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    Daniil Kleyman Interview on Raising Private Money and Mindset -

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    This is an all-content interview I did recently about real estate investing, how to raise private money, getting private investors, and mindset.

    Here are some highlights:

    – Getting started: whether you should worry about competition

    – Finding focus and a strategy, keying in on what to do

    – Overcoming information overload

    – How to properly position yourself when you're raising money

    – How to get people to come to you with money

    – Building wealth vs. working for a living

    – The power of interest compounding

    – The “rule of 72”

    – Whether your private lenders should be short-term or long-term

    – The one key criteria without which you shouldn't go into business

    – What to do before you outsource real estate tasks

    – What your mindset should be when you raise money – the “mental shift” you must make

    – The “network effect” of raising money

    – The one thing that is actually less common than people with lots of money to invest

    Comments (3 comments so far)

    1. Paul D

      Hi Danil, great content all the way around.. your a genius

      Thank You

    2. Hi Daniil,

      You and Kent done a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing your personal success story, and your family story. Thanks for for your Gifts, and I am working on to tap the opportunity, and implement your strategies.



    3. My journey continues to learn and earn.