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Rehab Valuator Lite software is a simple, FREE real estate investment analysis and property marketing software program for the wholesaler, rehabber and real estate investor – to save you time, put an end to overwhelming number-crunching, and make you a lot more money!  This is great for anyone involved in house flipping and/or property renovation!

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Joe Capra - Joe Capra Realty Denver, CO

Real Estate Wholesalers:

  • Use our “Max Offer Calculator” to figure out the right price to pay for your flip or rehab property in just seconds!
  • Quickly figure out if a property deal is right for your wholesale buyers!
  • Create a quick “Property Summary” to make a powerful property presentation to your buyers!

Property Rehabbers & Investors:

  • Evaluate any real estate deal in seconds!
  • Evaluate 2 different exit strategies for your rehab deals:
    • Flip the property for fast wholesale profit, or
    • Refinance and Hold in your Rental Portfolio.
  • Calculate your potential Flip Profit!
  • Enter your Rehab Budget, Financing Assumptions, Holding Costs, Closing Costs to determine whether the deal will work.
  • Make professional Property Presentations to lenders, partners or buyers with the click of a mouse!
  • Make better decisions and faster decisions – without the headache and hours of number-crunching.
  • More MORE offers and BETTER offers – and make more MONEY!

We have, hands down, the most flexible, free rehabber and house flipping software on the market.  And it’s EASY! No technical skill required.

We even have a free Members Area with case studies, resources, and real estate video training tutorials to guide even a new house flipper, cost-conscious rehabber, or more experienced real estate investor every step of the way – So you can produce RESULTS in SECONDS!

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