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  • B. Wholesale Cash Deal with Refi Exit Case Study

    This is a case study of a wholesale cash deal where your buyer will 1) Renovate then 2) Refi the property into permanent financing.  If you don’t have this software yet, there are buttons below the video!

    Please note:  This case study assumes you’re wholesaling this deal, but you can certainly apply the same analysis to your own deals if you are buying for your own portfolio!

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    Comments (24 comments so far)

    1. Really looks great.

      Thanks, Laura

    2. Philip Bourdon

      Hello Daniil.

      It looks so professional and well-planned. Thanks.

    3. I think you have the perfect tool to accompany my vssi projects and rehabs both. I am in.

    4. This is great stuff. I’ve been thinking about how many ways I can use this. I see how I really need to get the Premium version! Thanks. Kathi

    5. James Browne

      It looks very professional and I like it because I do wholesale deals and will soon be keeping some for myself and will use it to figure my own deals

    6. harold reesor

      The presentation is great I like the detail I will review it again .Thanks.Harold.

    7. I am just getting my biz up and running, I have been checking around to see who has the most knowledge about what I am getting ready to launch. So far, you have just showed me something that I have never, ever seen before. I am quite impressed, if I may say so myself. Where on Gods green earth did you find out how to implement that strategy? I’d love to learn that method, if you don’t mind. I AM BLOWN AWAY RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!

      Show me more. Also, teach me that technique.

    8. Maureen

      You know I have to tell you, Your software is very much aligned to the cash flow/number analysis I am studying. In fact your free software strongly supports , the files I am getting and helps me put it all together. I like my files I am studying because they break down the rational for the formulas and how to use them. Your software puts it all together and helps me understand what I am doing>>> You give me the Gestalt.

      I am still learning and I cant wait to actually use your program to flip my first property to see how it all works..

      Thanks for all the info you give.


    9. Excellent Setup. I’m a rookie affiliate marketer that plans on using all the software and resources you provide along with training to market your products online. Thanks, Victor Freeman victorfreeman@freemaninvestmentgroup.com

    10. Truett Neathery

      Estimating repair costs can be documented using this program:

      repairBASE (Google it)

      It gives repair costs down to the ZIP code of your location.

      I believe it is in printed form only, and is updated periodically, much the same as Marshall and Swift

      No, free programs do not take actual costs into account, such as cleanup afterr a fire or asbestos abatement.

    11. I have the free version of the program and I think it’s a really good tool to have. I am really new at this and don’t know anything about wholesaling properties but I do know that the numbers have look real good in order to get a good deal. So I must say thank you for the free copy. Once I can afford to upgrade I will.

    12. This is a valuable tool to document your work for buyers and investors to show you are not blowing smoke. So many people out there are simply doing pfa numbers and expecting people to buy from them, and they may, but only once. Teamed with a good rehab analysis program and the rentvaluator program, this is simply killer, putting us head and shoulders above the people who are only in the business for the short term.

    13. Aileen

      Hey Dan, thanks for the value you put into this program, new to the entire process and you got my attention, makes for simple understanding, very professional quality and standard for any presentation. Can you tell me where I can find the the link you said would be below case study #2 that can be printed or saved as PDF. (needed for practice).

      Thanks Aileen

    14. How do you get money without perfect credit,? I really wants to know

      • Daniil

        Lenders are looking to give money to people they can trust. One way to verify that you can be trusted is your credit history. You credit history is just one part of showing that you meet your financial obligations. However, if you have less than stellar credit, which is common, you can usually still get money but the terms will not be as desirable. You will often have to pay a higher interest rate or put more money down or both.

        One thing that can combat this is having what we call a credibility kit. Once you have done a few deals (Which you might have to pay extra for in terms of interest and money down) you can then show lenders you have a track record of success. You can put together a portfolio of sorts showing your past projects to help combat your bad credit. Show how quickly you paid off the previous lender and the success of the project. Preferably these are going to be somewhat recent transactions. Another way to combat this is to show that you’re competent and professional which is something our software helps you do by creating great presentations.

    15. For Sure I will be getting you System, is he best.

      Thank you, Daniil.

      Mari Castro

    16. roberto

      hi Daniil this information is great i love the tool and i wanna use it for me as a new investor

    17. Charles Mbugua

      Excellent presentation, i am a premium member and I’m glade i made that choice because i have learned a lot from your case-studies.

    18. Another great over the top video, Any R.E. person or business should have this program.
      without a doubt the best program of any type and instruction I have seen on the net period!


    19. Good information and very timely; I’m just starting out.

      Thanks !

    20. Pauline

      Sure if you buy in Salinas Ca 93906. Thank you!

    21. Thomas

      This was an excellent case study.

      Thank you.

    22. Thanks, Danill – You’ve taught me a tremendous amount! My confidence is way up! I’ll send you my first proposal soon. The property is identified. I’ve joined CREIA for networking purposes, and will be seeking a Joint Venture with private parties (via CREIA) who have self-directed retirement funds to invest. I plan to act as Project Mgr, and split the equity & cash flow appropriately for minimum closing costs. Nifty! Paul