STOP Reading the News (Or How to Change the World by Having No Idea What's Going On In It!) -

Written by Daniil Kleyman, real estate developer, software entrepreneur, and occasional writer.  

The Sky is Falling!

The Sky is Falling!

Want to be more productive today?

Next week?  Next month?  Next year? Forever?

Want to make a BIG difference in this world?

Then, one thing you need to do is stop reading the news from CNN, Fox News or even your Facebook feed.

There’s so much messed up stuff happening in the world, it’s mind-boggling.

Genocide, racial discrimination, middle-east instability, crime, natural disasters, etc.

Learning and reading about it is enough to make anyone crazy.

For years, I’ve seen some of the most successful people in business all say in interviews:

“I ignore the news”.  Or: “I never read the news and have no idea what’s going on in the world”

And I’ve always thought that was so close-minded and ignorant.

“How limited and silly”, I said to myself, cockily.

But over time, I realized these people were all onto something.

Because here’s the truth:

The world is a seriously f*cked up place.  But there’s very little you can do about most it.

You can’t go and defeat ISIS in Syria.  You can’t solve the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Hell, you can’t even prevent crime 3 blocks away from you from happening!

Here’s the ugly truth:  you can’t change most of the world.

But you know what you CAN do?

Change your own world.  Do that first.

You start with yourself. 

You make yourself better, smarter, more educated and more successful.

And as you focus on yourself and making your world better, you can start expanding your small universe and making those around you better off:

–        Your family will have a better, safer, more fulfilling life

–        You will employ people and create opportunities for those in your city, and beyond

–        You will start mentoring others around you

–        You will make an impact on local causes and charities


Your Circle of Influence will grow over time

Slowly, over time, the tiny little universe that is based around you grows in influence and your world and your reality improves.

Before you know it, your universe of “awesome” has expanded and impacted hundreds and thousands of people.

You’ve built your own economy and then grew it and everyone inside that economy is better off, happier, more productive.  And then THOSE people can go out and do the same.

If hundreds or thousands of us all stop reading the news and focus on ourselves, then the overall impact is HUGE.


Help yourself, then give others a hand up

That’s the path that I am on, at least.

6 years ago I was laid off from my corporate job, dead broke, having moved back in with my parents in VA.

I could have sat around worried about world hunger or global poverty or some other crap I couldn’t do anything about.

But instead I focused on me.  I got educated. And I started my own companies, which I then built through blood, sweat and tears.

Yes, I looked out for myself first.  I had to change my own world.

Focusing on self-improvement had to happen before I could do anything else.

But over time my sphere of influence and impact grew and continues to grow:

–        Now my real estate biz  employs hundreds of contractors each year.

–        I get to massively improve neighborhoods I work in.

–        I have multiple employees and contractors in my software business, all who make a very good living because of me.

–        I contribute to many local charities.

–        I am mentoring other investors

–        My software company is helping literally tens of thousands of investors do deals and make money in real estate (my email list is over 101,000 at last count).

–        I even started funding other software start-ups last year

My journey is ongoing and evolving, and I am not saying any of this to brag, but rather to drive the point home:

–        Stop focusing on sh*t you can’t change even for a minute.

–        Spend all your time and energy focusing on yourself and making your own world better

–        As you do that, you will be able to help others and pull them up along with you

–        And over time your world will become bigger and bigger and it will conform to YOUR reality.

Daniil Kleyman

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Comments (26 comments so far)

  1. Cindy

    I bought your software and I really enjoy the extra if your continued emails, updates and educational opportunities. Not having money to kick off house flipping has made the staring off a little sluggish but I keep going one sign at a time one card at a time and one set letters for now. Ichopecto have more positive news soon. canceling out the noise of what we can’t control to focus on building up what we can.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Cindy! Definitely doing a little bit for your business on an ongoing basis is better than nothing! There are free ways that you can market and look for deals. We talk about some them here: Maybe there are some good ideas you can get from watching that!

  2. Corey

    This blog makes you open your eyes up. Most of the people in this world are walking around “eyes wide shut”, they don’t have a clue. I believe everybody should take a week off from watching any thing on TV… N see where their mind take them they will be surprised of the creative thoughts they have hidden inside their mind!!!

    • Daniil

      Completely agree, Corey! I plan on taking a break soon and going somewhere completely “off-grid” for a while. No tv, no internet, no phone. Just books and journals.

  3. Daniil

    Glad we saved you from a bad deal, Pamela! 🙂

  4. Rigger

    Yeah Brother Daniil, I don’t think about the stuff I can’t do sh*t about. I watch news to get the weather report only. My present thoughts are on my aging Parents. Mom in a nursing home since August 1st and Pop in the hospital from too much water under lungs and couldn’t breath. Mom will be fine soon, Pop won’t make it much farther. And he’s placed it on me to sell his 68 acres in Virginia. Not an easy situation.
    And as for what you said above Bro, I concur completely. Total agreement my friend. I’ve been with you for quite a while Bro, and I am so very proud of you and what you do for us out here in our little world. As long as you stay being you, and I doubt you ever changing, the market is YOUR oyster.
    Luvya Brother. Fond regards, Rigger.

  5. Daniell that is so true. We all need to focus on the things we can control and make life better.

  6. len

    Daniil I whole heartedly agree.

  7. linda

    I love your “stop reading the news” I couldn’t have said it better.

  8. reese

    Dead on! Agree 100%!!!! Also, after tuning all that b s out, enter the world of “our” minds and began the battle to tune out and filter what we allowed in..

  9. Ann

    Great & comforting advice. With the help of your products, I can make the most of my time & talents, which will let me do the most I can for others.

    • Daniil

      Right on, Ann!

  10. Thanks; I am at the same that you were at 6 years ago. Building my real estate business with little money the belief in God that I can do it and tools,education you provide 10 months in;Thanks

    • Daniil

      Thanks for reading, Wayne! And keep making progress in your business. Most people take no action at all – if you’re actually working on your business and going after deals, you’re already ahead of 90%+ so called “investors” out there!

  11. This is quite thoughtful of your world and vision, is quite inspiring, moving and prompting to take your weapon to war straightway and don’t look back.

    You are absolutely right, over the years of human deliberation is no time for which the opportunity and facilities are at our disposal than what the internet and information age is providing for us today, the only snag is to make sure that you get it right. That is the challenge, not to be exploited, swindle by roughs who have populated the internet world with false goodies that can charm you to believe them.

    However, I want to ask you a question? And find out what you think. I’ve got $100 dollar note, I have been having it for a long time, I have got it at sometime I was preparing myself to visit my sister in America, is there a way I can use it to make payment to you for your software.

    The choice is yours, I am real, so I want to give you the choice as to whichever way you think is safe or will be safe for you, as long as underlie it there is sincerity, honesty and a sense of business good faith to undertake a transactional mutual exchange with a client for whom you expect to have an infinite relationship with for as long as your business is viable.

    • Daniil

      Sulaiman: if you don’t have paypal or a credit card, you can get our software by mailing us a money order or cashiers check to our office:

      3420 Pump Rd Suite 169
      Richmond, VA 23233

      Make sure to include your name and email. Once we have the payment, we’ll email you download instructions

  12. Well said Daniil – your clear head is refreshing!

  13. Daniel;
    Very well put sir!!! Yours was the first REI software I bought and I’m just now beginning to use it. Had some major health problems but on track now to get started.
    I am working on my own changes in focus but I am starting with focusing on the things I can affect not those I can’t!
    Mike Secor
    General Contractor
    Real Estate Investor

    • Daniil

      Glad you’re getting over the health issues, Mike! Reach out to us if we can help with anything, in terms of software or your investing business in general!

  14. Hey Daniil, Its another slam dunk that you have presented to your students, as well as your future partners! Without question, you have made it easy, for those that want to see success in real estate investing! That’s why I am a determined follower myself!

    • Daniil

      Thanks, William!

  15. Phyllis DeKok

    I loved it! I’m an optimist and I try to look at what is right around me and focus on that, but we are bombarded with a lot of stuff that we have no influence on. It can get you down. But there is a lot I can focus on and keep my life on a positive note and help others to do the same.

  16. Phyllis DeKok

    I have a question about a mobile home in AZ that was left to me and my brother, nieces and nephew. I am the executor of the estate and want to buy out the others. It is still in my father’s name and I live in another state so it has been difficult to get all this straightened out. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

  17. What you said was spoken very well Daniel. Although I have heard this many times before by other real estate investors or whatever.I’m at a time in my life we’re reading what you wrote has put me in the mold of moving forward immediately or should I say a lot faster. I’m a personal trainer, dabbled in the real estate a little here and there within the past 2 years. I never could seem to get my foot in the door enough with real estate / investing person to actually do something that’s meaningful. Never could find that actual person that was in a position to help me at least get my feet wet without me having a question of spending more money that I didn’t have. So for right now I’m going to take your advice or the advice from your experience and move fast forward with what I need to do so that I can possibly visit you later in the real estate investing world. I’m tired of asking for handouts. It has just gotten very annoying. Time I started making some sound decisions for my future goals. Making my own money and getting things done. If you could help in any way to speed up the process, it will be greatly appreciated. In real estate, that is. Or anywhere else.

  18. Wendell Akens

    Say what ?? I’ve been addicted to “The News” for a long time, and know everything that’s going on everywhere. Now you’re telling me to just QUIT ? Cold turkey ? Wow. That’s like a wet rag right up side the face. But maybe, if I spent as much time trying to make my first deal as I spend reading newspapers…..maybe I could actually DO my first deal ? Hmmm. You just might have something there, Daniil; think I’ll give it a try. After all, I did quit smoking that way. So keep it up! You’re doing great things for a lot of people!

    • Daniil

      Glad to hear you quit smoking! I did the same many years ago