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Affiliate Resource Center – How to use the Link Generator

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  1. Truett

    Thanks Jacob and Daniil. Most helpful, as always!

  2. you are doing a great job at promoting you peoples interest,,,thanks a millions

  3. david boden

    thanks for the help great content i have the rehabvaluator premium and i love it thanks .now we can help others achieve success in the real estate industry thanks again

    • Korrie McKeen

      Thanks, David! So glad you are enjoying the software!

  4. Lloyd

    Thanks for all the help that been giving me I really mean it I love the program I have a question? Been trying to send my deals to Deal Genie for approval but don’t know how Please Help or I will call in the morning.

    • Daniil

      No idea what “Deal Genie” is. That’s not us 🙂