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    Buying and Wholesaling Buildable Lots Training -

     Download the Lot Cheat Sheet Here

    Get Rehab Valuator Premium software here if you don’t already have it.

    Watch our New Construction Budget video for a tutorial on how to analyze lots and new construction deals.

    Price deals, market your wholesale deals.  Buying wholesale lots works for land AND rehabs! Watch this video to learn how to wholesale real estate today.

    Comments (24 comments so far)

    1. Lorenzo Lacewell

      i bought 7 lots 2years ago they are all next to each other im having a hard time wholesale them i was wondering could you help me out

      • Daniil Kleyman

        I thought I was helping you by showing you this training 🙂 Where are the lots? Are investors building new construction in that area?

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Also, Lorenzo, if you own these lots, you’re technically not wholesaling them anymore. You own them. Why not build on them yourself if the market makes sense?

    2. Very well done Dan and Chris. Great content.

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Thanks, Barry!

    3. Rocky Harlan

      I am SO glad I stumbled across your Rehab Valuator. REALLY! My time (and Mind) is stretched to the limit these days so this genius software of yours is going to save time and Make money for me im sure. Thank yall so much, Rocky

      • Daniil Kleyman

        That’s what I like to hear, Rocky! Glad you stumbled on us as well!

    4. Joe

      Good Information thank you.

    5. Joseph Canton

      I have a patent steel system , built two houses and like to go back and built more very affordables houses , I would like to build 10 houses at the same time , need to get some help .

    6. Cheryl V Fraracci

      Thanks for the timely info on wholesaling lots. I’m working with a builder of in fill and I will be able to ‘earn’ my wholesale fee. I was able to download the cheat sheet, but there was no indication to print nor could I turn it into a document I could save.
      In addition, as I understand the last cheat code ‘multiplying the first floor sq. footage by 2 to get the second floor size’ doesn’t make sense. I think that is the total sq. footage instead.

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Cheryl – you can easily recreate that cheat sheet in Excel yourself 🙂 I only have it in that format

    7. interesting. I have rentals and they keep me pretty busy. I have thought about lots but only in passing. Sorry missed your show.

    8. Andy Strickland

      I am planning to flip infill lot deals to you and Chris. The training on wholesaling infill lots was excellent.I am making offers to sellers who owe back taxes.Targeting out of state owners first,followed by in state owners.

      • JacobC

        Hi Andy,

        Just an FYI Daniil only buys properties in the Richmond, VA area at the moment. However, this training is excellent and you can use it for any number of investors/buyers. Build your buyers list and start making some money 🙂

    9. James Franklin Jr.

      A seller client’s son owns some land and I’d like to know the fundamental steps to go through to discover highest a best use first. I thought I might go to the city planner to find out it’s current master plan (so that this land will not interfere with that master plan), and then move forward with finding out how to evaluate (run a vacate lot CMA), but I don’t want to get fleeced by bringing in someone more experienced than me.

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Look at the underlying zoning first. What can you build “by right”? Then talk to local zoning office and find out what the land can feasibly be reasoned to for a higher/better use. Go from there

    10. Anthony Welch

      Very helpful, and awesome content as usual. Cleared up a lot for me. Thanks again.

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Glad you liked it, Anthony! Reach out with any questions anytime

    11. craig hill

      Can’t see the video of google maps you are referring to. Is there a youtube video available of thsi webinar?

      • Dylan Hampson

        Hi Craig,

        I am happy to help. There is no Youtube video of this webinar. What specifically is the issue that you are having when trying to watch the video?


    12. jeremy

      i have a prospective property seller, vacant land lot in an already developed neighborhood. City is coolidge and state is Arizona. I am also in need of cash buyers can you please help me. Thanks

    13. Hi Daniil,
      Help me to get building lots in Illinois. What city is Lorenzo Lacewell’s 7 lots. I like to buy.

    14. I found an infill lot in a residential neighborhood but its listed as commercial. How should i go about this? if i should..

      • Daniil Kleyman

        Hi Patricia. The fact that it’s zoned commercial may be a good thing, as long as commercial development is viable in this area. I can’t give you advice beyond this because there are too many factors. Learn your market. Learn zoning. Learn what investors are buying and building. Go from there.