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Wholesale Turnkey Rental Deals

This video is intended to cut the clutter and show you exactly what to do if you’re specifically going to buy a turnkey rental deal or wholesale a turnkey rental or rent-ready property to another investor.   If you currently are wholesaling houses to cash buyers (or aspire to), you’ll see exactly how to calculate the right offer, figure in your assignment fee and then put together a powerful marketing flyer or a full presentation to blast out to your cash buyers.

If you don’t already have this powerful software, there is a free version here or the Premium (which gives you the full marketing capabilities) here.  For more on wholesaling, visit our Wholesaling 101 Course.  Also a very detailed case study on wholesaling rental deals here, including terminology, math, and when to wholesale rentals vs. flips.

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  1. I am going to look at a property that will need some. The property is selling for $60,000. How much hard money should I ask for.

  2. This is not on a website. This is my first house I am going to look at. The House will need work on it but do not know how much work. House is selling for $60,000. The house in the area sells for around $120,000. 3bd , 2bath, roof looks good.

  3. Daniel zimmer

    Daniil what did I miss if I were to wholesale that turn key rental would the 13,000 sweat equity be my fee

    • Daniil

      Hi Daniel. No, your wholesale fee is calculated into the “Purchase Price” or “Offer Price”. In this case it’s figured into the $65,000 (so maybe you’re buying for $55k and wholesale fee is $10k). The $13,000 sweat equity or instant equity is what your buyer will get.

  4. Jimmie Jackson

    Thanx, This is Very Good to know !!!!

  5. Stanley Dotson

    Thanks once I start to use this it will be a game changer.

  6. Daniel zimmer

    Thank you

  7. Mel Wilson * Baltimore,Md

    Perfect timing! just looked at 2 unit Property