Recent Project Management Demo and Training

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Tutorial 1 (of 5)  Rehab Budget Overview:

Tutorial 2 (of 5)  Creating Rehab and New Construction Budgets:

Tutorial 3 (of 5)  Entering Your Transactions:

Tutorial 4 (of 5)  Using Track View and Reporting:

Tutorial 5 (of 5)  Creating and Using Budget Templates:


6 responses to “4. Rehab Budget and Project Management Tutorials”

  1. Luxley says:

    Great job. This simplify things.

  2. Thanks.. This was helpful

  3. Michael A Medley says:

    I have always been a premium member until this year, will you ever be discounting the software again. I would live to have the premium package at 97.00 a year. If this comes back, I will sign up the very next minute. LIVE THE SOFTWARE

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