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URL Shortener

Short video on how to use a URL Shortener

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  1. Mike Roberts

    1) I was able to create a Banner with my picture in it. And, now I cannot remember how I did it?

    2) Also, I wanted to know that on Facebook I can paste the code in and the banner automatically pops up. I then will delete the code from the message but the banner stays in the post. My question is by me doing that, does that take away my tracking link.

    3) The Banners don’t seem to work on LinkedIn post. Please tell me how to do it on different platforms?

    • JacobC

      Hi Mike,

      1) I don’t know the answer to this one. This isn’t something we teach people how to do.
      2 & 3) On Facebook and Linkedin all you need to do is paste in your affiliate link. It will automatically show a preview of the website. As long as that preview is linking to your affiliate link then you’re good. Usually if you hover over it once it’s posted it will show you what it’s linking to (look in the bottom left corner of your screen).