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  • C. Single Family Rehab Case Study 1

    This is a case study of a rehab and flip deal (cash + financing) –  If you don’t have this software yet, there are links below the video!

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    1. Hey Daniil,
      I had only thought about BIRD DOGGING properties because a) I’m not mechanically inclined due to having had a stroke in 2004 and the inherent physical disabilities associated with it and b) at this point in time I’m just starting out all over again so my cash is damn near nonexistent.It is not going to stop me but it sure makes this new journey more challenging.Your case studies I find to be invaluable and reassuring.Thanks for making yourself available via your software and your personal accessibility.KEEP THEM COMIN’

      Youlos McKelvin / SFCG

    2. That was a great case study and i would like to see more of them. I’m a realtor now and am going to be getting into investing and I think your program is exactly what ineed to present attractive and we detailed deals to private lenders. Thank you again and look forward to seeing more case studies and emails from you.

      Frank Lopez
      North West Indiana

    3. Charles Demmings

      I like case studies send more.

      Thank You

    4. Nice Daniil… I am a rehab General Contractor / Investor hear in Colorado and was in the process of developing my own software to do what yours does… thanks for saving me the time & expense to do this. Already have the lite version and will be upgrading to premium.

    5. Dana Riggs

      I liked the video and the valuator. Like to see more of these.

    6. P.N. Ranganathan, Ph.D.

      Hi Daniil,

      First of all you have very good taste. House looks beautiful. Videos are excellent. Keep your videos coming.

      I do get rehab properties from time to time. I am looking for people such as yourself to flip it to. If you are willing to buy, please let me know your property, location, which states do you buy in, and monetary requirements. Thank you.

      • Daniil

        Hey P.N.

        Thanks very much for your compliments! I do buy property very actively, but for now only in my city, which is Richmond VA. If you ever come across wholesale property in this area, definitely let me know. Thanks!


    7. James J Jarmon Jr

      Can you do a case study or use this as a project. 44 units, 16 vancancies, rent $700. renovation per unit $7,500. purchase price $1.5m. Expense at 35%.

    8. gary

      I find it very good to see how others work on the projects. I was wondering what cost base do you use for contractors work that you have to hire out. It seems like thier prices keep going up for labor etc.

    9. Hudson Oliveira

      Hi Mr. Kleyman, I am just starting doing wholesaling/rehab, and I find your case studies and software to be very helpful on my journey.Please keep them coming.THANKS

    10. I started rehabbing houses with my husband in 2004. Learned on our own. Then we got stuck with 2 houses when the economy busted. Had to learn about CFD. Doing short sales and wholesaling now. Rehabbing is so fulfilling! I really miss it. Loved the video.

    11. doug

      very interesting and helpful, please do more case studies!

    12. Very well presented and an excellent case study. Your software is a valued commodity in the rehab business. The ability to present a business case has huge value.

      I look forward to more.

    13. Gil Marin

      Fantastic job and presentation. Simple and full of common sense, thank you. Looking forward to more examples.

    14. Gary

      this is great. please keep us updated on the sale of this property and any other projects you are working on or Flips using the case studies.
      thanks G
      Phoenix AZ

    15. Claudio

      Good video; simple & clear explanations, and great pics!

    16. Dwayne Keenon


      I think that these case studies are great keep them coming I am learning a lot.

    17. Rob McGregor

      That case study was very helpful…thanks. How did you manage the costs…start off with a forecast of cost and then replace the estimated costs with actuals….and did you compare forecasted costs with actual costs?

      Did you spend any money on curb appeal factors such as landscaping and painting?


      • Daniil

        Hey Rob – that’s correct. I put together a detailed rehab budget before I start the project. Then I keep a spreadsheet where I enter each individual transaction and then add these transactions into categories to compare to my original budget to make sure I’m staying on budget. Actually, in my next case study I’ll probably show that.

        And yes, I spent about $1k in landscaping – bushes in the front, planting grass seed in the backyard, gravel for parking area in the back, etc.


    18. Daniil,

      Yes, do more case studies. They are very good to watch, and learn, for us “Newbies”!

      I spent the day (about 8 hours) learning your Rehab Valuator Premium by putting in a couple of actual offers I’ve made on a Bank-Owned REO’s. I’ve got the Program down dude 🙂

      The program was really easy to understand and follow. This will make the properties I present to my buyers look very professional and save them their time on analysis. The best 8 hours I’ve ever spent.

      Thank you so much…and thanks for keeping the costs of the program down, I appreciate that a lot.

      Rehab Valuator Premium is the BOMB!

      Richard B Maselow

      • Daniil

        Hey Richard,

        Thanks for your compliments! Actually, got a new case study coming out tomorrow!


    19. Very interesting I’m going to try your valuator

    20. Dennis Gross

      This is an excellent presentation for newbies. If they are faint of heart with these large dollars involved, then they need to rethink rehabbing. It takes planning and some intestinal fortitude. I like your straightforward and detailed analasis. Keep up the fine work and case studies. I will also be curious as to the final sales price versus projected $150K.

    21. Carolyn Nichols

      Thank you for that presentation on your Flip, I can hardly wait to get my Microsolft Excell so I can begin using your software. Thank you for putting this together for us new guys.


    22. Geoffrey Douglas

      You paid alot on sale and money cost, could you have gotten better rates on private money instead of bank financing. The project looks great, have you sold it yet? I appreciate your videos they help explain your software to an understandable level.


      • Daniil

        Hey Geoffrey,

        My rehab financing in this case is actually pretty much – cheaper than what I typically pay for private money (by 1 or 1.5%).

        I have this house under contract currently to a 1st time homebuyer with an FHA loan – it should be closing in about 3-4 weeks.


    23. Mark

      Awesome software, tools, content and tutorials! I have REI type questions, as it pertains to the software, but I know you guys will help answer them when I am able to reach out to you. DON’T STOP THE VIDEOS, Daniil!!!

      Cheers and God Bless!

    24. Nice case study. Wow, watching that project was a blast from the past (and present and future). I buy, rehab and sell properties EXACTLY like you just showed. The biggest difference I noticed is the time frame to actually get an accepted contract on the property. Is your market that slow or are you just shooting to get top dollar for property? I assume you are a Realtor, do you market and list your own properties? I guess if your are at the top of market for price and your holding costs are manageable then selling quickly for a lesser price may not be a big concern. All in all, very cool.

    25. Daniil

      Hey Chris – I’m actually not a realtor. I listed this property on the MLS using a flat-fee self-listing service. It cost me $300, and instead of paying a selling agent 3% and buyer’s agent 3%, I was able to offer 3.5% to the buyer’s agent plus a $1000 bonus, AND save some money on the commission at the same time. There are a lot of people who would argue that you’d be better off using a listing agent to get the property sold quicker. Next time around I will probably use a selling agent and see if the property gets sold quicker – this one is currently under contract with an FHA buyer.


    26. ken

      like this very much as a 40 year veteran I’m looking at getting your easy to do software.

      Ken Rolan
      Sarasota fl.

      P.S wish and hope you do more.

    27. Jay Kaltenbach


      Nice video and I really like the evaluator software. I would like to know how you negotiated such a great deal with the seller/bank?



      • Daniil

        Hey Jay – glad you liked the video! This was a property that the seller (individual) had sold to someone with seller financing and then had to foreclose and take the property back. It was an out-of-town seller and they just wanted to get rid of it. I probably could have gotten it even cheaper to tell you the truth. Sometimes you don’t realize just how motivated the seller is until you make an offer – then you realize that maybe you should have started even lower 🙂


    28. Dan Lyman

      You have done an excellect job on the evaluation software… I cant believe you give this away. I was actually ready to buy something very similar at about $150. Gee, maybe I should not have said that. Anyway you do an excellect job in the tutorials also . PLEASE keep them coming!!!

    29. Thought the presentation was great! The ease of use and the multiple scenarios were awesome. The only thing it lacks from our everyday rehabbing / flip scenarios is a better rehab cost breakdown. If you could incorporate something like the flip ice rehab spreadsheet you would have a cant beat software package! Would also like to see the presentation have the capabilities of a video….Yea, we want all the bells and whistles. Keep evolving and keep profiting!


    30. Hi Daniil,

      Thanks for the Case Study. It is very detailed and that makes it very helpful. Great Job. I have been studying your other tutorials that come with the Rehab Valuation program and getting practice so that I can use it live in my business. I have several properties now that willl benefit from the marketing and analysis components of your program.

      Really good work and thank you once again.


    31. Tom Hart

      What you presented is/was done well. The only thing that I think that you could add to it is what you started out with as what your initial offer was and what you settled on. All parts of the country are different but it would give some sort of numbers you dealt with. Thanks again.

    32. DERRICK


    33. Peggy Vargas

      Hi Daniil,

      Nice. Great features. I can see how this software will help us build our business.

      Please keep showing your case studies.

      Peggy Vargas

    34. Livin

      Good stuff!

      But I still don’t see how I can go to any case studies to revisit as often as I need and relearn!
      Thank you

      • Daniil

        You can revisit the case studies 2 ways:

        1) Bookmark this link: http://rehabvaluator.com/case-studies

        2) When you visit the homepage http://www.RehabValuator.com you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on “support” link. This will bypass the opt-in requirement. Then just click on the “Case Studies” tab at the top.

        That’s it!


    35. Rob C

      Hey Danii, This video as well as the other ones are great. What type of loan did you apply for when going after the financing? and what was your thought process on deciding to finance $66,000? I’m working on securing my first deal and trying to get a better grasp of the financing options.

      • Daniil

        Hey Rob,

        The financing was in the form of a rehab loan from a local community bank here in Richmond. The way they structured the deal was they’d finance 80% of the total cost of the project based on my estimates for the rehab work – so 80% of the total of acquisition + rehab.

        Definitely find some local banks to deal with if you’re going after financing – they are a lot easier to deal with than the big guys like Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.


    36. Brian

      Great Case Study.
      Very similar to alot of the homes we see in Pa on the REO list
      Danil you used alot of your own funds on the deal. I am taking it you used the banks funds first then the remaining expenses came from your pocket ?? Except of course closing cost points origination which you paid up front. Is that correct?

      If you ever consider doing a mentorship program in your area let me know I don’t mind the 5 hour drive 🙂

      Shurlock Homes LLC

      • Daniil

        Hey Brian,

        That’s correct! And if I ever decide to do any kind of mentorship I’ll definitely let you know. When it comes to rehabbing and flipping there are a lot of people/teachers out there much better than me, with more deals under their belt. I am actually planning to have a few “content/learning webinars” with a few of them this summer.


    37. Bruce

      Enjoyed the video. Just finished our first rehab and sale. Made 28% after all costs. Wanted to wait beore doing another one to make sure we were doing the first one right. Now having a hard time finding something to rehab. Forelosures have slowed in our area.


      Good info .I’m looking forward to video 2.

    39. Dave

      Keep up the good work. Case studies are the best way to learn and for you to market the software.


    40. Randy Wright

      These are great for helping me appreciate the software you have and the many uses that it applies to…Keep up the excellent work. Thanks

    41. Bernadette Warfield

      Again Daniil another great rehab and example for all. Would love for you to keep them coming as long as possible, they are so helpful.

    42. Edwin

      Hey Dan the evaluation rehab program is exilent. I haven’t tried it because I don’t have it. I am getting a web site finished for my wife and rehabbing property I always liked. So this would be good for me down the road. Thanks Edwin

    43. Erle C. Ferguson

      Great discussion…please keep it coming…these informational videos are educational and motivational. Thanks.

    44. Kenneth


      Simply, thank you. I am a REALTOR*, employed by an independent national franchisee, and my sales business is suffering right now. In my opinion, the Rehab Valuator will help me add much needed revenue to my business by bird-dogging for other investors in my area. I will follow-up with you and let you know how I made out.

    45. PRufus

      The videos are insightful and useful. The more scenarios the better. Keep up the good work.

    46. Ruthie

      This was great information, I think the more case studies you can provide on how to evaluate properties for repairs will be very informative for us who are new to investing.

      The tool is great!


    47. jerry

      Daniil: Very good outstanding accomplishment,good price for this market ,i would ask 160k ,thats a walk in turn key ,put yoour furniture in and go to sleep,good luck and best wishes.

    48. Bobby

      Thats a cool case study . Im giving myself 6-months of preparing , than I’ll be doing deals just like this one .

    49. donald carter

      very revieling as to the result.why did you feel that this particular property would lend itself better to a flip rather than a straight wholesale deal? thanks don

      • Daniil

        Hey Don,

        I wanted to rehab/flip this one instead of wholesale it because I thougt there was a lot more upside to selling it to a homeowner after rehab. This property is literally separated by an alley from a much more expensive area – almost identical home across the alley from this one sold at the time for $240k! But this house is on a much busier street with some apartment complexes located across from it, thus property values are much lower. But even then I thought it’d be a no-brainer to sell it for around $160k. I ended up selling it for pretty close to that price after having it on the market for 4 months. I anticipated selling it much sooner, but this is a tough market. That’s why I primarily buy and hold these days, not flip.

    50. ashraf`

      Hello Daniil,
      Keep making these videos.
      Here is a scenario.
      Purchase price $150,000.00
      Repairs $43,000.00
      Holding and closing 3,000.00
      Total needed for project $196,000.00
      ARV $280,000.00
      Commission and Closing Costs $13,000.00
      Hard money lender $120,000.00 12% plus 3% for points
      Partner# 1 = $20,000.00 10% plus 8% share of profits
      Partner #2 $21,000.00 10% plus 10% share of profits
      Partner #3 $25,000.00 10% plus 15% share of profits

    51. Jeff Johnson

      Great information! I have shared this with my sons. Your software is excellent and I am sure the bankers are very impressed with the reports.

      Keep sharing you information!

    52. Raoul Marchando

      Your case study was very enlightening, I am trying to use your program to find private money since my income and cash flow is extremely non-existant. can there be more case studies on how to use your program, evaluator lite and Premium, toward finding private money to help with the cost of doing your first deal. Is it possible to include the how of exit strategies that could be associated.

      • Daniil


        I’ll try to do more case studies as you suggest- it’s a good idea! And yes you can definitely include your planned exit strategy in your presentation to your private lender – that’s the whole idea. Take a look here: http://rehabvaluator.com/screenshots for ideas/examples.

    53. Paul Wagner

      I like it….i wonder if you could incorporate data from courthouses for evaluation pre-foreclosures. Also how a specific property is trending. Please let me know if you plan such upgrades of your s/w.
      Anyway, excellent work so far.


      • Daniil

        Paul – it’s a good idea, but those kind of improvements are beyond the scope of what our software is capable of doing now. Maybe when we convert to web-based, then we incorportate something like that. Thanks for your suggestions!


    54. Tommy Phipps

      Hey, Daniil. This was a great Cast Study of a Total Gut Rehab. Keep them coming buddy.

      Your work, time, and Rehab Valuator Software are appreciated, and gives the average or beginner

      Investor a big jump over the competition! Thanks, Tommy Phipps – Sherman Oaks, CA

      • Daniil

        Thanks, Tommy – that means a lot!

    55. John D.

      This is very helpful. I don’t know of any other tutorials that will hold your hand like this one does. Thanks for making it avaliable. I would appreciate seeing more case studies.

    56. Troy

      Your software is the best that I have seen, to the point, very descriptive, simple to understand,
      and is a very professional tool to use in our industry.

    57. Ed

      Daniil: Thank you for your information, I like the way your analysis is presented, I have been in commercial Real Estate all my life, but I am looking forward to a change and the possibility of buying a few homes that need repairs etc etc.
      Thank again

    58. Dea Ju

      Nice! I like it! Do more.

      I like rehabs.

    59. scott

      Daniil thanks that was very good to watch i learn alot .yes keep doing your case studys they are a big help

    60. Angelito

      I really like watching a learning these type of videos please keep me in the loop for all your latest videos

    61. Hi Daniil I got one question how do i get started

    62. Alan Bradley

      Hi Daniil,

      I really liked you case studies, keep sending them. They provide very good information about your software and it’s implementation. I look forward to the next one.

      Thanks again

    63. Equilvilont

      This case study is very informative and helpful. We are brand new to the real estate investing market. Plain and Simple explanations were great! I look forward to seeing more.

    64. Ken Solomon

      Daniil, these video presentations are great! I am brand new to the business and am trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can. Really appreciate you sharing you’re vast knowledge through these videos. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Ken Solomon.

      • Daniil

        you’re welcome Ken! Glad you’re finding the videos helpful! I’ve got more in the works.

    65. Denny Richard

      Danill, the case studies you are providing are extremely help full. I do hope you will continue with the studies. And thank you for personally taking the time to help me set up the program on my computer.
      That is very rare in this day of high technology. Danniil you are the best. and again Thank you.
      Cheers Denny Richard


      Your presentation on this particular deal on Virginia is pretty interesting. It is all well explained, but I believe the financial assumption on this video example are not updated. I mean the lending criteria for investor are very different in relation to the terms of the loans and points charges.

      • Daniil

        Hi Rafael – the loan assumptions in this case study are consistent with the type of financing I am getting on a regular basis. Most of my lenders are local banks and these scenarios are fairly consistent with what other local banks nationwide offer as far I know.

    67. Tony

      Appreciate the case studies very much. Look forward to seeing more of them.

    68. Daniil,

      Keep these case studies coming. It’s nice to see you include the valuator with the actual bottom line plus the before and after pictures. Since I’m new at this process, it puts things into perspective for me. Do you think you could have received 100% of the loan value if you wanted?

      Ron Alexander
      Portland, Oregon

      • Daniil

        Ron – glad you’re liking the case studies. I’ve more on the way!

        I could not have gotten 100% of the cost financed by the bank, but definitely by a private lender. At the time I didn’t have a private lender ready to go on that deal so I went to the bank, but you can definitely structure a deal with a PL where he’ll finance 100% of acquisition and 100% of construction as long as your overall LTV% is low enough vs. projected value of the renovated property.

    69. Lolohea

      Hi Daniil,

      I really learned a lot from these case study, thank you.
      How do you determine ARV. I use zillow, eppraisal, trulia. What do you use to determine ARV.
      Any trainig on that will be greatly appreciated.

      Can I use the software if I have oppenoffice? I do not have excell yet.
      You offer more free information than the so call Guru offer for a fee.Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

      Lolohea Wolfgramm
      Saint Ann, MO

      • Daniil

        Hi Lolohea,

        Wanted to get back to you on your comment below.

        To use our software, you will need MS Excel 2003 or later.

        As far as ARV, the best and really the only thing to use is recent sales. I like to get mine from the MLS because that’s where the most accurate and plentiful information is located, but you can also use Zillow and Trulia. But don’t just take the value they give you. Take the sales data from there and calculate your own “ARV”.

        Hope this helps!


    70. Patrick Alderson

      Thanks for all the info. The case studies seem very helpful. I am a broker/property manager in Raleigh, Nc and as soon as I can arrange the appropriate financing I will be purchasing your software to help my investment business.

    71. Andy Drossos

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and software. Very interesting to see actual case studies.
      Just starting to look for properties that make financial sense in my area (Long Island, NY) but haven’t yet found the right property. In my area, I would jump on the property you showcased in this vidio if it were 5 times the price that you paid! It would also be interesting to hear how you locate valid potential deals; ie; MSL,by owner, foreclosures, short sales. all leads?
      Thanks again for sharing.


    72. Hi Daniil,

      I find that case study very informative while learn how to use the rehab valuator and your explanation of what you did and how you did it makes me like the system even more! so please keep sending use different scenarios on how to use it.

      New York

    73. This information is invaluable, I now have a way to evaluate the properties that I find and offer to my buyers in a professional format, Thanks for all your doing Daniil.

      Kerry Vaught
      Renton WA

    74. Hi Daniil,
      Great case study I would like to see one on a multi family 3-4 apartment keep doing a great job. This software will help me with the financing with banks.


    75. Hi Daniil ,
      Silvino here in CA . Hey thank you for sharing that case study rehab, I think it is very educational. Do you have this programs like in DVD so you can send it to my address then I ‘ll send you amoney order, I do not carry credit cards at this moment. Thanks again. your student here,SilvinoCamacho.

      • Daniil

        Hi Silvino. We only have the program available online. I’ll email you privately on how to mail us a money order – we can then give you online access. Thanks!

    76. Really valuable, thank you.

    77. clemente dominguez

      Thank you Daniil; love these case scenarios.
      I have the light version but will purchase your premium soon;I am looking for my first house to flip
      and your program looks to be a great tool.

      Keep them coming,

    78. dean Yee

      Noticed that you did extensive rehab on this property. Was this required as compared to properties around the neighborhood. Guess I wonder if you would be able to obtain the similar price is the rehab was not as extensive. I have the premium program. Thank you. Interested in the rehab estimator in 15 min.

    79. Sam

      Hi Daniil,

      Great video and details for anyone to learn from. When do you approach the bank, before placing the property under contract or after? Most small lenders in our area just lend against the LTV based on acquistion cost and not ARV. They just don’t do inhouse (portfolio) loans. Would your analysis make them see where they can lend against ARV?

      Appreciate you personally answering questions to your customers or prospects, which I haven’t seen any gurus do that ever.

      Thanks again for your time and a great product.

      • Daniil

        Sam – I approach the bank for a refi typically after the property is rehabbed and a tenant is in place. That’s just the way I do my deals. When I get my construction loans I typically talk to my banker right after I place the property under contract.

        I wouldn’t waste time persuading some bank to change their lending criteria – just go look for a different lender that does what you’re looking for. What you want to find is specifically a “portfolio lender” – a bank that lends their own funds and sets their own criteria, not someone that does conventional lending!

    80. Joe Mandoli

      Hey Daniil, I really like the premium software and I agree it is a great value. I can see the tremendous value in evaluating deals, making presentations and including with offers to banks and many other uses. While I am having trouble downloading Rental Valuator, I am using Rehab Valuator successfully and look forward to getting Rental Valuator up and online. A real no brainer to anyone who needs real estate analysis software. I like the tutorials/case studies and they are a great help. Please keep doing more of them, they are a good instruction and a reminder of all the various uses for the software. Thank You, Joe Mandoli

      • Daniil

        Thanks, Joe! We’ll get you set up with Rental Valuator – no worries, and I appreciate your endorsement!

    81. Wayne Oesterreich

      Your report on the house was great. I am just starting to get back in here in Jacksonville Fl

    82. Marshall Johnson

      I really like the case study especially for a newbie like myself it’s a confedence builder keep it up.

    83. Hi Dannil,
      Silvino Camacho here, Thanks for the case studies, it is a great way for us to learn. I have the premium version, However, I need some coaching in doing my first deal, that it is to put the deal together. Thanks for you re help! Best regards. Silvino Camacho.

    84. lionel

      The case study was great…..not to many times i know how to plug in the numbers… but showing the house and the valuator im begining to understand ……

    85. John Brovelli

      Great analysis, great explanations, keep them coming.

    86. Terry

      i like it keep me posted

    87. Lee

      Danill, I would like to know if you have any contracts for purchase or assignment contracts in your Rehab Valuator premium program?

      • Daniil

        Hi Lee. We’ve just added a brand new bonus for those that purchase Rehab Valuator Premium – a whole set of legal contracts worth over $500. These contracts include a purchase agreement and an assignment of contract that can be used for wholesaling.


    88. kay Jackson

      Daniel, The case studies are really good and I am excited about getting started .You have really motivated me to get in there and start wholesaling and flips. Way to go!!! Keep up the good work

    89. Sophie Scott-Michigan

      Thanks for the case study. That was really helpful especially the pictures. I purchased a home with cash and is rehabbing it with my checks from my day to day job and any extras I can get like selling plasma and posting some of my things on ebay, and income tax. Just finished demo. It looks like your rehab before pictures. I was trying to follow and figure out holding cost for me. I owe no one and I only paid for insurance on the home. No electric. I pay the neighbor who is an older gentleman 50.00 a month to use his due to he can use the help and I don’t need it much at all. I don’t own the valuator yet but I plan on purchasing soon. I look forward to your case studies I think they will help me along the way. I went to a lot of seminars that I regret and paid a lot of money i can’y get back. But i like this especially that I had and is having a hard time finding someone to lend to me.

    90. Nathan Martin

      Very good, keep them coming!

    91. KEN ROLLER


    92. Mel A.

      Outstanding case study video! Your software analyzer is a great addition to the R.E. community, definitely an eye opener. Keep’em coming, and I’ll keep watching! I will definitely order it soon

    93. Gail

      I will be taking the Fortune Builders Real Estate insiders Summit, Training June 13th, i’m just getting started, i need to first learn the business then learn the first soft ware(light valuator) .This software looks and sounds great, a good tool to make your life a little easier. Looking forward in using this tool. Seams like a great asset to have.

    94. John Ohendalski

      Great case study, I really enjoyed it and the application of the software is tremendous.

    95. I am reviewing the videos & tutorials, but based on what I am seeing and hearing, I hope to soon get started fliping deals as well. As a new Investor I think this is a fantastic Tool to use with great information that can make you look like a pro to anyone. It would look as if you know your business, and no one try to pull anything over on you in this business. Great! Looking forward to sending in some good comments after using my Rehab Valuator Premiun. I thank you for taking the time to provide the information you are giving to all of us. It’s a mere blessing, and particularly like myself that are just beginning in this business. Awaiting to see and hear more. I would like to ask, where can you find buyers for the deals in flipping the properties? Is there a place to google or just where can you find wholesale buyers? I live in NE Ohio for now, but would like to know that information. Pls. inform.

      Again, Thank you.

    96. Henry

      Hello. I can’t open the video. Please explain. Thanks.

    97. LaTonya

      This is the only affordable and user friendly program I’ve seen yet!

    98. Darryl Mitchell

      Keep the case studies coming! Thank you for sharing this great information.

    99. Al Chauhan

      Hi Danil : Very good product at an affordable price, will have to purchase it.
      I would like to know what was the asking price of the house? thanks.

    100. Hi Daniil,
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