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  1. Hey Daniil,
    once again you have created exactly what investors like myself need in our market today.Having a marketing tool such as this is making so much easier to gain credibility even more than before.Being able to show my buyers what’s potentially in store for them I guarantee will increase my business.Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • Daniil

      Hey Youlos – thanks for your compliments. I hope you enjoy the software!


  2. Hey, I look forward to putting this software to the test. I certainly can use this in my rehab business. Kudos to you for developing a product that will build our business and help to increase are income.

    Thank You

  3. Edgard

    Just downloaded hope it’s easy to learn

  4. JoLynn

    Hey Daniil,
    Thank – You so much for taking your time out to speak with me in Great length about the operating system on my computer.
    I know only how to turn on and off the darn thing.
    I truly love the way your Rehab Valuator functions!! Now, I must go out to buy the Excel program, lol 🙂
    Dyanmite Job!!!

  5. Hi Daniil,
    I’m pretty excited about the software. It sure is a great tool, and I know it will make things work a lot faster for my wholesale business. I just can’t wait to begin using it!!
    Thank you for this excellent tool!!!

  6. Tom Thomas

    I look forward to using this software, I have searched for a year looking for material like this to keep me descipline in marketing my W S houses to both the lenders and rehabbers. I hope I can be successful in using this very valuable tool. Tom

  7. I think this is awesome, very useful for investors like myself that is looking for private investor’s funding.

  8. Ok, I downloaded the software. Looks good, I am going to work on the tutorials. Thanks!!

  9. Leo

    This is really What I was looking, And the price you really can’t beat that, Thanks

  10. I am excited about the software, I am a buy & hold investor, I buy and rehab 2-4 properties per month and refinance only after getting a tenant. I was looking for software to keep my rehab data. This is perfect because I will be able to enhance my lender packages as well! presentation is everything! My only question is can I use it on more than one PC. I have 2 laptops and My hubby does most of the analyzing of the deals while I take care of the budgets. I would love to have him do his thing while not having to use my computer. Thanks again for filling a need at a great price!


  11. I know this software will save me a lot of money. I like it!

  12. Hi Daniil,
    Once again. I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you. As I view the Rehab Valuator and get myself briefed, it is appparent that you have developed an excellent program. I really look forward to using it in our business. One more thing. You went far beyond the call of duty to get me up and running and I recognize your efforts and sincerely appreciate you.


    Dean Griffin

  13. Bryan E.

    WooWooO, looks like a time saver. I am going to put this up aginst my contractors and see how close we come for a few projects. This could be a real time saver if it is anywhere near close to real estimates.
    Thx you guys Rock!

  14. Randy Wright

    Just downloaded based upon what I have seen from Rehab Valuator Lite and your tutorials. It looks like it will make it very efficient to get started. Your approach to the business is great…stay true to what you are doing.

  15. Thanks for the software. It looks like a life/time saver to me.

  16. woodson

    sounds amazing look forward to using it to establish long standing wealth in this industry

  17. I’m a Real Estate Broker in Southern California and hope to use this as a tool to present flip opportunities to my investor clients. I’ve always just spelled the investment scenario out in an email, this should be such a better presentation. I’m looking forward to trying it out!

  18. JEROME


  19. I am a beginning investor and I have software programs to make it easier but none of them have this evaluator. Just a offer evaluation that was for free and it does nothing else. Thanks!

  20. Desi

    I think this software is going to be very effective in attracting buyers, especially when they’ve seen that i’ve done the math for them. LOL! Thank You Daniil!

  21. dominic

    I got this email from a broker about an off market condo: 660+ condo unit, total rehabbed 2008, 85% occupied. foreclosure broker stated lenderwill take $60,000,000. Will software tell me what to offer? 1% broker fee. I must sign a NDNC to get other info. After I hear from you, I will run the numbers, submitt an offer and flip this deal or assign it!

    • Daniil


      For that kind of analysis, you really need our other software program – Rental Valuator. You can get the free version at

      That software is perfect for analyzing multi-family properties for buy-and-hold

  22. 30-day free trial, one time payment! Cancel anytime? Only someone who has confidence in their product can promote like that. If the lite version is awesome, I can only imagine how much the premium will help me. Thank you!!!

  23. Dino

    Hey Daniil,

    I am so appreciative of how you break down each and every step, so it is extremely easy to understand! This is exactly how I learn best, so thank you thank you thank you!!!

  24. Dear Daniil,

    Thank you so much for creating this software. I haven’t done any transactions yet because I’ve been working on organizing all the information I’ve learned. With your software you have organized everything for me. THANK YOU! I do need to upgrade my Excel program and then I’m ready to roll.

    I can hardly wait.

    Thanks again, Laura


    Hello Daniil,

    Without question, this is the most amazing program that I have ever saw in my life! While I am totally disabled & living off pretty much nothing.You have made it possible for me to prove to my family & the rest of the world, that I can achieve success, create my own income too! I can’t thank-you enough for creating a program that will allow me to become your next success story! It will allow me to package deals, create outstanding informative presentations to banks & private investors!

    You have changed my life, for the better!

    William Allen

  26. Tim

  27. Jovita Aragon

    I am not savvy on the computer but I am interested on real estate investor, and thia program will have to help me start the real estate business. I have no zip because I do not know what it is.


  28. Daniil,

    As always, great information, and easy enough to use that even a sworn enemy of the computer can use it! Thanks in advance for helping me increase my investing opportunities by helping me sell properties. You rock!

  29. Whitteney

    I am soo excited to start using the program

  30. Looks like a great tool, Daniil.
    Your marketing strategy makes a difference.
    I look forward to trying out Rehab Valuator,
    and expect great results.

    Well done,

    D Lumsden

  31. Hey Daniil
    I haven’t done a deal yet, but I’m sure this tool will help me with finding deals and making good offers, along with selling properties. thank you.

    P.S I’ll let you know how things work out lol

    • Daniil

      Sounds good, Michael! And I’m sure it’ll help your business! 🙂

  32. HI Daniil,
    this marketing tool is a must have for me as a investor to be able market and analyze property to all.
    Tahnk you for such a great working tool.

  33. Hi Daniil. I just purchase the program, waiting for activation code, I can’t wait to get started.

  34. Margaret

    Can’t wait to get started! Thank You!

  35. Joseph


    Hi, I just purchased and downloaded your premium software. Looking forward to putting this software to the test. It is critical in a busy to standout and have a professional presentation, especially in today’s economy. I love the bonuses as well. Great value…

  36. Brian Lee

    Hello Daniil,
    Great talking with you today about the differences in your software of Rehab-Valuator and Rental-Valuator. I was trying to decide which one would be more beneficial for my investing purposes. I saw a large value in both so I ordered both! Powerful software such as this is an excellent value compared to the cost it was being offered at. I thank you.
    I look forward to utilizing the numerous features that each program has to offer and will keep you abreast of my future investing ventures.
    Thanks and great talking with you today about flying too!! I hope you decide to venture into the blue skies in the near future!

    • Daniil

      Great talking with you as well today, Brian and we appreciate your business! Anything you need, you know how to reach us!

  37. Len

    You certainly have done a nice job with the software. I have been ‘gearing up’ to get started in the Rehab and Sell business and I believe this will be very helpful. In addition, the bonus items look exciting and I am going to start them right now!

  38. Paula Shelton

    After watching the demo for this software, I knew that this evaluator software would help me tremendously! I that you for providing this tool at such a reasonable cost. I’m planning to purchase a tablet to use while viewing the properties in the field. Is a second licence required for me to use on an additional device? Please let me know.

    Thank you for developing this excellent tool.

    • Daniil

      Hi Paula. A 2nd license is only required if another person will be using the software. You yourself can use the software on multiple devices with one license.

  39. nat

    This software is great !!

    thanks Daniil

  40. Daniil: this is an awesome program,You are a credit to this industry and if anyone is giving civil society awards communitys or national awards or realestate ciataions you have my vote, And i will be showing this to other Rehabbers and buyers it does make projects more defined and faster,keep up the great work.thank you again.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Jerome! I’ve yet to be nominated for an civil society awards but I guess there’s always a first 🙂 Enjoy and the software and reach out anytime!

  41. Thanks, Daniil! Looking forward to making use of your spreadsheet! Saves me hours of work trying to do it myself! Your video showing the reports was a great selling tool for you!


  42. ed

    Great program.

  43. edward

    great program! can’t weight to learn how to use it with the dexterity that You use.

  44. Mary


    I was searching for this tool, and at an affordable price! Awaiting my activation key now, and eager to get started using this MUCH NEEDED TOOL! Thanks so much for your empathy for those of us who desire an opportunity to change both our lives and those lives around us! Truly, you understand the philosophy of ‘Paying It Forward!’


  45. Lorraine G. Brown

    Now I’ll be able to present my offers in an intelligent business manner. Thank you.

  46. “True professional and detailed oriented…Daniil stands by his word on support indeed. The Rehab and Rental Valuator are both AWESOME tools. In my humble opinion, he needs to raise the price on each.”

    • Daniil

      Thank you! (Price going up soon! 🙂

  47. Hi Daniil,
    I watched the initial presentation and thought to myself at last someone had
    enough wherewithal to go after a much needed simple and speeedy property
    evaluator for real estate investors. This is one of the most prolific and practical
    developments in software that I have came across as a realestate tool.

    I appreciate and thank the man who had this idea and enough currage to go
    get what he wanted for the real estate investor. Good going Daniil.

    S. Raphael

    • Daniil

      Really appreciate your compliments and hope we get to make a big contribution to your business!

  48. Hi Daniil, Just Received everything and had no problems with it. I can’t wait to use it. I know that I was something that I really needed to do more properties with less time.
    Great Tool !!!

  49. Thanks Daniil, looking forward in using the software for my private lender presentation deals..

  50. Maurice Keys

    Just downloaded hoping to use this system in the real estate market.

  51. Mee

    Hi! I just want to Thank You Really Much for sharing these with me! I haven’t been able to download it but I am sure it’s very valuable. After I download and read them, I will comment your awsome offer. Thanks again!

  52. michael s nettles

    cant wait to try it out

  53. Rebecca

    Hi Daniil,
    I finally downloaded by doing several trials & errors due to my lack of microsoft office. I love it because it brings right away my numbers to present to other buyers. It looks very practical & professional to other buyers & sellers. This can show my real estate business very professional compare to doing by my hands expecially negociating price. I can show to buyers & sellers very visible numbers to pursuade them. Thanks again for these rehap & rental valuator tools.

  54. I just download the premium version and I am currently using it, one day now , and the feedback I am getting back from my client already is positive, I know it will translate to sales, thanks


  55. John Vercelli

    I hope its as good and user friedly as it looks.

  56. Tom Myhre

    Haven’t even opened up yet but if it is close to what you describe it will be a God Send. Thank you.

  57. Mary

    Just getting started in the RE Investing business, and this will help me be and look more professional in my wholesale and flip deals. Thank you so much, because I was having trouble with the figures I needed to make a deal. Looks great and will get in touch for my call to help run through the programs. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge at an affordable rate.

  58. HF

    Hi Daniil,
    Thank you for creating the valuable software.
    It’s a great tool for rehab and real estate investors.
    I look forward to using it in my business.
    Thank you again.

    • Daniil

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  59. This looks to be the very software I’ve needed to confidently begin purchasing investment properties. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase it.

  60. Alex

    The softwares will be valuable resources to analysing deals/properties, getting my properties close with potential lenders, cash buyers and partners. Thank you !

  61. Hi Daniil, Just purchased the full version. I’m putting it to use right away.
    Thank you so much man, my business needed that extra edge.
    Keep up the the great work.


    • Daniil

      You’re welcome, Marc!

  62. George

    Daniil..George here. Is the program compatible now with MS Excel 2013???

    • Daniil

      Yes George – it is!

  63. HI Daniil,

    I am just starting out with my Real Estate business and kept asking myself how can I get a detailed spreadsheet snapshot to be able to separate myself from what other buyers have experienced – as I realize I have only 1 opportunity to make a great 1st impression and desire to make long term relationships with my contacts…..

    I now say let the games begin if you will and hopefully never have to look back again ..


  64. Eulis

    Hey Danill,

    This software is amazing!!! I have purchased other investors stuff out there and paid a lot more but received so little benefit from them. This software is BY FAR the BEST out there and with so many features and benefits for my business. Thank you! Keep up the great work and the awesome training videos!

  65. jeff boyd

    You have a great! I was not that good at computers. Yet you team helped me to download and start the program. The young man Jacob has a lot of patients. Thank you for all of your help. I’m sure my business will grow with this software. Thanks again, great job.

  66. James


    Love the software. You’ve got to add upgrades. If you want some ideas (which I have), email me.

    Thanks again and to your continued success

  67. rayhay

    Thanks for what appears to be an awesome tool
    Looks like just what I need, can’t wait to try it
    I’ll let you know what I think after I use it a few times.

  68. Toa Teo

    Thanks for the first and true software that will make my job easy, I want something that I can work only an hour or so a day from the pacific islands and still make money while having fun. God bless and will post more later,

  69. Sal

    Thanks Daniil,

    Excited to dive right into this tool. My Investor Clients will benefit greatly from this report and I look forward in sharing opportunities with future investor Clients. I service Southern California and am a Broker.

    This tool is just what I was missing.

    To your Success!

  70. Francisco V.

    Daniil this software is far away from other software’s on the media, Great Masterpiece

  71. I love this software. It is the best most affordable tool out there and your customer service is always a pleasure to deal with. I cannot thank you enough for having such integrity in your business!

  72. mary


    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your system for 30 day.
    I finally feel like I can move forward and analyse deals now. Accurately and with confidence.
    Thank you,
    Mary F. Clay

  73. Val Schmidt

    Hi Daniil,
    I’m a little “green” on the computer but really excited to use this program.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  74. Hello,
    Just purchased the software and not to sure if it will work on my iMac Computer. But working with it to see first. Thank you and hope can use the software.

    • Daniil

      Hi Valerie,

      We do have a Mac compatible version. It requires Excel 2011 for Mac. I’ll email you further details.

  75. MV (NYC)


    I wanted to let you know how much Jacob from tech support helped me today not only with rehabvaluator but with rentalvaluator. I had problems with the install and he stuck with me until I was up and running on both versions.

  76. Ted Dows

    I think I need to walk before running. The Premium version seems to hold everything I n eed to get productive quickly in my new area. I am recently located to Maryland. I need to get hooked up with Realtors, appraisers, Title Insurance, and Gen Contractors.

    Do you have any advice on these issues, here in the Maryland/ DC area?

    Thanks for what seems to be a “ReaL” value.

    • Daniil

      Hi Ted. Glad you signed up with us! In terms of locating great professionals locally, best advice I can give you is to network with other investors and find out who they use that they’ve had success with. Contractors especially are best found by referrals, and even then you should interview and try out many of them. Always get multiple bids for everything even if a contractor comes through a good referral. Make sure you join a couple of local real estate clubs if you haven’t already and start attending the best ones regularly (some will not be as good as others in terms of quality of people and content). Relationships you’ll build there will yield some great referrals for you!

  77. Kimberly York

    I am going to use two sample summary reports to include in my letter addressed to cash buyers. I think this really gives you more credibility with buyers than any PR piece or bio.

    Its a numbers game and evaluations are based on crunching some basic numbers. This does it in a concise way and fuses marketing with the spread sheet. This one page or five-page report makes a new wholesaler looking for cash buyers, or rehabbers looking for private or hard money really look like an experienced investor. You can’t buy what this software does for your professionalism.

    Thanks Daniil and partner!

  78. Ruth Rodriguez

    Dear Sir:

    I know this program will help us with the deals we submit and the creditablity it gives us.
    We appreciate your professionalism !

    Thank you, Ruth

  79. Dear Sir:

    What a wonderful program that you have for us investors ! Thank you for making it affordable,

    Thank you, Ruth

  80. Leroy

    Hey Daniil, thanks 4 helping me out with this new software. Just starting this morning 5am
    with the new rehabvaluator software.

    Thanks :o)

    Leroy Jackson,

  81. I just purchased Rehab Valuator and Rental Valuator today 10/31/2013

  82. Daniil,

    Thank you for all of your support and continue success.

    Sherman Peters
    ~Info Real Investors~

  83. Albert

    I believe this software will further my ambitions in being a true Real Estate Investor. I used the free version and loved it. The premium version is more than the icing on the cake it lends real credibility and professionalism just what I need
    Thank you

  84. Jimmy Hemminger

    I am new at this, hope this software is everything I need to make an impression on investors I do deal s with later

  85. Philadelphia & Focused

    Hello, Daniil thanks again for the sotfware it gave me instant credibility and was a critcal tool in closing my largest deal to date a nine unit apt building…….also i was on my way to a weekend meeting with a bank vp and i called you because i was was having a lil issue and a live person explained the simple oversight on my part and i was able to attend the meeting with ALL of the proper paperwork that allowed me to appear professional and extremly prepared and that made for a great meeting!!!!!!!! thank you very much…

  86. Tom Adams

    If would have been helpful to indicate your software requires Windows for us Mac users

    • Daniil

      Hi Tom. Our software will work on a Mac but it does require Excel 2011 for Mac or newer. If you have that just email us letting us know and we can send you the Mac compatible file.

  87. Raymond

    Thank you, I just down loaded rehabvaluator prem. I will study the how the system. hope to buy property soon. I also like the video on 15 minuts rehab cost.

  88. R P Griggs

    Hi Daniil,
    I have been a Real Estate Broker for the early 23 years of a 48 year career. I gave up my brokerage business to become an active investor-owner (without the legal disclosure requirements a broker has) and concentrate on the flips and rehabs as well as building a solid holding portfolio. Prior to this I wrote my own program for valuations since I have a degree in finance. Not a programmer, although using excel also, I found your program similar to what I developed only taken to a very professional and in-depth level much farther than I went with my own. I look forward to trying it, using it and comparing it to mine for accuracy. I was impressed enough to purchase both the Rental and the Rehab programs in the full premium version. I look forward to working with you and possibly suggesting some things although it appears you have all bases covered. So far it re-excites me as any Real Estate deal does!

    • Daniil

      Hi RP – Glad to have you join us and glad to hear the software re-excites your passion for real estate. I will look forward to getting some awesome feedback from someone with your level of experience!

  89. George Stojanovich

    Fantastic program. Takes all the guessing out of the picture. I love dealing with facts.

    Thanks, you all have a dynomite program.

  90. Great software with all the necessary ingredients to do great real estate deals in any market. Well thought out.

  91. Frank Guzman

    Interesting looks like what I am looking for lets see it.

  92. beginning the flipp tripp

  93. G Ward

    Excellent way to join in the game and look very professional from the start. I am happy I received the email about this product.

  94. Thank you for making this software available as a trial offer. I plan to use it to see if I can do this.
    Thanks again!!

    Dana Stephens

  95. Joe Robison

    I have been studying this stuff for 1 1/2 years (think I’m anal or analysis paralysis)
    In any case I have not found a better solution – period. Not to mention value for your dollar.

    Thanks for all your hard work
    Joe Robison

  96. Mtutuzeli

    Showing up dressed up like a professional is going to do wonders for my (or anybody;s) credibility.

    Dynamite, Daniil.


  97. Thank you for giving me new hope of learning “today’s” market. I am an early baby boomer, not the most savvy computer person. The software does look too intimidating to me. Good job! I am an old timer from the 70’s who did “heavy” flipping in those days. Was like playing Manopoly to me then. Made a lot of money, and by the same token, a lot of mistakes. I am so excited to learn and use your tools for today’s market. I am quite impressed with the content of your software, and cannot wait to get started on my new path. Awesome Daniil, thanks again.

  98. James

    I do not have excel on this computer.

    Will the software work with Open Office?

    • Daniil

      Hi James,

      It will not work with Open Office. You need to have Excel 2002 or newer on PC or Excel 2011 or newer for Mac.

  99. Shammet

    Thank you Daniil and your Team;
    I’ve received support and all my qestions were answered before I signed on. Great service! Now just waiting to get that access code in my hot little hands! This will save me so much time I can’t wait to get started. I suspect marketing my properties to investors with te valuator reports will open many more doors.

    Sincere Gratitude.

    • Daniil


      We always appreciate positive feedback. You should have that code now. Please let us know if you need anything else.

  100. V Lewis

    I am very new to this renovation business and I feel this will be a valuable tool to assist me in my new venture. I hope I am correct in my assumption. I may not be able to take advantage of the software within the first 30 days, but I hope there will be no reason to request a refund.
    Thank you in advance,
    V. Lewis

  101. Gene S Fowler Sr


  102. Hi, Daniil,

    Not only is this the best software in today’s real estate investing space, but your customer service continues to go above and beyond the call for those of us who are not so tech savvy. I was talking to Trevor M. over at InvestorCarrot and we agreed that, while there are way too many gurus who are full of crap out there, you are truly one of the good guys. Thanks for all you do for us.

    • Daniil

      Thanks, George – that means a lot, truly! Trevor is a great guy too that takes great care of his clients. Just saw him this past weekend at a mastermind actually!

  103. Presentation of products fairly long, but explained well. Like the bonuses.

  104. Kristie Carter

    Hey Daniil,

    I have been debating on how to get started. I look forward to a successful outcome. Thank you for creating this software it’s time to take a test drive.

  105. Can’t wait to get started with it ! Looks GREAT !!

  106. mark Vey


    • Daniil

      Welcome 🙂

  107. ruth wood

    i cannot download the unzipped program.

    • Daniil

      Hi Ruth. The download links do seem to be working fine on this end. Please email us at our support address so we can further assist you:

  108. I have not had the opportunity to use the software yet. But, I am looking forward to it.

  109. thanks daniil I known this is going to help me so much ;I will let you known take care ,talk soon ; bob

  110. Thanks,

    I will use this program to serve humanity and create jobs.


  111. Thanks Daniil,
    I have been using your program for my private money investors and they have been complementing me on how professional and complete it is.
    Thanks again.

    • Daniil

      Nice! Glad to hear it, Mike!

  112. I can’t wait to get started…

  113. I have not used the software yet but I am looking forward to it. I have 22 years of experience as a Realtor, Broker investor and mortgage lender. Just from the demonstration I can tell this will add so much more credibility than just my years of practical experience and charming personality.

    Being able to put what I know down in reports will give new investors more confidence in my analysis than I can do from the CMA alone. I am very excited!! I got both programs and feel it is a great value.

  114. Danill Clamin:
    Your and a computer team have developed the best software programs that I have ever seen for analzing Fix & Flip investment systems. I can now analze the viability of a property in minutes.
    Thanks for sharing you program with fellow investors like myself.

    • Daniil

      That’s what I like to hear, Thomas!

  115. Milton Wyatt

    Great program. Consistently produces professional looking presentations for lenders and investor evaluation. It takes almost all the guesswork out of real estate investing by making the investor look closely at each and every detail of the deal.

  116. Daniil,
    Having used the free version of your software,I want to thank you for such a great product. I know this tool will increase our business and ability to present an awesome package to our end buyers.
    And having just expanded into Buy and Holds recently, I can’t wait to implement the re-hab parts for all of our remodels. Thanks ahead of time for the increase in business and profits.

    • Daniil

      You’re welcome, Randy!

  117. Kim

    Hey there,
    just finished downloading the program, I am a brand new investor in a great market and ready to put the program to work in growing my wholesaling, buy and hold business

    thanks so much

  118. Hey Daniil,

    Just purchased your RehabValuator & RentalValuator but I don’t have Excel @ the moment.
    I did purchase the download version of Excel but won’t be receiving it till tomorrow ( It’s 11:00 P.M. MDT right now ) Hope that will work out O.K.

  119. Preston

    Wow, I have spent months trying to design a spreadsheet for myself to analyze properties. (I am okay with this because I learned a lot…) I didn’t buy the Multi Fam analyzer yet. I just want to concentrate on wholesale/rehab right now. However, my real goal is multifamily apartment complexes and shopping malls. So, I know for a fact I will purchase the 2nd rehabvaluator. I am excited to implement this software in my first deal and beyond. I played with the lite version for a while and now I am ready to work with the premium. Thank you for making this affordable. Now is time to connect dreams with reality!

  120. I am a new REI, and I am looking forward to using this to create money in flipping houses. It sounds awesome. Looking forward to finding new properties. As a Senior, hoping to learn quickly, but am not too computer savvy with this stuff, but certainly going to give it a try.

    Thank you.

  121. Dottyjo

    Thanks. I heard about you from a friend in the business. We are both just starting. I was going to get this program anyway. I am glad you came to my browser. I have clicked the download and it copied to Microsoft. I need to go back to get the activation code. If I fail, I will call you tomorrow.
    It is now midnight 7/6. I am sure I won’t get you tonight. Thanks. WE will work it out. I know that it takes time to learn the use of any program and getting started can be unclear sometimes. However, I will keep trying until I get there. Thanks a a whole lot.


  122. Dottyjo

    Thanks a bunch. It is late and I will have to resume this process later. I will try to activate. If it fails, I will make phone contact tomorrow. A friend recommended you and we are working together to build our businesses. She already has the vauator. I am looking forward to starting. I hope I get the activation code process correct. If not we will work it out.

  123. Dear Daniil,
    Thank you for this great product. The layout is very user friendly. What you have created is truly fantastic; I look forward to implementing immediately!

    Thank You,

  124. Preston

    I purchased the premium program which I think is great, ran a couple of properties through it but I can’t output as PDF. I downloaded Cute PDF although I have a PDF creator and neither works. The program just crashes and sends some sort of report. I tried to email to clients (can’t set up Outlook for some reason) but to not avail. I even tried making screenshoot. Crashes! I an’t even see all the pages in print mode- crashes. HELP!!!!!

    • Daniil

      Hi Preston. I just wanted to post a reply here in case someone else has the same issue. As we discovered when I did your remote logon you are using the incorrect version of Microsoft Excel. You need to use Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer on your PC for our software to work properly. I know you’re already working on that so let me know if you have questions or need anything else.

  125. Donny Yarbrough

    When I go to download the program I get a security threat detected pop up box. Is this normal?


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    • Daniil

      Hi Nick. You can run our software on a Mac if you have Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. It will not run on an iPad.

  127. Daniil, finally got both rehab and rental valuators purchased. Finance has been crazy, but now I’m so confident things will turn around. Thank for your patience.

    Sherman Peters
    Info Real Investors

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    I am thrilled to get this software and anxious to get started presenting professional information to prospects and investors. Thank you.

  129. Norman

    Good Morning Daniil,

    This is the start of something new. I have read much about regarding “just do this” and deals just fall out of the sky. Typically the presentations are all sizzle and 2 or 3 bacon bits. Just recently went to a free workshop and for $2000 they will tell all the tricks of the wholesaling trade. Appropriate marketing was never mentioned as a part of the skills I would learn. Declined and begin searching online. Reading site after site eventually brought me to the importance of marketing to buyers for my wholesale deals, More searching led to your site. Thanx for the the detailed information in the vid.Now I will work on putting this to use along with what I have learned about wholesaling properties.

    Will be in touch,


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    • Jacob

      Hi Jim. Please email us at and let us know where you’re getting stuck. Also, make sure you’re watching the video to see the steps.

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    Appreciate you responce

    Dan Danner CLU,ChFC

    • Jacob

      Hi Warren. Good Question! Our programs will only work with Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer on PC or Excel 2011 or newer on Mac. It will not work with OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Numbers, Google Docs, or any other spreadsheet program that we have tested so far. As far as I know the Visual Basic code that we use to make our program work is unique to Microsoft Excel.

  133. Looks like a very easy to utilize piece of software, hopefully it does all it says it will.

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    getting the code….

    • Jacob

      Thanks for your comment. If you’re still having trouble with the activation code just email us at

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    • Jacob

      Hi Valerie,

      We do have a version that will work on your Mac. Just email us at and we can send that to you. Also, just as an FYI, it does require that you have Excel 2011 or newer for Mac.

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    My question is, if I already created report senarios on my desktop, can I either email and open on the laptop or can I somehow transfer the work from my desktop to my laptop so I can make an in person presentation to my business partner.


    • Daniil

      Hi Cheryl,

      Some emails will let you email the files to yourself and some will not. What we usually encourage people to use is a cloud storage solution like dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, or something similar. You can get starter accounts with many of them for free and it will let you open the files easily on every machine. Just keep in mind that each machine that you open the program on needs to be activated so you’ll have to request activation codes for each computer by following the video here on the download page.

  141. Hi Danill,
    I sent you a personal email prior to this message regarding fyi…. I just wanted to let you and others here reading your comments to know how refreshing it is to have such good business between seller and consumer. You have been so wonderful in your professionalism and customer service etc. Thank you !!! I am looking forward to using this product and will definitely post my experience,” in which I have dabbled in my projections and I love it already”.
    Thanks again.
    Best regards,
    Rebecca xo

    • Daniil

      Glad to hear it, Rebecca! We definitely take pride in our customer service and invest a lot into it. Look forward to chatting with you further down the road!

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    • Daniil

      Hi Ken,

      Just contact us when you’re ready. We’ll work something out.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Dora,

      You absolutely can! Just reference the emails you got which have the download links, download, and request your activation code. Just keep in mind that the activation codes are computer specific so you’ll need to request it from the machine you want to use.

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    Will need me another activation code?
    I downloaded the software on my house computer but I need it in my Laptop too.


    Yuri Saenz

    • Jacob

      Hi Yuri,

      That is correct. The activation codes are computer specific so you have to request a new code for each new machine. We allow you to activate up to 3 computers on 1 license as long as you’re the only user. Email us with your activation code request or with any questions at

  148. I have been an unemployed software engineer for several years. I am using your software to enter safely into the Real Estate business. Out of all of the software I have looked at to valuate property whether it’s for flipping to hold or rent, or buying to wholesale to a contractor your software seems to take different scenarios into consideration in making business decisions! Plus you even generate reports so we can get more funding! I love it!!!

    Your training videos also will be very valuable in learning this robust software! I brought both your Rehab & Rental Valuation software’s! But only writing one feedback comment for both areas.

    I look forward to learning, using then applying this knowledge in making life financial decisions…I just need to make money & can’t afford to loose anymore money!

    Thanks For sharing & making it affordable to us working hard to carry on!

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    • Daniil

      Better late than never, Kay! 🙂

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    • Jacob

      I will not. No mobile platforms are supported at this time. You need a PC with Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer OR a Mac with Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer (If you have a Mac and get the premium version you need to email us for a special download link).

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      Hi Chris,

      That is correct. You need a PC with Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer OR a Mac with Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer. If you need the Mac version you’ll need to email us so we can send that to you.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Matthew,

      If you continue to have trouble just email our support department:

      We’re happy to help 🙂

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    You can never know too much and you must always be open minded and eager to obtain as much knowledge as you possible can. I network in the right circles with like minded and financially driven individuals.
    It pays off..

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    Thank U.
    Arnold Baron

    • Jacob

      Hi Arnold,

      We allow you to activate up to 3 computers on 1 license as long as you’re the only user. If you want to activate more than 3 machines or want someone else to have access on their own computer then you will need an additional license which is $59.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Craig,

      On a Mac our program require Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer. The lite version will work right from the download page. For the premium version you’ll need to shoot us an email confirming your Excel version and letting us know you need the Mac version of the program.

  178. Greetings Daniil,

    Even as a first year newbie to the R.E.I world,I must say I am thoroughly impressed.
    With in minutes of viewing your Rehab Valuator presentation as well as ordering your product,I’ve developed an ultimate confidence that I haven’t had in contemplating becoming a Real Estate Investor over the past year and I’m pretty eager to get started presenting & doing wholesale deals.
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      Thanks, Carlos! Hope this helps your success as well!

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    Buddy Mitchell

    • Daniil

      Wow, Buddy, that’s crazy! Be careful with all the high end coaching out there. Lots of rip offs. We believe in undercharging and providing HUGE value. So I appreciate your compliments and hope you put our software to great use!

  186. Chris


    My software says it can’t open the program because the file extension is blocked. How do I fix this?

    • Jacob

      Hi Chris,

      Normally you can click options, or advanced, and select to run/download anyway. It’s just a security precaution to keep you from downloading things that could damage your computer. Our computer is 100% safe and checked for viruses/spyware regularly. If you can’t get it email us at

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      Glad to hear it, Sergio! We definitely try to put out a great product, and always improve it!

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    Thank you very very much, Daniil!!!

  191. Can this work on a iPad in excel?

    • Jacob

      Hi Eric,

      Not at this time. As of right now our programs require Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Excel 2011 for Mac. If you don’t have either of those and only have an iPad OR if you have further questions please email us at

  192. Charibel Hilario

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    • Jacob

      Hi Joan,

      That is correct. Right now our programs will not work on an iPad or any mobile devices. They must be used on a Windows PC with Excel 2002 or newer. If you do have a Mac you’ll need to email us as that requires a special version.

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      We are very proud of the program. It’s an awesome tool. I just emailed you concerning your download trouble. We’ll get that worked out no problem.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Ken,

      I already emailed you about this but I wanted to reply here as well. The best place to start is by watching the tutorials and case studies. I recommend watching a case study first, specifically for whatever you’re looking to do (wholesale, fund a deal, etc.). Then once you have a good overview start going through the program and doing a test deal and using the tutorials to understand each individual section. If you have trouble we’re here for you.

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    Thank you for having my back.

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      Hi Robert,

      No problem! We’re always here to help. Let us know if you need anything else.

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    • Daniil

      glad to hear it, Juan! Let us know if we can help with anything, anytime

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    • Eddie Chalkley

      Hi Marie,

      At this time our software is not compatible with an Ipad you will need to use a Windows PC/Laptop with Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer. If you have any trouble or need assistance please contact us at

  206. Brian Evans

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    Thank you so much for this amazing tool.
    This is the very best software I have had the privilege of using. I have software that I paid thousands of dollars for from a so called leader in the industry. This software is so complicated and so overdone that I have never once been able to print out a report.
    Rehab Valuator Premium printed out my first report without a single problem. My private lender was so impressed he said yes to the deal, without even going to the property. which he always had to do before investing. this software saves me Time, Money and helps me to look the part of the professional I have been trying to portray.
    Thank you, this is the tool I will use more than any tool in my tool kit.

    • Daniil

      That’s what I like to hear, Brian! Thanks for your testimonial!

  207. Daniil

    I’m having my support team reach out to you right now, Christine!

  208. James

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    I know how timely creating this spreadsheet can be. This is a time
    saver across the board. It’s also a safeguard against making critical

    I am a beginner and this will allow me to focus on the appropriate type of funds &
    numbers, timeline, and profits for each deal.

    Thanks a million times… this is worth the money…

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    I purchased the premium software before October 2015 – in the spring of 2015 actually… I think I have messed up the software. I took a break from investing and am starting up again.

    Please tell me what to do to correct my software. I still have the Premium software download link but remember from the past that you need to give me a new code to validate it. I am also seeing that there are updates that I probably have not received.

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I love this software!!

    Thank you & Sincerely,

    Marsha Jackson

    • JacobC

      Hi Marsha,

      I’m glad you love it. I’ll be emailing you momentarily from our address to give you further instructions on how to restore your program.


  212. Jamie Kennedy Sanders


    I changed computers and need to re-download my purchase. I believe I paid $500. I recorded this link as my download link. Is this still the current download link for my purchase? Thank you.

    Jamie Kennedy

    • JacobC

      Hi Jamie,

      Yes, to download the Excel version of Rehab Valuator you can still use that link.

  213. Gerri

    Are you telling all of your past Premium Customer like
    me they must PAY again to continue to use their Premium
    Software or can we continue to use it but, will not have the lasts
    version of the Cloud based program, Did your loyal past customers get dumped?
    Please advise.

    Gerri Griffin

    • JacobC

      Hi Gerri,

      They’re two completely separate programs. You can continue to use the Excel version of the program you purchased indefinitely. We’ll continue to support you, answer questions, and help in any way we can. The online platform is more than just an online version of Rehab Valuator. It’s an entirely new product. It does have all the functionality of the Excel version of Rehab Valuator but it does/will have project management functionality, a social media aspect to bring together all our members, deal forums, maps, comp references, new reports, new ways to share deals, etc. It’s really a completely different thing. Since you are an existing customer I’ll email you some options for signing up for the new service.

  214. David Peterson

    Hello I use to have rehab valuator and rental valuator I downloaded it with product key. That you guys sent in an email but did not work??? My computer had a viris and had to wipe my hard drive clean trying to put this back on can you help please using fire fox as my browser but gave error code. Will not work!!!

    • JacobC

      Hi David,

      The activation codes are computer specific and tied to the computer code you send us. If the activation code aren’t working follow the instructions in the download video to request a new one.

  215. Steve ortega

    I need a download link. I purchased product back in 2014

    • JacobC

      Hi Steve,

      I’ll email you the details. In the future please direct download/activation requests to