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Update 11 (July 5th, 2017)  Embed Code added!  Now you can embed your seller or lender presentations directly on your website (or other sites) with a simply copy/paste HTML code!


Update 10 (June 26, 2017):  Brand New Executive Summary Report for Your Lender and Buyer Presentations!  Plus:  Enhanced Analysis Interface and Private Lender Funding Requests!


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Update 9 (April 20, 2017):  Pics no longer limited to 16:9 ratio!  You can now search your deals by various criteria.  The "Find Deals" off-market deal section runs faster and looks cleaner.  There are now education and Bonus links inside the app!


Update 8 (November 29, 2016):  HUGE UPDATE!!  Premium Members Now Have Access to Hard Money Lenders Inside the Platform.  Get Lenders to Compete to Fund Your Deals!


Update 7 (October 19, 2016):  HUGE UPDATE!!  New Deal-Posting Platform and Content Platform Added!  

Update 6 (August 16, 2016):  Enhanced Comparables Sales Data and Report!

Update 5 (July 7, 2016): Automatically Updated Comparable Sales and URL Shortener for the Unique Link!  

Update 4 (April 7, 2016): Enhanced Rehab Budget, Toggle for New Construction, Enhanced Closing Costs and more!

Update 3:  2nd Additional Pics Report, Updated Summary, Enhanced Rehab Budget, and more!

Update 2:  Turn-Key Rental Analysis and Marketing!  New Income/Expense Report!  Watch the video for more details.

Update 1:  Facebook Sharing Enhanced!  Now you can post your deals to your own timeline on FB, to any group you're a part of, to a business page you manage, or even to a friend's private mailbox!  You now also have better control over the image shown in your post!  This all leads to effective deal marketing, allowing you to sell your deals quicker and for more $! Watch the video below to see more!

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6 responses to “Software Update Log”

  1. Darren says:

    Great updates! Hey Daniil how about being able to add quality comps right from the software?

  2. Tommy Jones says:

    Hey Daniil,
    This stuff is GREAT

  3. Lloyd says:

    Always learning something new. Thank You for the new updates and encouragement.

  4. Dave says:

    How much is premium upgrade. I bought your first program years ago and have since received two more free valuators from other companies. How much for deal finding software alone.

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