I’m glad to hear it. Conducting business a business that we can be proud of, in a fair and honest way, is very important to us as well. It sounds like you’ve got your priorities in order and you’ve got a plan! All things that point to a very solid foundation. If there is anything we can help you with let us know.


  77. I want to provide a Forever Home for my grandson with ANGEL’S SYNDROME, homes for my two adult children and generate income for my husband and myself. I am on the kidney transplant list and I have to pay for many related medical expenses.

    Today is The First Day of the rest of my life!!!!! let’s go.

  78. Marshall Hills

    Doing well in your life’s venture!
    Quick question -If I enroll in Rehab Valuator Premium will you help me find cash buyers?
    Just getting started and in bad need of buyers in Cincinnati, Oh area. I’m able to find some good properties but no one to pass them too. I have one good buyer, but his requirements are hard to meet.


    • JacobC

      Hi Marshall,

      Two things in regards to cash buyers:

      1) We have a great guide on the website that is completely free to help you learn how to start building your cash buyers list. It’s part 5 of our Wholesaling 101 course:

      2) We also have something inside Rehab Valuator called Find Deals. If you’re a premium member you can post your wholesale deals inside Rehab Valuator so that it’s live/public to all other Rehab Valuator users. This gives you access to a group of cash buyers you might not have had otherwise.

  79. Duncan McCowan

    Want to help my family and others less fortunate.
    Want to help GOD fulfill his original plans for the Earth.
    Want to do some meaningful things.
    Want to be able to enjoy my wife’s and my retirement years.

    • StefanieK

      Thank you for sharing Duncan

  80. Jill Kanehailua

    I dream of creating or supporting a safe haven to accommodate all runaway teens and young adults in Hawaii with services beyond what a shelter provides with enough funds to always keep it going. Im still working with teens but it breaks my heart to know there is such a very small percentage that we affect due very few state funds, etc. Homelessness; abusive life on the streets and the breakdown of the family unit is such a growing issue. And yes I would really like to be free of the daily grind and to spend more time creating a better world in many ways that starts with the joy of more family time.

    • StefanieK

      I love this Jill. Thank you for sharing.

  81. Dear Daniil,
    Ever since introduction to you as personal narrator of RehabValuator education and training, I’m an enlightened student. You provide above the call of duty customer support. It’s amazing to have your continued insights to real estate

    • JacobC

      Thanks Joseph! We’ve been happy to have you.

  82. At age 80, one thinks about cost of latter years! Helen

  83. Marvin Sault, MD

    Sir? I hear you. I have started over from below nothing.. negative funds… even my trust is beyond broke. I have always read books , and my Bible. Yes, you are correct, money for money means nothing. Money to create work and jobs for others is a good thing. OUR Church does just that, even to being put into jail for helping a family in need. (Case pending in court so I can not talk about that now) A self published author, more than 300K copies in print.. so YES ! DA ! You are correct. And thanks for the guidance.

    Marvin Sault

  84. Em

    No comments at this time

  85. Both my husband and I became disabled due to separate injuries right after we bought our N. California home in 2005. We had bought at the top of the market and almost lost it all. We held on by out fingernails through the market crash and we blessed with the Omaha Refinance Program (only qualifying due to my disability). We luckily held onto our home but, have used up almost all our retirement and blown through savings over and over just to stay afloat. Now that the market has rebounded (I consider one the biggest blessing of our lives-besides our 4 children) we have made the decision to sell our home and move to Boise, Idaho where we can buy a home out right that is 2x the size for 1/4 the price. With everything we have gone through…I am a true believer that real estate can assist us in creating a retirement, college tuition for our daughters and assist in funding the 4 weddings we have to look forward to! We are blessed that we will have some capital gains from the sell of our home and I am in the process of educating myself so, I can choose the best path(s) in real estate investing to create our future. I am super grateful to have been referred to check out Daniil’s Rehabvaluator and look forward to using it in my real estate ventures.

  86. Raffaella La Forgia

    Our home is in foreclosure and I’ve been searching online for something to help us out of this hole that only seems to get deeper.

    I came across your program and here I am. I finally found a job after being laid off and there is no way the income is going to cover all the expenses, I needed to add to it.

    My reason is to save my family from leaving their home as well as our 13 dogs that we recuse from other families that had to move because they lose their homes and couldn’t bring them with them.

    Daniil, I am honest and have a hard time to see beyond my problem, but it is this problem i must turn into the energy that is going to get me and my family out of this hole.

  87. I’ve been in the oilfield 30 years now. I’ve worked overseas the last 12 years. I work on a month on month off rotation.

    This job has paid me very well thru the years and I would never be in the position I am in had it not been for that. However, I’m going to be 48 soon and I’ve come to realize what I’m actually giving up now is big chunks of my life to a job that no amount of money is worth anymore.

    I’m writing this from Nigeria Africa right now. So now I have 3 SFR’s cash flowing $2500 a month and I’ve actually been debit free for years now anyway. I really love working on my REI business. My 28 yr old son has followed in my footsteps with the offshore life. My motivation isn’t just for me to walk away from this but to be able to build a business that I can bring him into as well and get him off the rigs before he has to give up as much as I did to get here.

    So it’s not even about the money at all for me…I have money…I want time !! I just don’t want to run thru thru the money I have doing nothing. I’ve had the fastest cars and the fancy Cadillac Escalades and Hummers. I have 2 boats and several motorcycles drive a new F-250 Platinum. I’ve been around the world more times than I can even remember anymore. 122 countries to be exact. I have a 6 acre property with a massive shop and a 1 acre fishing pond and a hunting fishing log cabin on a lake in Texas. Everything single thing free and clear and been that way for years now.

    So in a way none of that stuff matters to me anymore. And I don’t want for anything …not one thing. Now it just about never having to leave my family behind for birthdays and holidays and things that I can never get back that money can’t buy.

    I have a few grand children from my 2 oldest sons and to be able to actually see them grow instead of only seeing them every now and then drives me to be obsessed with this now. I’m ready to walk away from a $350K a year salary ASAP…just because …tell me that’s not motivation !!

    • JacobC

      Great motivation! No amount of money or work can replace the time you have with family and friends. We hope to be a small part of your success as you move forward.

  88. tim

    my wife would like to retire and stay home. I’m gong to do my best to replace her income this year so she can do this.

  89. We are looking to give things back to God and the community while sustaining an income for me and my son.My thoughts are to find family’s in the local churches that have out grown their home’s and or in need of a newly remodel home.there for selling me there old home as is… that would allow them the money to move and giving me the next opportunity for a flip one for god and one for me… I hope.

  90. Warren

    Just getting started so I don’t have a website yet. Been working in machine shops all my life to support and raise my family.The last job lasted from 1999 to present.Our parent company decided that we were not making the kind of profit that warranted keeping open the company. As of this past Friday 2/16/2018, The shop was closed to production.They are going to keep me on for a few more months to wrap up odds and ends.I seem to be a slow starter at things but as things start making sense to me I usually get better, so please bear with me.I am the sole supporter of my family of five, so I need to continue working for a few more years until I can become retired.Hopefully, I can get things up and running, without needing to find another job.

    • JacobC

      Hi Warren,

      We’re sorry to hear about your company but happy to have you here! If you have any questions please let us know.

  91. Charlie D.

    I want to help my family. I come from a family that had to struggle every day just to survive. We learn how to manage and stay alive, but I want my family to be better than just surviving. I want them to live and be happy. I’ve tried several things in life with the little money I was making trying to better myself so I can make it better for them. I’m still at it.

  92. carlos vazquez

    i can relate to your immigrant experience that is what my parents wanted for me and my siblings a better life i also seen the struggles first hand .i hope that with your program as i learn to implemented
    i will also be successful i work in construction and feel very confident .have enough success to be able to make a difference some in somebodies life that is what bigger purpose and what drives me .


    • Daniil Kleyman

      Awesome, Carlos! Glad you found our resources and hopefully they’ll help you achieve your goals!

  93. Darla

    Hi, I have been a single mom for fifteen years always having to work plus a lot of overtime so that my children and I could have food on the table. There have been times that we have been without heat or lights when my kids were little but I made it a game of camping so they would not know we were struggling.
    My downfall is helping others that I meet when they are in need of food, clothes, even gas money, lights or gas. It is not because I have to its because I have been in their shoes and I know how it feels. If you need a coat and I had one I would give it to you. My family gets so mad at me because I give to people.
    I want to build my empire so that I am able to buy and rehab houses so people in need can have a nice clean place to live but not dread when rent comes around.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Nothing wrong with being generous, Darla but you have to take care of yourself first! The better you build your financial foundation the better you’ll actually be able to help other people

  94. Jade Warren

    I would Love to live in a mansion with its own separate wing or guest house for my parents to live in and have personal care from the home. I don’t want them to be in a nursing home. Also my My number 1 dream is to open an after school program for young men in my area. I want to help young blaCK men succeed at life.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Very honorable mission, Jade! Hope we can help you!

  95. I am like the preacher my main objective is children & I learned a long time ago Danny Thomas who was a movie actor was involved with ST. JUDE HOSPITAL which was a hospital for all children who had health problems. I care more for children who are going to have health problems through out life. John

  96. David

    Hello how’s my rehab. Family? OK yes I have somethings thatI would like to share but the story is 2 long and would probably take more time then is afforded in this Box. So a brief over view. I’m a 63 yr young senior. I have four daughters 7 grandchildren and 1 great grand child. I could stop right there and you might say you have enough reasons right there. Well as I said this is a lengthy soga and the is a lot more 2 it. Once I learn the ropes I want to share a success story with my pitty party story. I’m 63 with a determination that saw me through many pit falls in this life. Semi-retired without enough income 2 stay afloat myself. Extra money that’s a joke. I’m an X military man,fireman, and, optimum word X. I’m 2 old to do any of that any more with not enough life left to start an HR. Wage job. Remember Katrina people with no place 2 live I would like my outreach ministry 2 help with those type issues. My biggest motivation is. I believe the Bible when it says that a righteous man will leave an inheritance 4 his children and his children’s children.

  97. Kris

    My biggest push has been my kids, I have 3 of my own from my 1st marriage and my beautiful wife had 3 from her previous marriage so I went from 3 to 6 my biggest concern was and is giving them every opportunity I can for success, all of them, and as the years pass higher education becomes more and more costly, I want them to be able to go where they want not somewhere they have to settle for because we can’t afford their 1st choice. As life should be we all want our kids to out perform our accomplishments and to give them that chance is above every thing else.

    • Dylan Hampson

      Thanks for sharing!

  98. I want to be able share happiness, light, and hope back to those whose lives have been affected by disaster situations around the world.

    • Dylan Hampson

      That is a great goal to work towards!

  99. Great Page!!! My motivation and purpose to my WHY are for God and my Family. I am driven by my desire to be debt free and Financially Independent so I help families out of distress situations, and to help the world become a better place.

    • Ray Bahng

      Thanks for message Tawanda!

  100. Thank you Rehab valuator, My motivation is that I’ve been poor all my life. I’m 64 years young, and still struggle with bills, credit cards, Mortgage, etc. My wife has a mental disability, and I’m on medicare, so ;you see we don’t have a lot of money coming in, and we just moved to Halifax PA., in the mountains last Sept, since none of us have to go out to work anywhere anymore.We thought we’d do this part time for extra money. we started this business the beginning of February. We looked at a few houses but the ARV was to high to make any good profit after paying the agent fees closing costs, earnest money, etc. there would not be much left. I’m not sure what we are doing wrong. Never did real estate investing, it’s all new to us. I know their are some ins and outs to it, and it’s scary for my first flip. I quess I’m worried I’ll do something wrong and loose money. Our logo is, Golden country Enterprises.LLC. I am somewhat confused ! I do have funding, and a funding letter I can use through a program we both went through at the begining of Feb. Thank you so much ! Any advice !

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Randy – thank you for your message and we wish you the best of luck on your future real estate ventures. Here are some resources they will help: 1) Check out our tutorials page that also provide great insight into assisting you model your future potential rehab/flips here: If you are looking for great content in general that covers several subjects and layers of real estate investment, please check out the real estate development guide here: Also, you may find it more helpful to message us directly so we can better assist you. You can do email us at support (at) directly for help.

  101. Amanda Shepherd

    Hello my name is Amanda and well my motivation would be my five children. I’m a single mother of five ,one boy and four girls. We have struggled all their lives to pay the bills each month and I hope to turn that around having something to leave them with when I’m gone. MY health has been up and down and at 40 yrs old, I’m struggling with a heart condition. I’ve had many failed relationships and many attempts to fix our financial well being, but nothing that has been successful in doing so yet. I’m currently enrolled in buisiness admin classes and buisiness accounting to obtain my Associates in Social Science.My recent partner and his cousin started a project on rehab valuator recently for a apartment rehab ,my partner was planning the project along with putting in a bid for the contractors part of the deal.Now recent said partner and I have pretty much parted ways and once again Im on my own after putting together the entire budget for the project. Resulting in where I am today, trying to figure this all out by myself and carry on as any smart single mother of 5 would do.