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H. Mixed-Use Financing Proposal Example

This is a short case study on how I am obtaining financing for a mixed-use rehab project.

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  1. Sondra Roach

    I can follow you since I do construction loans as a banker–problem is
    How are you getting bank to rehab an investment property? Bank only
    interesting in rehabbing primary residence and won’t look at you if
    you have more than 4 properties on your credit report– in New York

    I had a rehabber called yesterday asking for the same thing and couldn’t
    help him-problem is I’ve been dealing with him for years and am currently
    refinancing his primary residence but had to give him a big NO on his new
    purchase. He said he called a lot of banks and got the same big NO–He
    needs a lender since he does a lot of deals and can buy the property but
    no one will rehab it

    By the way it was tough to hear this video

    • Daniil

      Sondra – look at your local portfolio lenders or small local commercial banks. They do rehab loans all the time! No limit to 4 properties either!

  2. Thomas Rodgers

    I loved your presentation. What kind of credit score would you need to secure a deal like the one you presented? Since any deal would be my first, would I need to talk to a “Hard Money Lender” to do my first deal with no experience?

    • Daniil

      For the banks I deal with, they typically look for pretty strong credit. I’d think scores in high 600s at least but every bank is different

  3. I just playing around with the software and it just great I love it, great case study construction loan. excellent.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Persio!

  4. mark

    The video was a bit specific especialy if you’ve never done this before. None the less it was informative. Where are you based out of?

    • Daniil

      Based out of Richmond, Va

  5. Thanks for the demonstration. We have a multi-unit project that is proposed for conversion from hotel type rental units to larger fractional ownership units. The plan is to sell the units (located within a resort) and owners will place their units in rental program. This may make a good case study video for both Rehabvaluator andRentalValuator that we can share with you and others in the future.

    • Daniil

      Sounds good, David. Would love to see it!

  6. Thanks Daniel for the walk through. Your info is always very educational.

  7. djony

    your a beast!!!
    i have to upgrade to the premium version but I can already see how I can use this software to catapult my real estate transactions. thank u! visionary!

  8. Joe Cray

    Daniil I am in the process to purchase the premium package (Tuesday), and i have purchased foreclosures back in the early eighties with Damian Johnson who played out offensive lineman for the new giants, and former Mayor Gibson of New Jersey before relocating to North Carolina in 1993. I owned and operated a child care development center until 2013 had to closed due to lack of state funding. I understand a little about real estate and how it can change your life if done right. I see change from a lot of leg work, to automation. My house will be in foreclosure by the first of the year i needed to make this work. I also would like to purchase the laze millionaire. software as soon as possible. In three to ten years i would like to leave something for my grand children. I realize the grands and great grands don’t remember there grand parents is because they didn’t leave them anything. Can i get some mentoring assistance from you are your staff? Thanks in advance. My email is

  9. C Johnon

    Hi Daniil, I purchase the premium softway 24 Dec., 2015. I am going to present my analysis to a couple of community banks at the same time and avoid the pull of credit by using one credit report from one of those banks. If they use Experian will have Experian, if another only use Equifax I will make sure to have one on hand. and Transunion, etc.
    My partner and I really appreciate this, Ive done many classes, seminars which are all helpful. but this tops the cake. I is really a helpful tool.
    I will let you know how the presentation goes and the approvals I will get.
    Thanks will keep you posted.

  10. WOW, It is amazing to watch this deal now after I saw the finished results in person! I would love to hear what this building is currently worth not to mention how much with the duplex you built on the lot next door!! What an experience to see the end result and watch the beginning now. You know the deals are real because he is using his own personal projects as case studies. This info is insightful and so much is given free just to help people, the full program is well worth the price……. Thanks for all you do!

    • StefanieK

      Thanks Josh!