4. Rehab Budget Tutorial

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  1. Christal

    One thing that I would like to see improved is more population. Example: when you type 10 windows and then you type 40 per window you should be able to make a formula that would calculate the total ‘s having to calculate yourself and typing it in.

    • Jacob

      Hi Christal,

      Absolutely! We’re actually trying to work on a way to make that happen without making it overly complicated. It was one of my first suggestions but the implementation is a little more difficult.

  2. Christal

    That would be awesome. Thank you.

  3. David Phillips

    Great tutorial. Will have to watch a few more times to grasp it but that’s fine. Now I need 2 figure out how to get a contractor that can go in and give accurate bids for props since I’m hmm ridden. Do to the fact that I can’t B a cook any more because of injury and. Would like to whole sale and Rehab props.No job,no money,no car. Yet, I want to do real estate from my phone which will b off in 30 days. But I believe it is possible..How would you approach. Need a contractor that would go out and give bids on props that I can’t get to. Will it work 4 my situation?