Below is the email swipe copy you can download.

Be sure to match the correct swipe copy with the correct affiliate link in your Affiliate Resource Center Link Generator!

For a tutorial on how to generate your affiliate link, please watch this video

Email Swipe Copy #1:  Free Software (Rehab Valuator Lite)  **THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR PROMOTION!

Affiliate Link to Use:  In the Link Generator, it’s called “Rehab Valuator (Use This to Promote Rehab Valuator!!)”.  The link should direct to the Rehab Valuator Lite squeeze page (a page that requires name/email to get free software)

Notes:  This is the best promo of our real estate analysis software to run.  All you do is offer the free Rehab Valuator Lite software to your contacts.  Once they upgrade (either right away or down the road) you get paid!  It’s good to run the 4 emails below in the sequence in which we have them.  But it’s totally up to you how many emails you send and how many days you space them apart!

Click on the Icon Below To Download The 4-Day Email Swipe Copy File:

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  1. trying to setup affiliate links for mt site

  2. Mr. Daniil, I just wanted to say, “YOU’RE THE MAN!” You have truly made a Crooked Place Straight for my new business. I am lookin forward to the New Year. There’s is No Way, I can thank you enough!

    Thanks a Billion!
    Darlene Of NC
    PropertyShekel, LLC
    The New Real Estate Market Place!

  3. Rodney House

    Hi’ my note pad I use will not let me open the email swipe and past any sugestions on how to open it. or do you have a differant format for it.

    • JacobC

      Hi Rodney,

      It opens best with a word processor like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, or something similar. It needs to be a word processor that support html and hyperlinks.

  4. Ayse

    I’m posting on my facebook page to groups for now.

  5. What is the link that we are to use to promote the software?

  6. Great Stuff! Thanks, can’t wait to start promoting

  7. Raffaella La Forgia


    When sending out the 4 emails for the Free Software (Rehab Valuator Lite), do I need an auto responder to keep track of when to email them?

    • JacobC

      Hi Raffaella,

      It depends on how you’re setting up your promotion. If you’re simply doing a blast to a group of people it’s easy enough to email them manually and keep them all on the same schedule. If you’re doing a rolling promotion in which people are starting the sequence at different times I imagine a more automated system could be helpful (like MailChimp or something similar).

  8. I have never been more excited about sharing or promoting anything online until this software. I have folks literally thanking me for sharing such an awesome tool that makes life so so easy.

    Thanks, Daniil. You are the MAN !!!

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Really glad to hear that, Richard. Thank you for spreading the word about Rehab Valuator and reach out if we can help with anything!

  9. I email to a vetted agent list. Are some states more profitable than others…..if so the most profitable

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for reaching out! We wouldn’t know which states generate the most sales. That being said, you should mail to as many people as possible. Please let us know if you need anything else!


  10. Dylan Hampson

    Hi Bernice,

    Did you need assistance with anything?


  11. Olushola Alalade

    I am trying to set up affiliate links for Facebook and Linkednl. Please educate me.

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi! You can copy your affiliate links and add them to your Facebook or LinkedIn post. Keep in mind even if the post doesn’t generate a preview of the webpage, it is okay and should be working fine! Message us directly at for any further assistance. Thanks!

  12. Melisa Dominguez

    Can we advertise on FB, twitter and Ininkedin for free?

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Melisa – you can certainly post the links on social media for free. If you are interested in more sophisticated marketing in social media, it won’t hurt to do some online training. There are tons of educational courses that teach you on how to market on social media platforms, and even purchase ad space.

  13. Melisa Dominguez

    Hello, I am in the affiliate training stage,
    I have not yet set up a biz name or website, etc.
    What is the difference? I also, did not sign up as a business, at this time, when I signed up on your affiliate form online.

    Can these things be updated later?

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Melisa – while we can’t recommend that you sign up as a business or even create a website if you aren’t yet sure how affiliate marketing works (since you are still just learning). But if you get to that point certainly reach out to us via email at support(at) and we can update your account for you.

  14. How do I get credit by sending out these emails?

    • Rafael Diaz

      Hi Steve-when you send out an email with a unique link you will get credit for every sale that has converted from that link.