1a. Make Sure You’re Getting our Emails! – Whitelisting
10a. Google Whitelisting

Adding email addresses to your safe list in Gmail

  • Click the Settings icon in Gmail (It’s the gear in the top right).  Then click on settings.

Gmail 1

  • Go to Filters.

Gmail 2

  • Click Create a new filter.

Gmail 3

  • Type the desired email address or Domain under From:
    • In this case @Rehabvaluator.com like the below screenshot shows

Gmail 4

  • Click Create filter with this search ››.
  • Make sure “Never send it to Spam is checked.
  • Make sure “Also apply filter to matching conversations” is checked
  • Make sure “Categorize as” is checked

Gmail 5

  • Now in the “Choose Category” drop down at the end of Categorize as: choose “Personal

Gmail 6

  • Click Create Filter.



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