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    Rehabbing and New Construction Training with Chris Jefferson -

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    We speak with Chris Jefferson about how he got his start in real estate rehabbing. You’ll learn about his experience bird dogging, moving towards real estate wholesaling, bouncing back from the 2008 market crash, and transitioning to rehabbing. Watch this Real Estate Rehabbing and New Construction training video to learn more today.

    Comments (25 comments so far)

    1. Joshua Fridley

      That was great!!!! Learned alot have so much more to still learn.

      • Daniil

        Glad to hear it, Joshua! Definitely can’t learn everything from one webinar – best way to learn is by doing deals yourself

    2. Hey Chris
      Get training webinar with Daniil Kleyman
      I want to rehab and flip in California but its tough cause median price is so high
      Looking for knowledge from you guys
      Best Regards
      Dave Doyle
      Los Angeles

      • Daniil

        Dave – I definitely know guys in the higher-end markets in CA that are making a killing. But it’s tougher to source deals and the $ amounts in terms of what your private or hard money lenders have to put up are higher. So if you have to bring money to the table, you need to have a higher bankroll.

    3. Herb

      What are the general terms from ahead money lender with points and interest rates. Are the points staggered throughout the project?

      • Daniil

        Hard money usually runs anywhere between 2 to 7 points and 10-17% interest rate. Pretty expensive and it really varies between lenders and your relationship and track record

    4. Maurice Greene (Greene Enterprises, LLC)

      Great information. Very useful. Can you recommend any contractors in Northern Virginia (metropolitan area)?

    5. I need to take it to the next level with new construction in Dallas TX. Please keep me informed with your tools, Chis and Daniil you guys hit it out the park!

    6. GhulamFarouq

      Hello There !
      Happy 4th of July to You & Your Family too.
      I just want to thank you for your supports . Best Regards

      • Daniil

        Thanks! You too!

    7. Need lower rate for lending sources for enable me grow.

    8. Angel lee

      602-688-2199 call please , I was rehab so many house and need more

    9. Leroy Taylor

      this is great, look forward to more training.

    10. April

      I was wondering if you could possibly have any suggestions for me as far as how to handle a particular situation. When I initially decided to invest in real estate, it was a decision to do so by me and my daughter’s father. We are not a couple, but we have a common interest, that being to start making enough money to allow our daughter (15) to go to the college of her choice. Both of us have worked hard our whole lives but have always been your typical pay check to pay check people. He runs his own construction company. I work a full time job doing court reporting. My question is, if he is the one doing the renovating on the flips and his estimates include pay for his labor being performed. I am doing the research and marketing, contacting people, taking the calls, the signs and ads, etc. Should that impact the split of the profit of the sale of the house? And do you have an suggestions as far as how to come up with a fair way to determine the split?

      • JacobC

        Hi April,

        First, treat all of his expenses for the renovation, including his pay (as long as it’s reasonable and fair market value) as if it was a 3rd part contractor. Don’t consider that money part of the profit split. With that in mind the other thing you have to consider is that normally if you hired a contractor you would be overseeing all of the work. You would have to make site visits, make decisions, purchase materials, hire subcontractors, etc (varies depending on contractor). Your partner is going to be doing all of those things so he will be doing more than what a general contractor would normally do. With that being said if your investment into the property is equal I would say split it equally. However, if one of you has more liability or put up more money than the other that has to be taken into consideration. This is just my opinion of how I would handle the situation. Ultimately the right answer will be what you can both agree on.

    11. lisa

      Hi, I saw a property, It is a three family, It is on the main road. It looks empty, The foundation, As I could see look like it is not supported in the back of the house, The frame foundation, Its a cute 3 family nice and gigantic. I want to go and find out who owns it. I may go tomorrow. I think once the foundation is fixed, It could be a nice income property. I will let you know, What I find out. The triple decker is close. I would not have far to go, If rehabbing. I wish perhaps Daniil can see it, Once I find out who owns it. Thank you,

      • JacobC

        Hi Lisa,

        Daniil only does deals here in the Richmond area and surrounding neighborhoods for the time being. However, it’s ALWAYS a good time to find good deals. Do some research. Sometimes that’s how you find the gems. Let us know if you have questions.

    12. Rev.Al & Rev. Verna Hearn

      My wife and I bought a house to flip but it’s been a year and the contractors are not finished
      now it has got to the point that we have lost a lot of money,what we need is help so that we
      can complete this project and move on to the next one,because our plan is to flip houses
      and get some rental properties so that we can retire from our current jobs

    13. Afendi

      thank you for your short valuable information

      • StefanieK

        You are welcome, Afendi.

    14. Jeanese Hatcher

      Awesome info, do you use systems now for your rehab or new constructions now.

      • Daniil Kleyman


    15. Debra Kelly

      I’m finally getting really involved in doing my real estate investing. this has always been my desire to get back into. I have over 20 years in the real estate industry. I have a property I am interested in rehabbing. I need help and direction to really get this going. Can you guys work with me to get this off the ground? I really want to do wholesaling as well to get going. Look forward to hearing back from you. I also have my company business set up.

      • Dylan Hampson

        Hi Debra,

        Thanks for reaching out! We would be more than happy to assist you in setting up your Rehab Valuator account. I will send you an email where we can discuss more.