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Mortgage Amortization Worksheet (free download!)

You can download the Free Amortization Workbook by clicking on the link below.  This simple calculator will allow you to input any mortgage and instantly get an amortization schedule, calculate payment amount, determine the effect of ARM resets, etc!

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I made a quick last-minute addition to this program – watch the short video to get details below:


*You will need Excel but this should also work in Open Office


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  1. jerome heuser

    Daniil; it has been a couple months since i bought premium evaluator,although i did not get on board yet with any propertys,i went back over all the videos and pages,because i am a newbe at real estate ,these programs are awesome, the more i go over it ,time after time,i get more amazed every time,thank you for bringing this in to the educational world of real estate, this will speed up my effort and time and make me look like SUPERMAN,

  2. Philip

    This is one of the coollest tools I’ve seen/

    Hey Jerome Heuser
    Tell me the state and county where you would like to get a deal and I’ll show you the coolest site on the net for gertting deals.
    email me at and let’s get you started.

  3. Thanks. Nice software. I am using it in open office with no problems so far.

  4. James Dwayne Mcpherson

    Thanks daniil Kleyman I have just begone to undertake my real estate venture. And I like everything that you are offering to assist me in my endeavor. I will contact you soon with more questions.

  5. Greg

    Hey, thanks for the amortization calculator – nifty little tool to have around !

  6. Randy


    You never stop sharing! And what you share is above and beyond what most folks out there do. You build and share the tools that are waaaay above par, and put in video format, the education on how to use and implement the knowledge gained. Thanks a Billion! May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you and your businesses!

    Kind Regards,


  7. mehrdad kaviani

    Daniil Kleyman thank you very much. It will help me a lot figuring out monthly payments on my deals.

  8. Vince Greaves

    Hi Daniil, As always you are thinking of us and ways to speed up our processes. I love reading all the comments. As for sharing this program all I see is a like button not a video share for Facebook.This amortization worksheet everyone can use investors and non-investors. One question, about the adjustable loans (TCM) or the (Libor) when you finally get rental and rehabvaluator online will these indexes updates automatically along with index history’s or should we look them up and fill them in. Daniil thanks again for another great presentation, explanation and keeping us informed. I see a Daniil Kleyman community here. Way to go!! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    • Daniil

      Hi Vince,

      Nice to hear from you again! As to your question, once we get our software online I will look into getting historical data for these indexes into our system. As far as making projections for the future and for where interest rates will be, that’s always a shot in the dark 🙂

      Happy Holidays to you as well, Vince, and to anybody reading this! Daniil.

  9. Dale

    Thx Daniil!

  10. Dick Konetchy

    Having owned my own mortgage corp. and also saw it crash, I missed not having this handy tool Thanks Dick Konetchy

  11. Simon

    Thanks again!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  12. David W

    Daniil == I can tell you sure are having fun. All of your stuff is great. thank you for the amount of time you are saving me..

  13. Tony Davis

    Daniil you have always been a God giving Real Estate Investor always trying help those who may need help taking care of there business. God sees you my brother and he’s pleased. In order to receive you have to give and every since I’ve been knowing you, you always been trying to help other Real Estate Investor. May God Bless You Mr. Daniil Kleyman

  14. Tony Davis


  15. Ray Manning

    Looks good, Thanks

  16. Hank

    Thanks Daniil,
    Hope to use this soon.

  17. gilbert


    this is a great video

    thank you

  18. sharon ellis

    thank for the program very good tool s ellis

  19. This is useful for me and my clients. Good job. Thank you

  20. great tool to show investors when getting funding.

  21. Thank you Daniil,
    With this not only I’ve learned how the Mortgage program works,
    but when I start to explain this to my potential client, it will sound like they’re
    hearing it from a real professional.

    Thank you so much.

  22. Keith

    Thanks for the amortization worksheet, Daniil. I use an interest only for the first 60 months, and unlike many amortization programs, yours is so flexible that it allows me to modify the schedule anyway I want. I did notice that when I unprotect the schedule and make the first 5 years the same it does not reflect that in the graph or the summary, though.

    Thanks for another great tool.

  23. Dave Bruton

    Hi Daniil

    I must say I love the software you are sending. I am an investor and depend on people to send me deals that I can use. I sent your software to all my contacts so that we are all on the same page. I am located in Northern CA. If anyone would like to send deals for us to look at send them to

    Great job

    Dave Bruton

  24. Hi Daniil,can any of your software be implemented for entrepreneurs for raising capital other than real estate?

    • Daniil

      Don – we haven’t tried it but I suppose so. Depends on what you have in mind. Shoot me an email.

  25. FosterCA

    Over the years I have seen a lot of amortization spread sheets but this is the BEST!

    Sometime I have what I call “Found $$$” and I want to make an extra loan payment that may match or may not match the same as the regular payment. Is there a way to apply this payment occasionally?

    Also, I down loaded twice and both times got this problem:The program starts at column D. I can only see columns Q thru U by moving the curser bar and I can only print columns D thru J. Is this problem native to my system only?


    • Daniil

      Foster – glad you like it! There is way to enter a monthly prepayment there right now. You can enter a one-time prepayment by over-riding a formula in the month when you want to make the prepayment. Just unlock the sheet first (it’s not password protected).

      As far as program starting in Column D – that’s correct. Unless you switch the input for Term (cell F3 to “Arm”) then columns A through C will populate. Try it.

      Being able to see columns Q through U only by moving the cursor is normal. That’s how Excel works.

  26. Ralph

    Daniil – Very cool! Thnx! Ralph

  27. charles Hill

    Thank you for this valuable tool and your voice-over adds to understanding how to use it.

  28. Daniil.
    Thanks for this cool tool which would come in handy for rehab / hold property and to know what your going to pay on a mortgage ahead of time.

  29. Harry W.

    Your great Dan, I know everyone appreciates what you share with us.

    You are AWSOME!

  30. Alicia

    Do you know of the website Phillip was talking about here on this post to find good deals I’m new and looking to land my 1st Deal and your program is awesome will be using it on my 1st Deal.


  31. You are creating some much needed software for Real Estate Investors, this really is a valuable tool. Thanks for making it available.

  32. Hi Daniil, to me it has been a useful tool I am goner use and improve my relation with my clients. I don’t have right vocabulary that fits you than to thank you.

  33. Wilson Dela Cruz

    Good Day Daniil,
    I have seen lots of mortgage amortization spreadsheets but your version tops it all. It is clean, simple, user friendly and a strong tool to use for first time homebuyers as well as real estate investors. I would like to see it linked to the rehabvaluator program though for its additional feature.
    I would like to take the opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation with all the trial rehabvaluator programs or even risk of sending me the full version to try, and some other useful tutorials/case scenarios sent via email. You are a very giving man with strong belief on a program that you passionately created and stands with pride of fulfillment to benefit others. You made me feel like you are my friend when we connect in facebook and see how the down to earth you are & share that ecstatic vacation time with your friends.
    I’m the type of person who is always at the back of the room whenever there is a sales presentation. I do not pay a penny until it is proven worth paying. Your trial product and service has given me enough time to review and put it to a test. I found it to be very beneficial and will definitely simplify most of my legwork. Your product and services is worth every penny so I therefore conclude its importance as a tool and its primary function to my future real estate endeavor. This gave me a full motivation to engage and utilize it for my 2013 business plan. I’m ready to be on board.
    I think this time, you’ve got me at “HELLO” (lol). I’m very glad to know you, friend.
    Wilson dela Cruz, REALTOR®

  34. Rich

    Daniil: Thanks for the free software. I’m a bit of an Excel geek myself and really admire what you have created. I’m retired and pursuing an interest in real estate. I plan on rehabbing 1 or 2 homes per year tops; primarily to keep busy and earn a little spending money. My biggest question is how to find the best deals (I’m in the Spokane, WA market). I appreciate your videos…very informative. Thanks for all you’re doing and for sharing so much of your expertise. Rich

    • Daniil

      Hi Rich. You’re welcome! As far as your question, it really depends on your market. Different deal-sourcing strategies work in different markets. In my area, these days I am primarily sourcing deals from wholesalers (who in turn find off-market deals) and auctions. Every once in a while I find something on MLS but not as much these days. Another good source of deals is hard money lenders. Form relationships with them. They often take back properties that they need to get rid of quickly. There are of course a ton of other ways to find deals, way too many to talk about here. Hope that helps though! – Daniil

  35. Mike

    I am excited to see how this spreadsheet will work for me. Thanks alot!!!!!

  36. Judy Guardiola

    Great information.

  37. TimG.

    This is extremely helpful and very much appreciated! Thanks so much for this free tool!

  38. hi this is a wonderful program. good information, helped me understand mortages a lot. thankyou.

  39. Sharol Culverson

    Great presentation Daniil. Thanks for allowing the download. I can always use a good tool in the business. I do plan to get upgraded to premium evaluator soon.

  40. Being an investor gets easier and easier with the tools created by Daniil. I have rehabvaluator, and when he said he was hooking me up I jumped on it. No mistake there.

  41. Daniil Fan

    What a great spreadsheet! I have RehabValuator Lite – just starting in RE investing – and can see where both of these will be great help. Have not seen anything comparable at ANY price on the internet. Do you have a spreadsheet for buying/selling mortgage notes? Both performing and non performing. Or one for being a lender (hard money or private lending) to rehabbers?

    • Daniil

      We don’t have anything for notes at this time. However, I have heard that request more than a couple times so it might be something for us to consider. Glad you’re enjoying the lite version 🙂

  42. Richard B. Thomas


  43. Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out.

  44. Melody McLaughlin

    Awesome work Daniil. Thank you! 🙂

  45. Daniil,

    As always, you have great content to share with your captive audience,
    and I look forward to using this amort. tool to accelerate my note brokering business,
    and to do some awesome seller finance deals.
    thank you again

  46. George

    Can you pre determine the write off of a under-water mortgage? If I was to purchase a house that is market at 425,000.00 and I could get a write off say 108,000 and purchase at say at 290,000,or less with a equity.

    • Jacob

      Hi George,

      I was asking Daniil about this. Unfortunately we don’t really know if that’s possible or not. Sorry I couldn’t give you more information.

  47. It surely is one of the best user-friendly tools I have seen and used
    over the last couple years.
    Try it , you’ll like it!!

  48. Jane White

    Thank you for this great tool!

  49. steve

    Great video thanks

  50. David

    Showing how the loan can be paid off early in incentive for the buyer
    and it shows you are there to help him.
    Great tool that know one has ever explained to buyers.

  51. Clint


    Excellent Program for financial management of properties…..



  52. gina

    Great tool!

  53. Wil


  54. Banbury

    Very helpful, much appreciated.

  55. thanks

  56. Very, Very Good Stuff! I Plan On Using This In The Future. Thanks Again For The Info.

  57. teresa wilson

    this is what I need in my business

  58. Creates an amortization table for BOTH fixed-rate and adjustable rate mortgages. This one is by far the most feature-packed of all my amortization calculators. It has has been refined and improved over years of use and feedback received from both professionals and every-day home buyers .

  59. Robert

    Looks like a great tool, thank you.

  60. Thank you for this all you do your work is
    not in vain.

  61. Tom Story

    Thanks great tool!

  62. lennwe

    thanks Daniil..this calculator is worth sharing..

  63. Daniel

    Hey Daniil,

    Thanks for the info this is very informative!

  64. Nicola

    Hi Danill,

    Thank you very much. I am still fairly new to Real Estate and I live in New York City where the market here is outrageous! I have learned so much from you and your videos and I brought your REHAB VALUATOR software which I must say is the best! I have also taken the time to educate myself by going to Real Estate seminars. The programs that I gone to have NOTHING on you and were a waste of time and money! Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with all of us and sharing with everyone the Free Amortization Workbook.

    You are truly AWESOME and God Bless you!

  65. Cathrine Francis

    Thanks Daniil, Thanks for caring, and sharing.

  66. Francisco

    Hi Daniil,
    Thank you for sharing all your Great Videos & Software, it really is a Fantastic Tool to have. For anyone who wants to learn how to structure great deals for wholesalers, Flippers and Investors. personally look forward to implementing your Valuation software.
    Again, Thank You Daniil for all your awesome software.

    Francisco M.Jr